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Custom Cycling Tech: Hot Or Not? | GCN Tech Show Ep. 31

– Welcome to the GCN Tech Show. – This week we’ve got multicolored tires, extra pockets, customized tech, and well, we take another
trip into the bike vault. (energetic electronic music) – So what’s hot in the world
of tech this week, Jon? – Well, Trek have just
launched a couple of new bikes. They’ve launched the Emonda
ALR 4 and ALR 5 Disc. So they fit into the
range of Emonda bikes, which have got carbon bikes
there already in the offering. And these new bikes though,
they’re made out of 300-series alpha aluminum, which is
hydroformed into the tube shapes. So if you don’t know what that is, that means basically,
water is blasted through and the pressure of that
water essentially shapes those tubes into those fancy
profiles that we see on bikes. And I think basically,
hydroforming is pretty cool. Now to join those tubes together, they use invisible weld technology, or at least that’s what Trek call it. And certainly at a glance, and even quite close up to a bike, you could easily be fooled into thinking they were carbon bikes. They look pretty good, don’t they? – [Chris] Yeah, they do look really neat, especially with the internal
routing on down tubes, which means that no visible cables at all, and certainly not if you’re
using hydraulic brakes. Plus they come in a few good colors. I mean, there are a few safe options like the reds, the blacks, and the grays, but look at that flip purple paint. – [Jon] I tell you what,
that’s the sort of paint which takes me back to the mid-’90s, and I just think that is so cool. You don’t see many brands experimenting with paint like that. And it’s kind of like one
of those Project One Treks, isn’t it, which is the
custom offering that they do. – [Chris] You kind of expect
that to be a custom paint job. – Yeah, but it’s off the shelf. And the final bit of great
news is that the bikes actually come in some
women’s versions too, so with components that are
more suited to female anatomy, so narrower bars, shorter
stem, and different saddles, which I think is great news. And price-wise, they range
from $1300 up to $1800. – Good value, that, as well, actually. – Yeah, I think it’s great. Especially that purple flip,
I’m down for one of those. – This year’s Tour de
France has got us thinking just how much we love
customized kit and tech. Almost every single rider these days seems to have some sort of
personalized touch on the bike. That wasn’t really something we saw as much of in the past, was it, Jon? – No, I mean, years gone by we used to see the odd classification leader have maybe different-colored bar tape or a different pair of
socks, something like that. But now we’re seeing basically anyone who’s a champion or jersey
holder in any category, basically decked out head to toe. And while sometimes looking
fantastic, I’ve gotta say, and other times quite risky. Let’s go– – There have been a few
disasters, haven’t there? – Yeah, let’s go back to
2012, Thomas Voeckler. He was, well, he won the classification, the climbing classification
at the Tour de France. Head to toe, polka dots. And I remember as well, seeing him riding down the Champs-Elysees with his team, and he had these Nike,
some of those free shoes, and they even had polka dots on too. I was so jealous, I went
out and bought a pair, in a different make though. But anyway–
– Let’s stop there. I can see Jon’s wearing
polka dot shoes right now. – I am, actually, look. Polka dot shoes, there we are. That’s embarrassing, and white
socks, that’s even worse. I remember as well, Sylvain Chavanel, 2010 Tour de France, he was
in the yellow and green jersey at the same time, which isn’t possible. So his bike sponsor of Quick-Step
at the time, Eddy Merckx, they gave him a half
yellow and half green bike. I mean, yellow and green
should never be seen. But do you know what, Chavanel had it. It looked absolutely cool. I’ve never seen anything like that. – [Chris] I think certain riders can carry almost anything off, and
Chavanel was seriously one of those kind of riders, really. – Yeah, I’ve a bit of a
man-crush on him, to be honest. (funky music) But imagine, that, so he’s got into those yellow and green jerseys. That bike, there was no
chance that Quick-Step had that with them at the Tour de France. – So how have they done it? Have they wrapped it overnight
or have they had someone spray it up for them,
ready for the next day? How quickly does paint dry on a frame? – Yeah, well I reckon that those stages were around Belgium at
