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Could This Be The Future Of Bikes? | The GCN Show Ep. 247

Could This Be The Future Of Bikes? | The GCN Show Ep. 247

– From the Kapiti Coast in New Zealand on the last day of winter. Welcome to the GCN show. – Welcome to the GCN show. This week we are looking into what could be the future of bicycle technology. We’ve got some Contador car karaoke. (sings in Spanish) And a whole host of
amazing hacks and bodges. – Plus, Dan, beards are banned. – What? – Not here obviously, but in a Belgian pro team. We’ve got extreme corner featuring a nine year old wonder kid, and a very cool competition coming up. (upbeat music) – This week in the world of cycling we have learned that you can get an award for your Strava art if it’s good enough, and this is good enough. Take a look at this picture. – [John] Yeah that’s right. The Bristol cycling festival, which is actually quite close to GCN HQ, they awarded Antony Hoyt first prize for this creation Foul Play. – [Dan] Wow. – [John] Eight hours
in the making that was. – [Dan] Really?
– Yeah. – That’s incredibly detailed isn’t it. We also learned this
week that in the past, Chris Froome has experimented
with nocturnal training. Apparently he once went
out for a six hour ride starting at 10 p.m. having already trained earlier on the same day, and was completely ignoring
conventional sleep patterns, although he has apparently
stopped that now for fairly obvious reasons. – We’ve also learned
this week that you lot think front derailleurs are here to stay. – You do. The people have spoken. 65% of you are thinking along those lines. So if 1X is not the
future of road bikes, what is? Well how about all in one 3D printed wheels and tires. – 3D printed tires? – Yeah you heard that right. So Michelin, or Michelin, have unveiled their vision concept, which is an all in one wheel and tire, which as I said is 3D printed. Now admittedly this is for
the automotive industry and not yet in production, but imagine that. The ability to 3D print your very own wheels and tires to suit not just the terrain
that you’re riding on, but the conditions you’re riding in. – [John] I think cyclo-cross
riders would be very interested in that–
– They would. – Tire technology. So when are we gonna see this then Dan? – Well admittedly they say it’s at least five to 10 years off in the car industry, so probably a little bit further than that for our small cycling industry. – [John] It was a very, very
futuristic looking concept. – [Dan] It was yes. – How about closer to now then Dan? – Well there are some other new tires which I found from Vredestein. This are the Fortezza flower power tires. – [John] Is that the
one with the rubber made from dandelion root extract Dan? – [Dan] Yes that’s the one. You’ve been reading about it as well? – [John] Yeah, yeah Russian
dandelions specifically. Apparently they’re
supposed to improve grip compared to conventional tires. So that’s what you want
in a tire isn’t it? – Definitely. I wonder what’s so special about the Russian sector of dandelions compared to normal ones? – I’m not going to be an expert Dan. – Like to give them a go anyways, see how grippy they really are. Right then. What about stabilized bikes
which balance themselves? – I think that might be
an April fool’s joke Dan? – It was, yeah, from Google
Netherlands wasn’t it, on April 1st this year. But they, in the future, are going to be a reality I’m telling you because Ford, sorry to go to the
automotive industry again, but they have filed a patent application for a stability device for cyclists. – [John] Wow that sounds perfect for Matt. (Matt yells) – It’s not just Ford either. Apparently Bosch too designing and inventing devices which help the stability of a bike. They filed a patent which is just called, method and device for preventing
the fall of a cyclist. They are apparently
targeting e-mountain bikers who are throwing themselves all over the place on their bikes at quite high speeds. – Those mountain bikers. Alright then Dan. How about spokeless wheels? – Well they’d collapse surely. – No not exactly. They’ve been around for a little while, but they’ve not really
made the mainstream. Having said that, check out this project on Kickstarter. It smashed it’s funding goal last year. – [Dan] Yeah but smashing
the Kickstarter target is all well and good, but close are they to sending
out production models? – Still some way away yeah Dan. Maybe before the end of the year. – Oh really? That’s not too bad.
