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Cube Nuroad Pro | Winter Bikes Special | Cycling Weekly

Cube Nuroad Pro | Winter Bikes Special | Cycling Weekly

This is the Cube Nuroad Pro which
combines the best qualities of Cube’s road race and cyclocross bikes and it’s
designed, according to Cube, to take the long way home, which means that it’s
equally adept on toe paths gravel trails and wet winter tarmac. That flexibility is
enhanced by the very wide treaded 36 millimetre Clement Explore MSO tyres
with their smooth rolling centre knobs and more aggressive shoulder lugs for
traction in wet or dry. As you’d expect there’s loads of clearance built into
the Nuroad’s alloy frame to accommodate those wider tyres. In fact there’s enough
to fit 40 millimetre tyres with mudguards and a rack too. And there’s built-in
mounts for both the rack and the guards on the frame. The geometry is based upon
Cube’s Attain endurance road bikes and features a long wheelbase and slack
angles which is ideal for bumpy, gravel tracks but also providing plenty of
stability when riding on the tarmac on damp, slippery back lanes. And Cube has
designed its frame and new carbon bladed fork to lap up road vibration for more
comfort on longer rides. That comfort is enhanced by the tapered sloping top tube
allowing plenty of seat post extension to absorb bumps while the upward slant
to the stem helps alleviate pressure on the shoulders hands and wrists. Shifting
comes from Shimano 105 with flat mount RS505 hydraulic disc brakes for
confident stopping. The Nuroad combination of a 50/34
compact chainset and an 11/32 cassette is a popular choice in bikes designed for
damp roads and rougher steeper terrain adding to the bikes versatility without
detracting from your ability to press on on the smoother tarmac. Handling off-road
is also enhanced by the wide gravel race flared alloy bars too. Cube fits its own
RA 0.8 CX alloy wheel set designed for wet dirty conditions and
this runs on 12 millimetre thru-axles front and rear for firm and precise
wheel placement. I’m willing to bet that if Batman had a winter bike it
would probably look something like this.

13 comments on “Cube Nuroad Pro | Winter Bikes Special | Cycling Weekly

  1. I bought a Cube cyclocross based on their MTB reputation and the good
    specifications and I'm thinking in painting it in 'lemon' yellow:, while
    this colour would describe it better:
    – 3 weeks after buying it, ball bearings and gear shifter problems: .

    ball bearings of the steering
    ( and took it again to the
    shop: )
    – gear shifter
    still not working (never worked properly): , video taken on the 22nd of
    September, after having everything changed after only 5 months and
    2.000 km.

    To summarize, for a 7 months old brand new bike
    – full repairs needed after only 6 months
    – 4 weeks in which the bike was in MAINTENANCE at the shop (5 or 6 expected actually).
    – I had to go back to the shop 6 times! (will be 7 the next time when I'll recover the bike)

    were informed three times but instead of trying to acknowledge and
    solve the problem they were just interested to let me know that I won't
    win in case I'll sue them.
    I have other short movies and I might be
    publishing the saga while it may be fun for some people who are
    interested to buy a Cube cyclocross …

  2. I love my new nuroad pro, it's perfect winter bike. If you want something a bit different to a road bike with the same ride experience, check it out ๐Ÿ‘

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