the time, weren’t they, because there was a
Roubaix stage, from memory. So I reckon that the Merckx factory, probably not that far away. They probably just knocked
it up really quickly and hoped that no one put
their grubby little hand, like me, and gave a fingerprint on the frame while it was drying. – I think it’s seriously impressive, just the lengths that some
of these teams will go to when they’ve got the
opportunity to show off what they can actually
do for their riders. It’s pretty cool, in my mind. – Big thumbs up, but it
doesn’t stop just there. – You’re right, Jon,
it doesn’t stop there. Just the other day I found
this whilst I was looking through the internet,
and it got me thinking. What can we do at home to
customize our bikes to ourselves? – Yeah, I’ll tell you
what, if you were gonna get your chain set or chain ring etched or engraved, what would you have on it? – I’d go for that most famous of cheers from the roadside, “Keep going!” – Yeah, or, “Move up, move up!” I’ll never forget that from racing. You’d always hear someone
at the side of the road, “Move up, Dave,” or something. And then you’d hear Dave quite
often give a torrent of abuse back to the spectator
at the side of the road. – As if poor Dave hadn’t been
thinking of moving up himself. – Exactly that.
– Poor guy. – Now you could also commit 100% to a fully-custom bike, couldn’t you? So take, for example,
this from Squid Bikes. Now, it’s not really my sort
of scene or tastes, really, but I could definitely do that myself. – [Chris] Rough and ready. – Yeah exactly, it is
a bit rough and ready. – [Chris] But these from Fat Creations, they are really quite bespoke. – [Jon] Yeah, Ali down
there at Fat Creations, he knows his business. I even got him to do one of my bikes. And although it’s not wild or wacky like some of the paint
jobs we’ve seen him do, it is certainly unique and it’s personal and it is my bike, at the end of the day. So that is an option right there. – We’ve done lots of stuff over the years to make our bikes our own. And we’d like to know what
you’ve done to your bike to help it stand out from the crowd, or just to make it feel
more like your bike and a bespoke bike that
no one else has got. – Yeah, have you gone fully custom or have you just got the bike exactly from the shop and
you’ve not touched it, you’ve not changed a thing,
you’ve just got on it and ridden away and you’re
happy enough with that? So I think we should have a poll as well. – That sounds like a good plan. – Yeah, do you pimp your ride? I can’t believe I’ve just said that. Yes, no, or I’m too scared to. Let us know up there. Right, as the Tour de
France has just finished, we thought we’d have a
look at some of those customized bikes that we
saw on the Champs-Elysees. – Yeah, first though,
we’ve got Geraint Thomas’ yellow Pinarello F10. – [Jon] Yeah, that is an
outrageous-looking machine. – [Chris] It is seriously cool. Sky and Pinarello have
had a lot of practice at getting this right
over the last few years. But just look at it. – [Jon] Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? I wonder if they just
bring out the same bike every year and just change the name and go, “Here you are, lads, enjoy today.” – [Chris] Pretty much the
same size, aren’t they? No one would notice. – Yeah, yeah, Brad, Froome, and G, all probably riding the same size bike. So yeah, well, there is
food for thought there. But I think it looks good. I wouldn’t go for a yellow bike myself. I’d feel a fraud, in this situation. But also I just don’t think it looks great for everyday riding, if
you know what I’m saying. – Yeah, maybe.
– That’s my thoughts. – Black or white is better than yellow. But this is such a cool bike. It’s even got a yellow saddle, yellow bar and stem, seat post. – [Jon] Although, and I was
trying to get it in there, the bike on the roof of the car
didn’t have a yellow saddle. It had a yellow stripe down it. I mean, come on, he’s just
won the Tour de France. Give him another yellow saddle. Give him everything yellow. Disappointed as well, no yellow Oakleys. – [Chris] Well, at least
he got a yellow car. – [Jon] That’s very true, yeah. I think I would probably
be happy enough with that. It just makes me think though, what if Peter Sagan
won the Tour de France? Imagine what he’d look like. – We don’t have to imagine
him winning the green jersey. In fact, it’d be hard to imagine him not winning the green jersey. – Yeah, six in a row now, isn’t it? Well, no, not in a row.
