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Benefits of cycling
Commercial S22i Studio Cycle – Powered by iFit Interactive Personal Training

Commercial S22i Studio Cycle – Powered by iFit Interactive Personal Training

When it comes to fitness, so much of it
is about getting results and as important as the results are, so is the
journey and that’s exactly why NordicTrack includes a one-year iFit
family membership with your purchase.* iFit is personal coaching, virtual
classes, destination workouts and programs expertly crafted to give you
new experiences every day, while helping you achieve results you will feel and
see. From world-class trainers like Tommy Rivers Puzey, Nicole Meline, Gideon Akande
and so many more including me, Jenni Delpozo. We have incredible studio classes
for you as well as workouts all around the globe. Personal training in your home
where your trainer live controls your machine to match the resistance, incline,
decline and duration of each and every trainers prescribed workout. This
experience is the undeniable difference that is available on the Commercial S
22i Studio Cycle. Here is a taste of some of the incredible workouts you will experience. – Come on! Come on! Push a little bit harder!
– Thirty seconds, we’re going to drop into the saddle. – Keep it up! Stay with me!
– One of my favorite features is the fan that’ll keep you cool throughout your entire
ride. The 22 inch Smart HD Touchscreen brings every workout to life. OneTouch
controls get you there with a single tap. And since we’re giving you a full body
workout, two three-pound dumbbells are included in your purchase. Interactive,
personal training in your home on your time. It’s incredible and you’re going to
love it.

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