– Yeah it’s alright. But you know just think about it. You know you could make wheels more aero, or if you didn’t wanna go faster, you could just use that space for storage or something like that. – Yeah I guess you could do. Right well going from spokeless wheels back to spokes and suspension, which is also the future of cycling. We know it’s already been done multiple times before on mountain bikes and sometimes on road bikes, but never inside the rims. These soft wheels
incorporate the suspension into three spokes at the
front and at the rear. You’re not looking too
convinced there John. – No, no. I think we’re goin a
bit off-piste here Dan. What will be interesting though is to see what the future of
bikes look like in the past. This one is from 1946 incredibly. It’s by British industrial
designer Benjamin Bowden, and it included a small motor to give riders that
little bit of extra help when going uphill. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? – It does sound very family, yeah. – That’s what you call
forward thinking isn’t it? And idea from 70 years ago that’s pretty much only
just coming to fruition now. – Yeah that really is quite
incredible to look at isn’t it? Right well I think we
should finish this segment by throwing it out there
to our wonderful viewers to find out what they want on their bikes in the future. You can leave your ideas in the
comments section down below, and who knows. We might have some manufacturers or some keen inventors watching the show, and your dream could become a reality. We’ll read out the best
ones this time next week. – It’s now time for cycling shorts. – Beards are banned. – What’s wrong with beards? – Sport Vlaanderen-Baloise team
manager, Walter Planckaert, has banned his riders from sporting beards in the name of hygiene, and also preserving the
elegance of cycling Dan. He claims that the snot and leftover food that gets caught up in
beards is just unhealthy. – Wow. I think it can provide a vital
extra source of nutrition if you run out of gels
and bars in your pockets. – That was grotty. – It’s certainly got
bearded wonder Simon Geschke a little worried. He Tweeted his team @TeamSunweb saying surely you don’t think
this is a good idea. – [John] Don’t worry Geschke fans. His team replied to say that beards are absolutely fine with them. – Well we can all breathe
a huge sigh of relief then can’t we. It will be interesting to see though whether any other teams do follow suit in the near future.
– Interesting policy. – Anyway moving on. Another rider’s been caught motor doping. This time a 43 year old at a French event. Not even an elite cycling event, but a third cat race. – I don’t think we need to give this guy anymore attention Dan.
– No. – Let’s move on. Let’s move on to our
current favorite country, the Netherlands. Now last year they laid a one kilometer stretch of bike path, and the interesting thing about it is that it was made partially
with recycled toilet paper. Now the advantages are
that it’s quite porus, so no more messy puddles. And apparently the
results over the last year have been very good. It’s wiped the floor
compared to other surfaces, and it’s said to improve
rolling resistance. (rim shot)
– Poor John. Very poor indeed. I did hear though that some kids got onto the surface recently, and there’s skid marks all over the place. Moving on to Alberto Contador who, as you will very well know, has hung up his wheels as
a professional cyclist. It looks though like he might have already
found a new profession, singing.
– Singing? – Yes singing. Take a look at this video. (sings in Spanish) – He was really giving it some wasn’t he? – Yeah he’s no chocolate voice is he? But certainly a pretty good effort there from Alberto Contador. Perhaps the best in pro cycling. ♫ Beneath the street lights ♫ There’s a man who’s pants are too tight ♫ Oh no ♫ His pants are too tight ♫ My pants are too tight – Who knows. If any pros out there would like to show us
that they can do better, feel free to send your videos in. – I also like the cake that Alberto posted on
Instagram at the weekend Dan. Had the words querer es
poder on the cake there. – [Dan] Aw no.
– You know what that means, don’t you? – Well I do now. Yeah thanks John. – I’m not particularly good at Spanish. As you can probably tell from
my pronunciation just then, but that means love is power. Love is power. Love is power. – That’s right Dan. Not love is power as you said, but rather where there is a will, there is a way or similar.
