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COBRA COMEBACK | Hot Wheels City | Episode #3

COBRA COMEBACK | Hot Wheels City | Episode #3

– [Newscaster] New News! Diabolical destruction grips
Hot Wheels City in terror. But who is responsible? – I’ll tell you who’s
responsible: me! Why? Because I’m evil (laughs). (whistles) (evil laughter) (coughing) Get to the top already. I need to work on the
evil laugh (laughs). Now Crash, go crash. – Be on the lookout
for a large snake. You can’t miss it. No, seriously, you can’t. It’s right behind you. – That’s not large,
that’s huge-mongous. (engines revving) – Go, go, go! (tires screeching) – [Chase] She’s gaining on us! (glass breaking) I’m about to be a snake snack! – Jeff, this is Eliot, come in. – Go for the sheriff. – We’re sitting
ducks in these cars. – Sheriff, I’m thinking
of three words. – Super ultimate garage! Keep your eyes to the sky. – [Eliot] We’re out of time. We’re going to have to
meet him up in the air. – [Chase] Copy that. – [Eliot] Follow me, Chase. We’re going airborne. – [Chase] I hope we’re
not the inflight meal. (airplane zooming) (engines roaring) – It’s time for the
old snake skedaddle. – I’ll meet you at the garage. – Burn rubber, little brother. – [Chase] Roger that. – Here cobra, cobra, cobra. Come and get me. (suspenseful music) – That’ll do it. – [Eliot] Get ready,
we’re comin’ in hot. (suspenseful music) – Turn, turn, turn! (tires screeching) Very slick. (laughter) – Good one, brother. – [Chase] She’s gone. – For now, but I have
a hunch she’ll be back. – I also have a hunch
that she’ll be back. – Are you hunching on my hunch? – Bro, don’t try to
double hunch my hunch. – Fair enough. – Oh, so that’s how
you want to play. Well, you can be sure I have
something even more eviler. Evilest? Evilerist? Ah, don’t worry about it. I mean, do worry,
it’s bad, very bad. (evil laughter) (rock music)

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