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Color Full Lives with Amina Daniels | State Farm®

Color Full Lives with Amina Daniels | State Farm®

[MUSIC PLAYING] All of my entrepreneurial
friends that are on the coast, I’m actively recruiting
them to move to Detroit. If you are a startup,
there’s opportunity here. There’s affordable space here. There’s grants here. I like to be the native
Detroiter waving their flag, like come all. New look, Detroit and old,
we have a place for you. My name is Amina
Daniel and Live, Cycle, Delight is here for you to
unlock your best potential. I was always the only person
of color in my yoga classes, and I wasn’t
treated really well. We have all been isolated and
know what it’s like to not feel included. So I wanted an
environment to be created, where everyone felt
like they were a part and for it to be accessible. Just trying to knock down
all of those barriers and take that “t” off that
C-A-N and make it a I can. This is how we
become more diverse, and this is kind of how
people break down stereotypes. I have a woman, who’s 65, she
was in our 7 AM class, Joanne. She has beat cancer twice. Joanne is here six days a
week and she is so grateful to choose to live. So it’s really an
opportunity to let go, whether it is your cycling
class or your TRX class. We are so connected
to technology and our phones, that
it is a great time to really disconnect,
and turn inwards and tap into your better, is
what I like to say. [MUSIC PLAYING] I really believe in Detroit. I believe in the
revitalization of Detroit. And Live Cycle, Delight
is available for all of those new people
moving into Detroit, who are interested in
living a healthier lifestyle and want to tap
into their better. So we are here for them. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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