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Coolest Things About Cycling Team Buses | Tour de France 2017

Coolest Things About Cycling Team Buses | Tour de France 2017

– We have done a lot of
bus tours here at GCN over the years, which have
been enormously privileged to get access to. What we wanted to do is
find the coolest part of all the buses here
at the Tour de France. – Yeah, so we’re not
going to have a face-off, we’re going to have a bus cool-off. – Yeah
– Yeah? – I think I’m going to find
way cooler things than you. – I think you’ll find mine
are going to be a bit cooler. – In fact I’ve already found
some over here, see you later. (triumphant music) One of my favourite parts
of being a rider and being on the bus was access to
all the correct nutritional items that you could possibly need for when you’re racing. And Team Sky have got it
all neatly packaged up in this cupboard. Look at that, all these isotonic gels, you’ve got caffeine gels,
you’ve got all the energy bars down here, protein bars as well. Everything that you could
need to get through the tour. – Okay Dan, I accept that is pretty cool, but on board the Orica-Scott team bus, I think this is even cooler. Just come a little bit closer. This is the showers,
dual-shower, removable head as you can see on here,
which I’ve not seen in many team buses, very
well appointed in terms of the shower tech itself, but get this; you can actually have two
riders at the very same time either soaping each other’s
backs, or having a chat about the day’s tactics. How cool is that? And slightly weird. – That is all well and good, Matt. I’m reasonably impressed
with what you’ve found there but I bet that your bus doesn’t have this on Team Sky’s, privacy glass. Now you see me, now you don’t. Now you see me, now you don’t. I actually want this
in my bathroom at home. – Now, I’m not sure if
this is within the rules, but check this out. I’ve not seen this on any
team bus before, a whiteboard with instructions remind
and revise for the riders. This is obviously stage 9,
that brutal stage, remember? Till it cracks, King of the
Mountains until it cracks, re-group, asses, final
climb and descent to line, Esteban backing Yatsey,
Simon is our leader, Roman has to move when big
groups and key climbers move, I just think that’s
really really interesting. Just a remind and revise of
what the rider’s jobs are for the stage. Now that is cool. – We all know just how
important coffee is to most professional cyclists, who
use the caffeine first thing in the morning, and so every bus has got a coffee machine on it. But I think I’ve found the coolest one. Trek, of course, have a bit
of an advantage as a team when it comes to coffee,
because their co-sponsor is Italian company, Segafredo. And I am now going to help
myself to a mid-morning espresso. Pop the capsule in, away we go. Can you beat that, Matt? – Okay, Dan. That was pretty cool. But no way is it as cool as this. I’m on board the Team Sunweb
team bus in the kitchen area, and just look at this vast
expanse of work surface. I’ve never seen a kitchen area like it. It’s clean, it’s airy, it’s modern. It’s also got an enormous
non-slip work surface on top of the work surface
itself, but in addition to that, it’s in a matching
colour scheme as well. Just look at that. Plenty of room for the soigneurs to work in a relaxed, informal atmosphere. And get this, a cheeky
little brucie bonus, you’ve got the flowers of Warren Barguil, most aggressive rider on the stage 9. Top that. – Now as well as caffeine
to get the riders going in the morning, a lot of
teams also use some beats and some music to get
their riders hyped up for the start of the stage. And Trek have gone the whole
hog with their sound system. They’ve got five Bose speakers,
three here at the front and two for surround
sound a little bit further down the bus, and they’ve also got a Yamaha amplifier. That must put out some cool sounds. – Leave it. I’ve had enough. Well Dan, I think I’ve finally totally and utterly trumped you. I’m on board the Dimension Data team bus with something so cool, I’m
going to have to wear my shades. And it’s this. I’m sat in it. As well as this rather
lovely communal seating area at the front of the bus,
just look at this chair. Full swivel, so I can
chat to who I want to, or who, for arguments
sake, I don’t want to, fully reclinable, but most of all, because bike riders are kind of dirty chaps
sometimes, they wipe clean. Just how cool is that? – Okay, we’re on the
Quick-Step Floors bus now, and this is their projector
screen, which is very important to them as a team. So this is where a few of the team will be watching the stage once
the bus arrives at the finish. But way more important than that, is their debrief after the stage. You could almost say
their plan in the morning. So they’re be using things
like Google street view and all sort of other
things to inform the riders of what they’ve got to deal with. Which is of course very
important when you’ve got a sprinter such as Marcel Kittel. And it would be the sports directors, such as Davide Bramati here,
who do all the research. He’s very busy today
on the rest day looking at tomorrow’s stage, because
it does look like one that is suited to Marcel. And they’ve also got a teddy bear. Beat that, Matt. Well that’s quite conclusive
as a win for Lloyd. – No, I think you’ll find
that I, Matt, has absolutely bossed that one for my bosses. – No. Well we’ll let the
viewers decide shall we? Leave your comments below
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    One answer does indeed make it a cool bus, the other answer makes it a rather creepy bus.

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