– Thanks. Well I’m going to blame Google, and also the fact that I didn’t believe that a three word phrase could translate into a
nine word one in english. – Excuses. – Moving on into the Hammer series who have announced a
new round for next year. It’s just gonna run off the
back of the Tour des Fjords and take place in
Stavanger over in Norway. It will follow the same three day format, so day one being the Hammer Climb. 10 laps of an eight and
a half kilometer circuit which features a one kilometer
climb of 7% each lap. Day two is the Hammer Sprint. And then taking the results
from those first two days, teams will be given
their starting position for the Hammer Chase, which is the final day’s team time trial where the first team across
the line wins overall. And now we’ve thoroughly
enjoyed the Hammer series race this year didn’t we? So it’s great to see
it’s already expanding. – Yeah looking forward to 2018. Now let’s take it back
to last week’s GCN show where we posed the question: how did Sagan win the worlds? And Oscar Freire reckons
he has the answer. – [Dan] Does he? Well he’s three time
former champion himself. He should know shouldn’t he? – Basically he’s saying that
the standard of the peloton is much lower than it was in his day. – Right. So nothing to do with
the fact that Peter Sagan is a once in a lifetime talent? – No it doesn’t enter the
equation in Oscar’s view. – Okay. Well onto some good news
coming from Australia, the Indian Pacific Wheel
Race is on again in 2018. Organizers have said they want to continue the good work from Mike Hall who tragically died at
the same event this year. Next year taking the five and
a half thousand kilometers in will be a group of individuals, but there’s also going to be a team relay. It’s all going to kick off in Fremantle on the 17th of March.
– It’s gonna be an epic race. – [Dan] Yeah. – Now let’s finish with a
little bit of transfer news, and the former world
TT champ Lisa Brennauer is off to Wiggle High5 next year. So that’s a massive signing for them. – It’s an Italian series of races which is gradually winding down the European road race season over here. It culminates this coming
Saturday with Il Lombardia, but we’ve already had a stage race and a couple of one days last week. The overall honors at
the Giro della Toscana went to Frenchman Guillaume Martin. Whilst at the Giro
dell’Emilia on the Saturday, Giovanni Visconti took
a fine and deserved solo victory at the 100th
edition of the race. He attacked with over
a lap still remaining, was never to be seen again. In fact it was a one/two
for Bahrain-Merida. His teammate Vincenzo Nibali finished second on the day as well. – But unfortunately for Esteban Chaves, while he was chasing Gio
Visconti for the win, he came down in a nasty crash, broke his shoulder blade, and that puts an end to his 2017 season a bit prematurely. So he won’t be able to defend his Lombardia crown unfortunately. – No that is a shame isn’t it. Meanwhile Chantal Blaak made
her debut in the rainbow bands as newly crowned world champion at the same race earlier on that day. She did go on the attack
in the closing kilometers, but wasn’t able to hold off the chasers. And ultimately the fastest up the final climb to the finish was Tatiana Guderzo who was riding for the Italian national team on the day. Andre Greipel is back to winning ways. He got his first win since stage two of this year’s Giro d’Italia. – Really?
– Yeah. – Been that long?
– Yeah. – Wow.
– It’s been quite a while. He took out the Omloop Eurometropole. Meanwhile back in Italy, Luis León Sánchez stole
a march on the sprinters to win the GP Beghelli. The women’s event did
finish in a bunch sprint, and that was won by Marta Bastianelli. – Meanwhile at the Tour
de l’Eurométropole, Anthony Turgis did a Lasty. – Do you mean he celebrated too early and finished second? – No. Turgis celebrated too early and finished third. Imagine the embarrassment of that. It was all over social media. Check it out if you
haven’t done so already. The actual winner of the event, despite not having his hands in the air, was Dan McLay. Well done to him Meanwhile Davide Rebellin
has won the overall honors at the Tour de Banyuwangi Ijen. Notable because Rebellin is
one year younger than Matt. (crickets chirp) – Matthew van der Poel won
the Superprestige in Gieten at the weekend. He beat world champion Wout
Van Aert into second place, which would normally be
a bad result for him, but it’s actually his best result so far. So I think he’s starting
to come back into it. – Yeah he’s been off
color so far hasn’t he? So encouraging signs for Wout Van Aert. Incidentally, Matthew van
der Poel has indicated that he will not concentrate
100% on road racing until at least 2020. He wants to concentrate
on the mountain bike event at the upcoming Tokyo Olympics, but he’s still only gonna be
25 years of age at that point incredibly.
