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Competitive Cycling : How to Pick a Bike for Competitive Cycling

Competitive Cycling : How to Pick a Bike for Competitive Cycling

I want to talk a minute about choosing your
bike. The very first thing you need to do when looking for a bike is to go to a good
bike shop and get what is called a bike fitting. You want to know exactly size bike you are
going to need before you even think about your bike. Because if your bike does not fit
you properly, you are never going to feel comfortable and you will never enjoy riding
it. The very first thing is getting somebody who works with bikes, knows a lot about bikes
and is willing to fit you and order the bike that is the right size for you. The next thing
is to get an entry level bike and something that is cost effective. When I started riding,
I went for a hybrid bike. Basically it wasn’t this bike but it was a bike that I could also
do triathlon on it and it was kind of a mix and it fit what I was doing at the time. Now
that I am racing and doing what’s called road racing, I have a road bike. So most important
thing is to talk to a professional, get a bike fit and then have that person choose
the bike that is going to fit your needs for what you want to accomplish.

6 comments on “Competitive Cycling : How to Pick a Bike for Competitive Cycling

  1. Ride with a local club that takes on new people. They will probably loan you an old bike and teach you how to buy without getting ripped off.

  2. Wow.. if you have to consult a youtube video to learn how you should "get a bike which is the right size for you", you're probably not quite ready to compete any lifetime soon.

  3. You have a road bike for road racing? Weird!!I I used my track bike at criteriums, and it worked just fine.Of course, it had to have a freewheel and brakes, but it still worked great.

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