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Competitive Cycling : Riding Positions for Road Races in Competitive Cycling

Competitive Cycling : Riding Positions for Road Races in Competitive Cycling

For a road race most of the race, you are
pretty much going to riding up here what is called the hood, up on the top. Some people
when they hill climb, prefer to have their hands here right in the middle when they are
climbing hills. It gives you better positioning. You will notice in faster sense when you see
the group going down in a road race, a lot of riders will drop down in the drops. Basically
I think you can get more arrow dynamic, gain more speed and when you get out of the descent
you will see people back up on the hoods riding up here on the road races.

100 comments on “Competitive Cycling : Riding Positions for Road Races in Competitive Cycling

  1. Thats not the right position to ride. The elbows should be slightly bent so that neither the shocks are transmitted to the upper body nor the back bone absorbs the shock.

  2. Superwoman Angela, YOU"VE had seven children! Thanks for the great videos. And keep racing. Your results are really good, as I looked up your race record. Let me know if you ever race on the East Coast – we can massage each other after we get hot and sweaty. write back-I can give you my US Cycling license #. (Just kidding, I wish! My testosterone levels must be up from training.)

  3. I guess you can express your opinion. Maybe you should move to Communist China where the government has a viewpoints just like yours-you'd feel right at home!

  4. Actually the gel seats aren't very good, yes they rub like mad. I find the seats with the centre cut outs are amazing. I don't even think about the seat when i'm cycling, painless, an absolute must for women.

  5. what gets me is that she says "basically i think you can get more aerodynamic" you think or you know? its expertvillage, its supposed to have experts, not guessers, but idk after viewing some of the videos..

  6. I think we can agree that women and cycling don't really "go", but you would've done her, wouldn't you? 😛

    (Look at the LEGS)

  7. Hey my rear brake on my road bike is squeaking and I have no idea why. It is a Shimano 105 dual pivot caliper and it is centered just fine with the wheel. The pads still have some life in them left and the rim is straight. Can any one help me out?

  8. She thinks that the only reason people are on the drops is for aerodynamics? And I suppose we go on the hoods for a sprint as well don't we? Ignorant cow. It's just a matter of preference, Personally I'm on the drops for the whole race, literally.

  9. @gasdgasdgasdfffffff it's because she said 'arrow' dynamics, there's no need to get angry for nothing. No wonder people don't use youtube anymore, jeesh.

  10. @AC130EMPYREAL did you cleaned your wheels with waxing products? or is your wheels are too dirty? if yes then maybe the surface of the wheel which the brake pad touch it isn't clean…try to clean it with dry tissue, sometimes you dont even see what causing that noise it happened to me long time ago…

  11. she forgot one thing…when i lived in nc and we had walls to climb and go down from…i used to hold the top of the bar and stick my back side out over the back wheel…it looks extream in pictures but when you are actually doing it, its the only way to balance things out and stay aero….you cant really do it on flat ground…its a balance thing…

  12. First off keep your arms loose, don't lock those elbows when on the hoods or drops. Second you should be switching back and forth between the hoods and the drops constantly, both because the drops are more aero and it also switches how your muscles actuate during your stroke.

    The drops are used during descending because it allows you to push your weight into the corners.

    The biggest factor is your back's angle, which should be as flat as comfortable so as to maximize power.

  13. wow, she's an expert? I guess we are supposed to locks our arms up like she does in road races huh…novice.

  14. Good stuff! Don't know why on most bikes they don't make hoods on the bars more comfortable. You would think in the 150 year plus bicycle industry, they would invent a better comfort area….besides TT bars.

  15. @cindymindy07 come on, take it easy. You should know by now what men only think about. It's not personal at all. Though it may seem rude to you and I have to agree but this sort of behavior is ingrained into our biology. Us thinking about sex all the time made sure that the human race was always reproducing.

  16. No, grab the brake hoods when hill climbing. It gives you the most leverage. Going up Mount Lemmon, I think I'd have rather killed myself than grab the middle of the handlebars while climbing.

    Drops because you ~think~ you can get more aerodynamics? They're only there for that.

    Plus, there are more aerodynamic positions that don't involve the drops, such as an underhand grip on the handlebars, raising your butt and tucking your knees in to make a waterdrop shape out of your body.

  17. ExpertVillage is a good idea gone horrible. I haven't watched one yet that wasn't a complete waste of time or gave any helpful information at all.

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