– Yeah. Make me feel very inadequate. Sanne Cant couldn’t win the women’s race. She finished sixth, just one place ahead of Annemarie Worst. So we’re looking forward
to her winning a race. – Worst is best. – Annemiek Van Vleuten also took part. She finished 26th. Good showing from the newly crowned world time trial champion, but the race was dominated by
23 year old Maud Kaptheijns. She finished 35 seconds
ahead of everyone else, which earns her this week’s– – [Both] Wattage Bazooka. – Meanwhile this week’s
viewer Wattage Bazooka was nominated by Richard Frazier Stewart, and it goes to Aimi Miekoday. She was recently competing
at the Invictus Games and got a bronze medal
at the five kilometer individual time trial. Richard wrote into us to say that he used our videos in part to help Aimi along her way
whilst preparing for the games. And although this might sound like it’s blowing smoke
up our own backsides, what an incredible story? I absolutely love it when we
have any small part to play in anybody’s success. And very well done to you Aimi and a well deserved Wattage Bazooka. Also quite an apt time to mention that back in stock is the
Wattage Bazooka t-shirt, and there’s also brand new design, which I really like the look of. So if you think that you or a friend deserve a Wattage Bazooka t-shirt, head over to and you will find them there. And if you’d like to nominate yourself or somebody else for the award next week, just use the hashtag Wattage Bazooka. It is time now for hack forward slash– – Aw no.
– John. – Bodge of the week. I will start actually with
an apology from myself. You weren’t included in this John, but apparently the first
bodge from last week, as we deemed it, was, as
many of you pointed out, quite obviously a bicycle polo bike. Everyday is a school day isn’t it John? I had no idea. So apologies for deeming it a bodge when it clearly had a purpose. First up this week we’ve
got this head tube, which someone has written in to us saying looks remarkably like Matt. So that is definitely a
bodge straight off the bat. – [John] It’s a shame he’s
not here to defend himself, but yeah it looks like him. Right this next one from
Ricardo Santos on Facebook, originally it was on Bike Snob Australia, and it’s, at first I thought somebody had encrusted their rear mech with jewels, but actually no they’ve just
drilled some holes in it. – [Dan] This takes me back
to my mountain bike days of the late 80’s, no early 90’s. I’m not that old. But where everyone was drilling components to try and make them as light as possible. Do you think it’d be slower? – [John] I don’t know. I feel like it would ball effect. I feel like it would whistle
as you rode along that– – [Dan] Definitely a bodge though. Yeah I wouldn’t be doing that my bike. – [John] Yeah wouldn’t do that to a Dura Ace – [Dan] Sebastian Buch found this bike in Copenhagen. Not sure what’s going on
entirely with this bike, and why there needs to be a seat tube at a completely different angle, and some extra tubes added in. I am not going to say bodge before we find out from someone that it’s got a very distinct
purpose in life, this bike, like the bicycle polo bike. If you do know what that’s about, please let us know in the comments section just down below. – [John] Yeah we’ll
reserve judgment for now. This one next is from Luis Lemus, a resident pro here at GCN. He spotted this guy riding in Girona, and he says he made it himself. Luis recons it was a proper eco GCN hack. 10 days and 205 kilometers– – [Dan] That is quite something isn’t it? Massive solar power though. I’m not surprised he’s
come quite a long way. Works in Girona, probably not in the UK. Okay Helge Andersen sent
this in on Facebook. It is a bicycle made out of a chain, but what I love about this little thing is the detail that’s gone
into the rear cassette. Because that’s gotta be
very small hasn’t it? But there’s an incredible
amount of detail on the– – [John] This is unbelievable. That is a lovely gift for any cycling fan. So I’m giving that a hack.
