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100 comments on “Crossing the Chain On My Bike – How hard is it to ride? | Bike Experiment

  1. Some additional information:

    1. There are actually bikes that allow you to pedal forwards and backwards to ride forward, which use an interesting system with two freewheels.

    2. My version could work well on some frames, but if you wanted to make a more reliable version, you could use a third cog that reverses the rotation coming from the chain going onto the rear wheel, much like on those backwards steering bikes.

    3. A kind viewer pointed out that my front brake disc is backwards in this video. I must have ridden with it like this for two weeks now without noticing, haha. I guess it fits the theme of the experiment.


  2. Be better if you could make a system where one chain is set up backward pedal and flip a leaver and go forward prob a bit complex tho

  3. Maybe if the pedaling gear(?) was placed more towards the front of the bike the ride would be more comfortable

  4. Combine this with the reverse steering bike from Smarter Every Day and take it to a bike park to confuse the hell out of random riders.

  5. You should watch the video from the smarter every day channel on the backwards steering bike, you steer left, the front wheel goes right and vice versa, maybe combine both concepts!

  6. This is similar to something SmarterEveryday did on their channel, but instead of reversing the pedal direction, they reversed the direction of the handlebars so that keeping the bike upright was almost impossible

  7. Combine the reverse peddling with a reverse steering (turn right to go left and vise versa) and see how you adapt lol

  8. if the normal chain setup only have the top chain to transfer power, what if you make the bottom chain useful too, would that make the bike faster?

  9. Sehr Interessant 👍🏼. Habe als ich das erste deutsche Wort hörte, gedacht ich hör nicht richtig 😄. Hammer Video 👌🏼✌🏼

  10. Well dang, I didn't think there was a way to get my legs any bigger. Now I know, this bike will bulk up completely different muscle groups.

  11. About 15 years ago I came across an old man on a vintage racing bike just whilst I was on my own vintage racer and he had his crossed without fancy stuff. Looked weird as fuck but he said you he could deliver more power in the backwards stroke when I asked him about it.. to this day I haven't tried it tho

  12. Do a dual hub with two tires in the back with the center being the sprocket get rid of the chain and run the belt drive down the center of the swing arm to the back sprocket add in a round bike transmission and enclose the belt and back dual hub with the belt passing down the center swing arm into the crank case. Do a push button electronic gear shifter you can push with your thumb on the handle bar like a horn button on a motorcycle to switch gears. You could put a dual hub in the back and in the front and use a flexible drive shaft inside the frame to the front forks to have an all wheel drive bicycle. 😎👍

  13. If u get your hands on a lhd hub this would be very cool because u would pedal like normal but the chain would still cross or just flip the wheel and chain ring if possible depends on the cranks

  14. At that point why do you even have a seat?
    It's too low to pedal and you're not going to be comfortable when you sit down.

  15. Next challenge -> do trick/stunt with:
    1. Backwards Chain
    2. Backwards Steer
    3. Backwards Handle
    4. Switched Breaks
    5. And one way Pedal

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