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Benefits of cycling
Competitive Cycling : Competitive Cycling Shoes

Competitive Cycling : Competitive Cycling Shoes

The benefit of having a good bike shoe for
cleat and these pedals, the shoes and pedals go together is that you are going to have
a much more efficient stroke on your bike. Now I am going to get over my bike and clip
into my pedals and when I clip in, you can hear it pop. The next one is going to pop
as well and I am in. The benefit of this is that I am going to be able to use all different
muscle groups so that I have a smoother pedal stroke. Basically not only am I pushing down
but I am pulling up and that gives much more efficiency on the bike. Like I said that it
helps me use different muscle groups and it just keeps a good solid movement. When I stand
up on my bike I also have the benefit of having a much more fluid movement and it is just
a lot easier. I couldn’t do this very well if I didn’t have my feet clipped in to the

24 comments on “Competitive Cycling : Competitive Cycling Shoes

  1. yea, he should have them, there alot safer and more efficient than having the cages which i assume he has now, because in the cast of him crashing the shoes will come out of the pedal, where as with cages there locked in until you can take them out…

  2. @kreternal LOL! Don't be negative! I think this young lady could keep her audience entertained talking about nothing in particular. She has a gift and is applying it very effectively to educate newbie cyclists.

  3. @maclovr Personally, I prefer the SpeedPlay Zeros. But, everybody has their favorite pedaling system.

  4. honestly, if anyone follows the way she "clips in", they're bound to fall and hurt themselves.

    make sure your starting pedal is at the bottom of the stroke, parallel to the seat post. that way when you clip in, the bike won't be moving — in the event you miss the clip and "slip".

  5. wrong again, the main purpose of the bike shoe is to have a stiffer sole and therefore more effective energy transfer, admittedly yes you can 'pull up' but that is a waste of energy in most situations.

  6. @peniogochev Or just don't like watching some ignorant ugly bitch who doesn't have a clue on 'expert' village try to instruct cycling

  7. Um, not that I claim to be an expert or anything, but isn't your seat post a bit too low? you don't seem to be extending your legs properly when sitting, and I believe this might lead to knee injuries in the long run.

  8. @cerealrulz wrong again, main purpose of clipping-in(clipless & toe-clips) is for safety so your feet will not slide forward & off pedals when you're standing up doing an attack whereby a slip will have you under the bike & flipping it over you, thus toe-clips was invented to prevent this accident in the 1st place. know your facts straight people before you babble!

  9. @ronmac05ad Well no that isn't what they're for. Sliding off pedals would be so unlikely there wouldn't be a new type of pedal developed to solve that one particular problem. I've become a much better cyclist since I posted that comment, and I now know that pulling back, up, forwards and down (circular) is important. People have known this since the dawn of toe clips. Not slipping off the pedals is an advantage but it is definitely not the main purpose.

  10. you're almost right but you're absolutely wrong. clips was invented for that safety reason, any other reason is only there for marketing. besides pulling-up on the up stroke is hog wash, kinesiology research even proved that even top cyclist, armstrong, basso, etc. included, do not actively pull but instead just lighten that foot/leg on up stroke. yes circular/spinning in higher cadence is important it clears up lactic acid. a decade ago i worked as sport/cycling physiotherapist 🙂

  11. @cerealrulz btw platform pedals became very slippery during rain specially doing attacks thus necessitated to clip-in via cages/toe-clips, thus the safety invention & history of being clipped-in. cheers!

  12. @ronmac05ad
    You sir/madame, Are A Moron!
    Not really sure which decade you are cycling in???
    I'm a multiple Ironman finisher, and never once in 20 years of cycling have I been concerned about slipping off of pedals. My concern is steady efficient power applied throughout the entire pedal cycle, for 112 miles and having enough left for a marathon.
    Know your facts before you just babble about upstroke being hogwash.
    Juss Sayin

  13. @prswhore Read my post carefully before commenting, because that makes you a moron for jumping into your own personal experience without considering the facts I presented.
    I discussed that toe clips was invented for safety 1st & foremost then from toe clips became the clipless pedals that you now know. Or are you that ignorant that you don't know where clipless came from the Toe Clips or why it was invented in the 1st place.
    Juss Sayin

  14. @ronmac05ad I read your post before commenting, your facts are shit, that's why I commented. It was never a saftey issue. There is nothing safe about being clipped to a bike at race speed. Also My original 1979 pinarello has it's OG toe clips. my 2011 pinarello rocks speedplay zero's, so lets cut the fanatical history lesson.
    Stop with the outlandish speculation and go ride your bike. You're gonna scare people.
    On your left,

  15. @prswhore btw i didn't asked about your pinarello bike, mines a 2010 cannondale super six & 1982 colnago master light, it's not the bike it's the cyclist that makes a difference & that's why only few are gonna be like lance armstrong, alberto contador or ivan basso.

  16. @ronmac05ad The fact is that this video is great for beginners like my girlfriend.
    I'm glad you feel safer clipped in, and I'm glad that I have great upstroke and downstroke power transfer.
    Officially done. If you still need to have the last word you can have it.

  17. @prswhore The fact is I was just sharing the history of why toe clips/cages was invented in the 1st place & that was for safety during out of the saddle attack in the rain. If new cyclist are so stubborn to learn this then it's your lost & yes I ride in the rain & snow up in the Canadian rockies & not like your weekend crit cyclist in warm weather america.
    Cheers mate!

  18. Just started with the clips… Tipped over twice already at a dead stop. Guy said I would only do it once… I will do it again im sure. Learning curve is very curvy for me. Have not fell off my bike since I was 16ish. Just about to swap them out until I watched this. I never even considered the fact that I could pull up simultaneous to pushing.

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