– Not in a row. – But six. – But six of his last completed Tours, which is phenomenal, really, considering he’s still so young. – Yeah, the green jersey
competition may as well be the green jersey competition,
sponsored by Peter Sagan. I mean, look at that Specialized though. It does look amazing. He just seems to get it
right, doesn’t he, Sagan. There’s something about him. It’s always really classy
with Specialized as well. Like he’s never quite so over the top, but the way the black
fades down into the green, I think is really cool. – It’s like the Incredible Hulk. Remember when he did that
Incredible Hulk thing? He’s just pushing boundaries, isn’t he? What a guy. – Yeah, and whilst on Specialized, check out this polka dot
one from Alaphilippe. – [Jon] Yeah, I’ve always got a soft spot for the polka dots. I think it’s something so funny, and everyone loves it, don’t they? Everyone knows the polka dot
jersey, the spotty jersey. So Alaphilippe, his
mechanic, Roona Christiansen, who I know, he sent me through these pictures and they are cool. – [Chris] It’s a beautiful bike. – Yeah, there’s no attention to detail. And I imagine as a
mechanic on a grand tour where you’re stressed out,
working very long day, building a bike up like
this, you don’t mind, do you? – No, I think it’s probably that reward for those late nights
over the last three weeks. You probably kind of feel like you’ve achieved something together there. – Especially when he watches this and sees how emotional I’m getting. But I mean, look at–
– Jon’s welling up. – They’ve even put polka dots on the car. Now, that is customized tech. – [Chris] I think they’ve seen your shoes and decided not to be outdone. – And the folks at Bahrain Merida, well, they’ve been spotted
using that bottle carrier vest that we’ve not seen
used really that much, or certainly not heart that much about since its inception back,
well, who was it first? – [Chris] Yeah, was it
Saxo Bank, three years ago? – [Jon] Yeah. – It’s a really cool invention, isn’t it? Because it enables you to
to carry up to eight bottles a lot more easily than you
would if you were trying to stuff them down your jersey
like you traditionally did. And these days with aero jerseys, you certainly don’t want
to be stretching them out and making them rougher
to ride in the wind. – Yeah, certainly not easy to either, is it, with an aero jersey.
– No, not at all. – But then when I was
looking at that picture too, I thought what is that, there’s some mesh over the number at the back. – [Chris] Yeah, so they’ve
got these number pockets where you can slide
the number up and into. Well, I don’t know how easy that would be, because the numbers at the
Tour are really sticky. – Yeah, so for those
of you who don’t know, numbers at Grand Tours are
generally self adhesive. So they are incredibly sticky. If you get them stuck on something, when you’re pulling them off a jersey it does feel like the
jersey is actually gonna come apart sometimes, doesn’t it? – Yeah, you certainly wouldn’t
want to stick them to an arm or a leg that’s got hair on
it, because you’d be bald. – It’s certainly a way of waxing. (paper ripping)
(man screaming) But yeah, it makes you wonder how easy they are to go in there, and if they even bother
with the self adhesive. But either way it’s tech, it’s
cool, we certainly love it. – It’s a neat solution. – Now, someone who nearly got
themself in a sticky situation was Tom Dumoulin, who found
himself skinsuit-less, just hours before the final time trial. So they had a new sponsor,
I think it was Samsung, for the tour, and he didn’t have a World Champ’s skinsuit with him. So it had been mislaid somewhere. So a quick call to Exteondo,
the manufacturer of their kit. And then I think 45 minutes
away is where they’re based. They had him his skinsuit
ready at two p.m. So the call was at half
nine in the morning. By two p.m. they’d made him, hand-sewn, a brand new skinsuit. – By a retired seamstress,
I read, as well. The only person they could get ahold of. That’s incredible, the
lengths that they will go to to keep their top riders
and sponsors happy. – You saved my life,
you’re amazing, amazing. Really, really, pleased with it. – Now, barely a week passes,
it seems, without Sagan having a new bit of bling to his name, does it? He’s so lucky. – Yeah, well this week it’s
three new pairs of 100% glasses. – [Jon] 300%, I suppose. – [Chris] Well yeah, three times as good, in a chromium finish. And I’m not really sure what that means, but it does look cool.
