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Coolest Age-Group Bike Tech From Ironman 70.3 World Championships 2019!

Coolest Age-Group Bike Tech From Ironman 70.3 World Championships 2019!

– With over 5000 bikes getting racked here and setup for transition over the two days for both the women and the men, racing at Ironman 70.3
World Championships. It would be rude if I didn’t go and take a closer look, because every bike is unique. Everyone’s got their own setup, their own little unique
things that they’ve done and I’ve already spotted
a few interesting ones and I want to share them with you. (upbeat music) – Now, you guys probably
know that I love food and the more real the
food, the better for me. Even when it comes to racing. So I love to see these
guys with waffles here, but we’ve seen all sorts
taped onto the top tube, someone who’s got enough Naked bars for a meal, I think, all sorts of different, interesting ways of getting your nutrition onto your bike. There really is no one-size-fits-all. (upbeat music) We love improvisation here at GTN and problem solving and cable ties usually come in pretty handy for that, but in this age group transition, we have seen them used to the extreme and here is one prime example. This bike computer man is attached by, one, two, three, four… I think that’s four, maybe five cable ties and this bike has got
several more cable ties on it if you look further
back on the seat tube, the bottle cages behind that as well. Cable ties are definitely this rider’s best friend. (relaxing music) If you’re racing somewhere hot, like here, obviously hydration is key and there are lots and lots of ways you store you hydration. There are some slightly
different options, again, this one is quite unique, you don’t see it very often, this Speedfil. So you can actually refill it just on the right-hand side, there and it sits, obviously
nicely, on the down tube and then the tube to drink from just, kind of tucks in either side of your top tube and runs alongside the aero bars at the front. So, yeah a little bit more aero. Another one that’s slightly more unique, so, Felt don’t yet have
an integrated hydration, on the front, so this one has been very much improvised, it’s the Vision Metron hydration, by the looks of things, but it has just been
attached to the aero bars. So the aero bars are wide
enough that you can fit this in on the side and
there’s a little catch for the straw, so it can flick up, but I’m not quite sure how it comes to the refill side of things. (calming music) Now I think this athlete has listened, partly, to one of GTN’s tips, but not the full part, because, they have got lovely, ice cold bottles here. This bottle I can still see the ice in. Problem being, it’s 6 p.m.
the night before the race and right now, it’s still
probably in the 20 degrees and the temperature is not going to drop much lower than this and that bottle is
going to be just as warm as the air, by the morning. So guys if you are going
to use ice bottles, make sure you keep them
in the freezer overnight and put them into your
bottle or onto your bike the day of your race. (calming music) We’ve seen some different aero bars and we’ve seen some different ways of mounting your bike computer, but this is different in many ways, again. We’ve got these Team PI Wing aero bars, or a type of aero bar which
I haven’t seen before, but it’s certainly attached
in a different way. So they’ve clamped it underneath the handlebars here on this side, I can’t actually even see how it’s attached, but it’s of one single unit and then it gets more interesting again, because, instead of
having a bike computer, there’s a watch here and
the watch is just tied on with cable ties underneath it and then on top, instead of having any arm cups or elbow cups for the aero bars, they’ve just taped on some extra padding onto their handlebars. So, certainly an improvised aero setup. This is another road bike with an aero bar attachment and I must admit I’ve never seen aero bars this short. I think they’re too long for ITU racing that was my first thought that they must be for ITU, but then you can see that these are Profile Design bars and they have been cut really short. So much so that the Profile Design is actually no longer fully on there, but then it’s the arm
cups which look to me like they are sprung, but it’s a very unusual position. I’d like to see how this woman looks when she’s actually on her bike. (upbeat music) Well these aero bars have caught my eye. I’ve not come across this brand before, but these are Lixada
carbon clip-on aero bars, which this rider’s got
on their Scott road bike and I like seeing road bikes out at big events like this, ’cause it just proves that you can compete at this level on a road bike, but also the fact that they’ve got attention to detail, maybe they chose these ’cause they match the colorway on their Scott road bike, who knows? (upbeat music) I think you know by know
I love pretty colors, well all bright colors to be honest. This one caught my eye and look at this lovely floral. Feels a little bit Hawaiian, maybe a few weeks early for 70.3 Worlds, but I like it. This is the Specialized lululemon design on this S-Works. And we’ve seen lots of other wonderful, iridescent colors, matching bottle cages, contrasting ones, all sorts out here. (upbeat music) Well, this disc an the
lovely color caught my eye and then the fact that
it matches the frame, drew me closer to the frame and when you look really closely, it actually has Mirinda
Carfrae’s name on it. So, I’ve no idea how it got here and how this person got
their hands on this bike, but pretty cool to see. (upbeat music) Right, we found a bike which obviously belongs
to a rather tall athlete, because they’ve had to improvise in the transition here. The saddle is so high
the wheel is actually pretty much touching the ground, it won’t fit under the
bars to be able to rack. So, I think they knew this
and have come prepared ’cause there’s some string, which they’re going to have to undo when they come out of the swim, before getting gon their bike to be able to un-rack the bike. Not sure what will happen at the other end in T2 they might need some assistance there. But if you come a little closer, there’s something else that’s caught my eye on this bike. This guy has got some sort
of order, of something. Now, there’s a knife and a fork which I’m guessing is when to eat. So, he plans to eat at 15K, 32K, at another distance I
can’t see and then 73, but there’s another logo on here and it’s a spanner crossed
with a screwdriver. So, if you guys have got any idea do let us know in the comments, but at 37K and 73K he wants to do something with a
spanner and a screwdriver and then at 64K and 90K there’s a whistle. I mean, 90K makes sense that’s the whistle for finishing the bike, not sure what happens at 64K. We saw that last bike had a problem and the rider has rather long legs. Well, here we are, sort of, well above my bellybutton with the saddle height and this one has had to improvise another level, again and actually hooked on with the handlebars at the front. So, ingenious thinking
for these tall guys. (upbeat music) – [Presenter] Well hopefully
you’ve enjoyed this. Give us a thumbs-up like if you have and hit the globe to subscribe. And if you want some ideas for our pure bike training sessions, we’ve got a video of three sessions that you can do just down here. And if you want some tips on physio hacks and things you can do at home to keep your body in one piece, that’s just down here.

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