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Crazy Bike Tricks By The Bicycle Ballerina

Crazy Bike Tricks By The Bicycle Ballerina

The first time I see artistic cycling
was at a celebration in my village, close to Berlin and I saw girls doing this
stuff on the bike. They did it so together and it was so impressive. They did tricks on the bike they stand on the handlebar. It was so smooth and glorious. It was so cool to see and then, I decided, with my parents, to start artistic cycling in the club. So, artistic cycling is a small sport in Germany; it’s not
that famous. But, we compete with other countries, and
yeah, we are very good in the sport. In my opinion, artistic cycling in Germany is very old-fashioned. So, I decided two years ago to end my
competition career because I want to bring artistic cycling to the streets. What makes an artistic cycling bike
different from other bikes is that you have a one-to-one rotation, so it’s a
fixed gear. You can go forward and backwards. And your hex, in front and in
the back, they are a bit smaller than the BMX bikes and you have a handlebar and a saddle, which is flat so you can stand on it. And, you have 360 rotation with the
handlebar. Artistic cycling is a sport which efforts a lot of discipline, hard
training. When I practice artistic cycling on the streets, people were
looking like, “Oh my god, what is she doing? It’s so impressive!” And they wonder what
you can do with the bike. One of my favorite tricks on an artistic cycling bike is to stand on the handlebar because it is so pretty. It’s like a bird; you are flying on a bike and it’s very tricky because it unbalances the
key. And, yeah, you are on a higher point of the bike– it’s cool. So when I
go to a skate park with my artistic cycling bike, it’s so cool to see other
sports, like skateboard and GMX, and it’s very nice to imagine how it works on
artistic cycling bike. So, I look how they do their tricks and I try to do it on my
bike. Sometimes I ask them if they want to
try it, and then they can see how hard it is. “We totally figured out, she just has an incredible amount of skill.” “One year straight, locked in a room, I might be able to do that. Still probably not.” Before when I did competitions when I was younger, there was a lot of pressure behind it. So what I like about artistic cycling now is that I can be free and I have fun learning new tricks, and
that’s why I want to help to promote it and to teach other people on the
streets how to do wheelies and other kind of stuff on the bike. I would like
to make it artistic cycling in the US as big as it could be.

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