– Don’t look at me. – [Chris] And it’s got his logo on top. – [Jon] Yeah, at first if you saw them, maybe you’d be a bit like,
“Oh, I’m not too sure.” But then Sagan rocks them and you think, “Yeah, they look cool.” – [Chris] They’re a
bit disco, aren’t they? But if Sagan’s wearing
them, they’re definitely. – [Jon] What are we doing, a hot or not? – Yeah, I’m going hot.
– Yeah, I’m hot too. I mean, Sagan in the past, I’ve gotta say, I reckon he’s made a few
faux pas in his fashion. – Green beard. – [Jon] He dyed his green
beard, he wore that green wig. I mean, he is Mr Green, let’s face it. – Hairy legs.
– Yeah, hairy legs, – [Jon] And I didn’t like
his hair when it was long. – [Chris] No, I agree. – But he’s made, he’s redeemed
himself, in my opinion now. And he’s going full-on
bling now, isn’t he? So yeah, he’s cool. Now, something else eyewear-related was the eyewear choice of
Magnus Cort Nielsen, wasn’t it? – Yeah, aviators in a time trial. I’ve never seen this before. – [Jon] Yeah, now we certainly haven’t seen it recently, have we? So possibly not the safest
option, or most aerodynamic. – No, but presumably he was
going fashion over function. I’m not even sure it was. – Now, when it comes to that, I am a big fan of the old
fashion over function. I’ve modeled myself, personally, on Jan Raas, or possibly just myself. I mean, Jan Raas, he was a guy who knew how to wear glasses coolly, didn’t he? – [Chris] He did, yeah. And even with all those holes
drilled in them as well. – [Jon] Yeah, ventilation. – [Chris] Yeah, I didn’t
look at it that way. – Looks absolutely fantastic. Now, a couple months back I spotted this new helmet from Ekoi,
or at least I thought it was, on the head of Romain Bardet. And while I promised
to report back if I had any more information,
good news, we’ve got some. – [Chris] Yeah, this is the legend. And it takes its name from the original hairnet helmets that
were used many years ago. I’m pretty sure Jon used to race in one. – [Jon] Cheeky sod. No, I didn’t, actually. Anyway, I do love a hairnet helmet. I think they look great. Now, this helmet, what is great about it, is you can customize it. We’ve not really touched on customization this episode, have we? – [Chris] I think we briefly
mentioned it at some point. – [Jon] Right. – [Chris] But you can get
your name on this helmet, you can choose your own
colors and everything. – [Jon] The options are
literally endless with it. And I think that is great,
because if you want to stand out from the crowd, get one of them. – [Chris] Yeah, and the
best thing about this, the turnaround time, five days. – [Jon] Five days for
a fully-custom helmet. That’s pretty good, isn’t it? 235 grams. – [Chris] Yeah, can’t go wrong. It’s a winner for me. – [Jon] It wasn’t for
Bardait this year, was it? – Sorry about that.
