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Come Here if You Want To Fly! – COAST GRAVITY BIKE PARK IS EPIC | Jordan Boostmaster

Come Here if You Want To Fly! – COAST GRAVITY BIKE PARK IS EPIC | Jordan Boostmaster

so I am back from my four-week break I
hope you guys enjoyed your January I know I enjoyed mine it was really nice
being able to relax a bit but I am now ready to get back into the swing of
things! You thought waiting four weeks for the next boostmaster upload was long
try four years since that’s how long it’s been since I’ve been to the coast
gravity bike park it’s pretty sad I know this place is awesome it’s not even that
far away from my house but it is a ferry ride away which does deter a lot of
people my weapon of choice for today is my evolve sky pilot I put on some fresh
new grips from Sensus and they actually supplied me with the whole bunch of
grips so you’re gonna be seeing these a lot more this year for now I put on
these dissisdaboss grips which I really like. I’m riding with my buds
Wesley Alex and Aiden today Coast gravity park is a really flowy
park where you could pretty much ride any bike a hardtail honestly would be a
lot of fun out here all right oh-ho minty berms! Sick! whoo so good many bike parks nowadays will always
have their flagship advanced jump trail kind of like it the a line or the dirt
merchant of a bike park so in this case the coast gravity bike park has a trail
called coastal cruise and it’s a double black diamond and right now we’re up to
do is warm ourselves up on the trails as we work up to coastal cruise right on yeah it’s running really good
oops a yeah so what is this yeah look at that
that’s cool I guess still like probably being built yet whoo okay sliver whoa cool never done that
one there’s been a few new trails since I last rode here such as autopilot so
let’s see how they ride and by the way these red triangle ratings are in
between the blue square and a Black Diamond autopilot cool cool
haha sick oh nice perms Zach yeah dude that’s so good yeah just read do whatever huh Oh Oh oh well that’s it whoa yeah that’s fun that is like the
tickets go I love that part yeah all those different lines Wow sick waaah Wow gnarly dude what the heck I’ve
never written this yeah oh boy yeah I remember seeing videos of
that that’s fine just we shred boys sure I guess that’s been a lockdown as I’ve
read it yeah all right let’s do a does elbow so
kind of going blind whoa partner in this in like four years
oh I forgot about that yes
I can’t remember this trip what I do remember it’s fun yeah well that’s good all right so he
did a good dose of trails warming ourselves up to coastal crews so what do
you say we go hit the most popular jump trail in the bike park everything’s
running so nicely too sure you guys probably all ridden it more than me like
honestly blossom Rose was four years ago and I only wrote half the dumb stuff all
right let’s check this out here yeah so for this section you’ll notice the
camera angle looks kind of weird I accidentally had it in the 4k linear
mode on my new hero 8 and yeah it’s definitely too cropped in and you can’t
see very much unfortunately okay everything’s rolling good oh yeah dude
100% whoa well all right this is working good yo dude
it was it was working out well I can tell I’m I’m a way better rider now than
four years ago so yeah speaking of the last time I rode here I had some pretty
big crashes by the end of the day I was definitely hurtin so let’s hope today
works out better gonna go this wide around Oh yeah that jump is good eye are you
saying this one got bigger is it okay Oh that’d be so sick it looks like there’s
some real work going on here to extend coastal cruise dude that would be epic
man as you can see it’s another short trail so I can’t wait till this next
part gets finished dude this stuff looks so good this is construction what do you
say we try those again and film it properly this time
alright you guys send it and then the line eat in here oh yeah the no petaline whoo yes oh yeah oh yeah beautiful all right well
that was sick yeah your fork is like dying that whoa baby what’s going on bro whoo some
wet roots there Zach I like jumping the up my pedal on a
rock so are you for real oh that’s really bad man
smack it into the tree dude did you know it might just be like Rip Torn just take
it off that’s nuts oh yeah cuz there’s broken pieces of no
way pretty hard let’s see okay actually doesn’t look too bad that’s weird so
your grip was hanging off the end of it well just check this check like put it
up to here yeah cuz it was like up to here some users that’s why cuz it was
hanging off the end it’s not supposed to hang off Oh
and now the breaks are like too far in aren’t they yeah at least for that one
but is that one probably finer absolutely deal all right so we tackled
coastal crews tons of fun we’re definitely going to hit it more again
today but there’s another Pro Line jump trail to do called flight deck all right
you’ve got some good speeds on this trail but let’s do it better oh yeah Wow Wow Wesley what’s wrong a really cool thing
about this park is that they have another trail higher up that you can
hike up to this one’s called dynamite panther I really like this idea at a
bike park where there’s further higher up trails you can hike up to if you
choose it means those trails will be even less ridden and staying really nice
shape but honestly the coast gravity bike Park
overall is always in great shape anyway it does not see nearly the kind of
traffic that Whistler would get as I said before it’s a ferry ride away from
the mainland of BC so that’s already a deterrent for a lot of people but
Sunshine Coast in general just gets a lot less traffic and that’s one of the
reasons why it’s a sweet place to ride so I hope to get out here more often
Wow whoo that would be fun to spend that would be fun sweet well huh yeah what are we doing
here here yeah oh yeah that was a good fun I feel brand-new can’t wind up in the me step up rub away
birthday in the came from where warmups not no I don’t play oh yeah Steve Oh it ain’t easy praying for
they should be laying out could be piggy count city offshore hey I wish your
sobriety cool hunky like a carnivore we are boy we cannot give the truth
keep the lights on look at us now yeah don’t you feel anything
never let them drive two minutes another way when you lose people I don’t care
how you discipline we have it
yeah dude that’s called amazing we need to say gee Betty to raise oh yeah Oh yo as you can see the coast gravity bike
park is so sick flow trails here are amazing and totally
addictive I just find it unfortunate that they’re
all so short there isn’t that much vertical gain at this bike park but even
then a lot of trails are divided into thirds and it would just be great to see
some more non-stop trails from the top to the bottom the Sunshine Coast in
general is just an awesome place to ride and actually next week’s video is going
to be another ride out on the Sunshine Coast on my enduro bike riding some
sweet fresh low thank you guys so much for watching this
video till the end I want to give a big shout-out to my patreon supporters on
patreon they are such great supporters of this channel they really keep it
going you can get some early extended uncensored and bonus content as well
some pretty stickers and they keep things stable while YouTube is always
kind of unpredictable patreon keeps things predictable and stable and such a
great help see you guys next time

