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Competitive Cycling Tips : Friday Training Routine for Competitive Cycling

SAL COLLURA: Okay, onto Friday. I like to
consider Friday the fun day. I know when I was younger and I trained with a buddy of
mine, we would wear t-shirts on that day. It’s kind of a way of saying, “Hey, I’m not
so serious about cycling today. I just want to go out there and have a good a time.” Maybe
you wear sneakers and have platform pedals, maybe you go ride your fixed gear. Do something
different, but make sure it’s easy miles. I would recommend no big ring. I would recommend,
again, it be way less than two hours. You can do an hour. You can do an hour and a half.
Spinning easy gears, it’s giving yourself a chance to recover. Some guys I know like
to do one-legged pedaling for a little while, less than a mile, then do one-legged pedaling
on the other side. Kind of you pulling up on the pedals or you’re getting kind of that
whole leg into it, that’s a good way to go. But, again, just take it easy, relax, have
fun. If you–sometimes I can’t get out on Friday or I can’t ride on a Friday, that’s
okay, but do something easy, maybe a short walk. Just get your legs moving and you don’t
necessarily have to get to the point where you’re using up your lungs. You don’t need
to be breathing hard on a Friday. Just nice and easy.

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