– Me too. – This one from Dermzad on Instagram– – It’s a very small font.
– Yep. I don’t know where to start with this. It looks like three bikes welded together? – [Dan] It does look like three bikes welded together to just
make a tandem doesn’t it? That is a mighty bodge. I’m pretty safe in saying that I think. There’s no specific purpose
for this particular tandem. – [John] What’s going on with the, yeah. The cranks all over the place. – Anyway thanks for sending all your hacks and bodges in for this week. If you’d like to do exactly
the same for next weeks show just got to use the hashtag GCN Hack on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. – We love em. – No competition winners to
announce this week I’m afraid, but we have got a brand
new competition for you. Quite a few of you will have no doubt seen Si taking a first look at the Titici Flexy Gravel Bike this weekend just gone. That exact frame set is up for grabs. – Now that is a pretty cool prize. Now you can find all the
details on how to win that frame in the video description down below. Caption of the week now, and we’ll refresh your memory
on last week’s caption, which was this one of Philippe Gilbert and Greg Van Avermaet. We had lots of really good captions. – We did yeah. – And the winner, quite deservedly, is Ed Markey with this one: Caption: Knock knock. Who’s there? Norway. Norway who? Norway can we beat Sagan.
(rim shot) – Yeah very good Ed. Get in touch with us
Facebook with your address, and we shall get a GCN
Camelbak water bottle out to you in the post
as soon as possible. This weeks photo is this one of Rigoberto Uran next to
Giovanni Gisconti on the podium. I shall get us all started. Oi Rigo, get Uran off. Like that? It’s a bit average isn’t it? If you can do better, leave your captions in the
comments section down below, and this time next week we’ll announce the new winner
of said Camelbak bottle. Before we get onto telling you what is coming up on
the channel this week, it seems that you lot have been loving watching John Chocolate Voice Beavan here complete the Haute
route with his diary which came out last week, including Niels Heldens who put: “Over 18 minutes of chocolate voice. “I better get my popcorn.” – [John] Aw thanks Niels. – [Dan] Right well coming
up on the channel this week, on Wednesday we are going to show you how to corner in the wet. On Thursday it’s a double header, first up an updated version of our top 10 cycling apps for 2017, but we’re also going
to give you the answers to our top 10 cycling impersonations, which seems to go down, again, very well with you all. Including regular commenter
Michael McDermott who wrote, “Ironic, you guys made a career
of impersonating riders.” Well thanks Michael. – A lot of people liking
your rhymes as well Dan. And August Miller’s
come up with their own. “He has drank a mineral water
or two behind the scene. “His hair style is always looking mean, “And he road for the Cervelo Test Team.” – Aw very good August. – But there’s a line missing Dan. Nowadays he’s not so lean. – Yeah add your own. Actually no don’t. Please don’t. – Right Friday we’ve got ask GCN anything. And on Saturday we take a closer look at Pierre Rolland’s Cannondale pro bike. Sunday we have a look at gravel bikes and how they are different to road bikes. And on Monday, we take a look at the
effects of stem setup. – And then on Tuesday we are back here. – From the Valley
Preferred Cycling Center, welcome to the GCN show. – We shall finish, as
ever, with extreme corner. Now John can you ride the rollers? – Yes. – Can you ride the rollers no handed? – No. – No, me neither. Nor can I ride the rollers no handed whilst catching a tennis ball, which is exactly what young superstar Ruby Isaac is doing here. (rock music) – Wow. – Work to be done on
your part I think John after seeing that video. – I need to get back on rollers. – Very impressive Ruby. Well that is the end of
this week’s GCN show. We’ve enjoyed having John
Chocolate Voice Beavan next to me. Please give a thumbs up
just down below the video, and if you’d like to
subscribe to the channel, you can do so now by
clicking on the globe. – And if you haven’t had
enough of me just yet, you can check out my experiences
of the Haute route Alps when I took it on a couple of months ago. It’s just down here. – Yeah and if you’d like
to know how to wheelie, I show you how to do that just down here. I’m feeling they’re all
gonna click down there.

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