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Benefits of cycling
Close the Loop: Reducing waste, recycling and buying recycled products

Close the Loop: Reducing waste, recycling and buying recycled products

Montgomery County is committed to
recycling and reducing the amount of waste generated in the county. In fact, the county has set a goal of
recycling 50 percent of all waste generated. To reach this goal, the county needs everyone living, working, and visiting the
county to recycle all that they can recycle, and to recycle more now. Montgomery County provides recycling
containers and weekly curbside recycling collection
service to single-family homes to make recycling convenient. Businesses, as well as apartment and
condominium properties, contract for recycling collection
services with private collection companies. Montgomery County provides businesses
and multi-family properties with on-site technical assistance, training, and educational materials to
help them set up and improve on-site recycling programs
for their employees and customers and for residents of apartments and
condominiums. The county requires all residents, multi-family properties,
and businesses and their employees to recycle the following materials: mixed paper, such as cardboard boxes, cereal, snack food, and pasta boxes. Office paper, newspaper, magazines, shredded paper, unwanted mail and coated paper items such as milk and
juice cartons juice and drink boxes, frozen food
containers and fruit and produce boxes, and all
other types of clean, dry paper. Commingled containers including aluminum cans and foil products bi-metal steel and tin cans, glass
bottles and jars plastic bottles, containers jars, tubs, lids pails, buckets, flower pots, and plastic durable reusable containers and lids empty non-hazardous aerosol cans such as spray cooking oils whipped topping, hair spray and deodorant cans yard trim such as grass clippings, leaves brush and garden trimmings, Christmas trees and
scrap metal items such as appliances metal furniture and lawn mowers in our county centers got your rooms
their stairways every desk and every cubicle hasn’t my
recycling bin and that every employer is responsible
with nectar Carol should be recycled and last year we reduced from 3 dumpster pickups down to 2 and that saved annually about 6 thousand dollars in pick ups. businesses in the county generate more
than half a all the solid waste that is generated annually in the county all businesses are required to implement a recycling
program and educate their employees and customers about the recycling
efforts to ensure that all of the materials that can be
recycled are recycled many businesses and multifamily
properties have implemented successful recycling program check with your property manager or
supervisor to learn about your program that there is a local nonprofit based in
downtown Bethesda and we be recently had the opportunity to to
undergo a major renovation we had the opportunity to take a space that was in
typically green and work with the local construction
company to put in sustainable harvest court floor recycle carpets low VOC
paints LED lights and a number of other
products actually showcase green building and development be recycling is working ball around
Montgomery County our friends coworkers and neighbors are keeping our parks and
neighborhoods cleaner and are conserving our natural resources
by recycling and it’s paying off what else can we do
hmm after recycling all that you can recycle
the next important step is to buy products that are made with
recycled materials this is called closing the loop mmm look for products that have been
recycled content symbol on purchasing materials made with recycled
content create a demand many items that are recycled at home
work and school some products that are made from
recycled materials including building insulation made from
10 a.m. countertops made from recycled paper and glass bottles carpeting from plastic bottles and paper
made from recycled paper products exist that are better than
conventional products a good example would be tracks composite
decking and railing and first text from Port so track spikes
presidents take wood fiber from the furniture industry
and plastic from grocery bag so that product it’s turned
into pallets that they can use it for the manufacturing process unlike what you don’t have to be stained
and sealed every year are you really need to do was hold them
down a couple times a year term dust and pollen and the pretty much will stay like new
and not just at work but make sure to buy recycled for home
too %uh by end-use products that are made with
recycled content such as aluminum foil napkins and paper
towels toilet tissue in tissues toothbrushes
and even home decorations you can also
reduce waste by buying recycled when shopping use reusable shopping bag
not only are these bags typically made from recycled materials
but you also reduce the need to use extra paper or
plastic bag if you have extra plastic bag that you
no longer need recycle them by taking them back to your
local grocery store almost all regional scale grocery stores
in Montgomery County have a drop-off program to collect plastic bags for recycling we of course recycle arm all the comical
materials plastic glass aluminum other metals some other material that we recycle goes
to various materials recycling facilities
throughout the region and of course our food waste that is composted and turned into black
gold it is sold to municipalities golf courses ball fields
use it farmers use it landscapers use it
Montgomery County has a successful recycling program in place over the years resident and businesses
have continued to recycle more and more materials and as recycling market evolves the
county is able to expand its recycling program to include additional materials for
recycling as a result of these changes residents and businesses now have the
opportunity to recycle materials such as plastic margarine tubs peanut butter jars yogurt cups kitty
litter pails lives flower pot an empty non-hazardous
aerosol cans with other types of comical materials
more types that paper can now be recycled with other types
that makes paper coated paper items including milk and
juice cartons juice and drink boxes and frozen food
boxes are now recyclable just remember keep all make paper separate from your
co mingled materials everyone plays a role in this excessive
recycling programs talk to your neighbors do they recycled
business owners can encourage their vendors and other business owners to get
involved specifically requested vendors use recycled products in their bids
where possible and create a policy around your office
that includes the purchase can you sub recycled products E recycling is good for the environment it
reduces pollution and face natural resources such as trees
water and precious minerals turning an existing product into a new
item uses less energy and fewer natural resources been
creating products from raw materials this helps protect the environment for
us and for all future generations please recycle more now and buy recycled It’s our future! to learn more about recycling or to find
information on buying products made with recycled materials contact the Montgomery County Division
Solid Waste Services remember recycle more now and close the loop. Let’s keep recycling working!

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  1. Check out The Spotted Door! – where all products are made from a minimum of 50% recycled content. You can see just some of the things your recyclables are producing – Enjoy!

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