100 comments on “Come Here if You Want To Fly! – COAST GRAVITY BIKE PARK IS EPIC | Jordan Boostmaster

  1. That's right, I am back! I hope you enjoy the video! Shout out to the Coast Gravity Photographers for the pictures you see in this video and the thumbnail! I can't wait to get back here

  2. Great to see ya back at it dude 👊
    Just got back from my 1st ride out this year after ripping my calf muscle last year. Grenoside woods in Sheffield United kingdom was my choice of venue, nothing too gnarly to start off with. Nice and steady and a steady walk back up 🤣

  3. We always love Boostmaster videos , and we love how Wes is always hitting the trails , total free ride dudes living life getting stoked and Sending it ✅✅✅✅

  4. Now that’s a comeback video! Those trails looked sooo smooth to ride and even more satisfying to watch. Can’t wait to see what’s to come in 2020 keep it up Jordan!👍

  5. What setting are you using on your Hero8 to keep it from being cropped in like you accidentally had it in this video? Lower Resolution? Linear Mode? Thanks

  6. You never disappoint. You inspire so many and I would love to ride with you. Even tho I hav a speacialized 2019 Rockhopper which is a hard tail i still love shred. I know this doesn't happen much but u can look on my channel if you are interested in seeing.

  7. We had major bushfires here in the land down under (i dont know why we call it that and i hate it) , i had all January off and was dedicated to almost daily shuttles but the fires caused the shuttles to be cancelled at all locations for most of Jan. I still rode but far less than i wanted too 🙁

  8. So sick Jordan. Please make more content there. It's like whistler but without millions of breaking bumps everywhere. Also I noticed you caved in and bought the new Fox RPC helmet. Congrats on quite the investment. Keep up the good work!

  9. Sper yuor video guy Jordan Boostmasters of thes session's in the. Coastal bikepark. A good motivation for the rider's bike's in my paid. Saluds the from the Santig of Chile 🇨🇱 nice day 👍 🤘😀🤘🗣️yyyaaa

  10. Killer edit and sweet riding man. Your videos are always sick. I wish we had a park like that out here in the Maritimes

  11. awesome video as always Jordan! welcome back 😊 I was wondering, how many green trails would you say there is in this park? is it about the same as Whistler or less? I probably won’t be going to it until I’ve got my own bike so by then I should be more comfortable with blue trails.

  12. For someone going to the bike park for the first time, would you rather go to Whistler or CGP? It seems like jump line's wise CGP has got some good selection, but in terms of tech stuff they seem to be lacking. I'm probably a blue/black jump line rider and black tech rider.

  13. Nice video as always 👌🏼. Could you maybe do a video where you show how you mount your GoPros and what settings you ride with, that would be really nice.

  14. Yo i was there last weekend. I actually got lost and ended up almost at sealevel, i started chatting with some guy in his driveway and asked him for a ride to the top of the park. Long story short he was actually the owner of the park, and let me tell you, they are definitely doing upgrades and expansions. There are BC cup races happening in May and there should be some cool stuff happening by then. Highly recommend this place, awesome park awesome owner

  15. I had those same grips and mine slid off half way and broke and I ate shit in Schlegel. Can’t remember the brand but the say death grip on the lock-on. Anyway. Don’t buy them cause you’ll die

  16. Literally the sickest mtb vid I've ever seen. So many great sends. It's so inspiring to watch this content and wanna just go ride.

  17. With some angle tweaking and a little wider that 4k crop coul look much better. Its not as fisheye as normal, an interesting alternative that looks "slower" but seems to have more of the trail on screen

  18. Love the feel of those DMR Deathgrips, but I had the exact same issue. I thought I had them pushed all the way in, but they weren't. Mine snapped the same exact way. 🙁

  19. Nice vid! Question from someone that doesn't ride…I ride dirt bikes/motocross and wouldn't hand guards be beneficial for you guys? They come in two flavors for dirt bikes…full wrap arounds or flag style. Might save you a busted hand from hitting a tree…an added bonus is it's a nice wind-break for when it's cold and numbing up your hands. Just curious!

  20. Dude welcome back!! Mate I honestly think this is one of your better edits with the stills (photos) of you guys styling it out and the tunes you bump through out. Big ups from oz man. Love it!!

  21. Love the video, I'v been wanting to get out there and just may for May long, Whistler and Coast in one trip 😃 take care and have fun

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