– Sorry, Romain. – Now, if bikepacking is your thing, then maybe Tailfin have a product for you. Because they’ve just launched
a new Kickstarter project. And this is for the AeroPack,
which uses a rack-style system to fit a bag to the back of your bike instead of using the traditional style of a seat post or the actual saddle rails. So instead by using that,
essentially you’re removing any swaying feeling that you do get from having a saddlebag put there, especially when it’s fully loaded. – [Chris] Yeah, that’s pretty cool. And they have a rider
testing it out right now on the Transcontinental Race
which goes across Europe. They also have a few options available. They do their standard aluminum rack, which I thought all racks were. But they also do a
lightweight carbon version. And that gets my vote, because
that is seriously cool. A lightweight carbon rack. – It is bling, isn’t it? And plus it also works on all bikes too, because it attaches to a special quick release or bolt through axle. So instead of having to use
those bosses on a frame, which let’s face it, not
many frames out there have. Yeah, you could put it on any bike. – [Chris] That’s great, because
it’ll also save your paint, not attaching in the bolt on way that they would have done previously. – [Jon] That is true, I like that. – [Chris] Fancy a bit of bikepacking? I didn’t before, but a carbon rack hass maybe changed my mind. – [Jon] Carbon rack, carbon bike, bling, zoom, that’s it, yeah. Where would you camp? – [Chris] And the word
aero thrown in there. – Oh yeah, AeroPack, yeah. Now, I reckon I quite
fancy a bit of bikepacking, but the weather would
have to be guaranteed sun. Well, obviously not at night, but just guaranteed dry, basically. – Yeah, that’s not gonna
happen where we live, is it? – No, no. Bikepacking, mm-mm for me, at least. – If you know a place we can
go bikepacking in the dry, why not give us heads up in the comments. – Yeah, if you want to
take us bikepacking, even, as long as there’s lots
of stops for refreshment. (slurping) – You’d obviously need to be
paid to take us bikepacking. – Yeah, definitely. – Finally, let’s end
with a little more bling. – Yeah, we’ve not talked
enough this episode on bling or customization, I don’t think. – No, not yet. – No, so this bike is from 51. And it’s taken inspiration
from the old Renault team that legends such as Bernard Hinault. – [Chris] Oh, The Badger. – [Jon] Yeah, The Badger indeed. He raced for them, so
what’s cooler than that? So it’s got those yellow, black, and white panels on there, on top of the navy blue. And that bike, that looks so bling. Because it’s got a retro feel, but with literally a
modern feel as you ride it. – [Chris] So I really like
the idea of doing this. It’s got really cool, classic lines, but then you’ve got the
beauty of having a modern bike that’s gonna ride really fast
and be really comfortable and light, but with the
inspiration of all that retro-ness. – Yeah, plus nobody else out there is gonna have one, I’m pretty sure. I’m pretty sure that the owner of that is gonna be the first person. And 51, I have noticed that they’ve been doing other classic examples of that. So they had a TVT-inspired
one, which of course, GREG LeMond’s, back in the early ’90s. – That was a stunning bike. – Yeah, absolute beauty. We are seeing it, aren’t we? We look at cars and we see Gulf colors, the old Gulf racing colors and stuff. – Yeah exactly, I think it’s a really cool way of getting a personal touch. Because obviously, these
bikes aren’t made anymore. But if you have a modern
one from a company that makes just a few each year, you get something really
cool that no one else is gonna be able to get their hands on. – I love it, my grubby little hands, they get everywhere though. Anyway, more tech next week. A Wall of Fame time, and it’s time to put some
rubber onto the wall. – Finally.
– Yes. So this is time for the
Michelin Axial range of tires. So these tires were the first,
from memory, colored tires. So they had blue ones, red ones. They had Tour de France
special edition ones, Giro d’Italia ones, and a quite frankly eyesore World Champion
version colored ones. – Yeah, they’re a bit
special, aren’t they? Now, these tires came out when
pros were still using tubs. and they were the first clincher to be used at all in the big races. – Yeah, in fact I remember
my parents coming back. My parents are really into cycling. They came back from an end of season race somewhere in northern France or Belgium. And they used to hang around,
stalk pros, a bit like me. And basically talked to the
mechanics and they came back with a bootload of old
equipment from a team. And honestly, I’m not joking with this, I’ve still got some of it in their attic. Musettes, there was even some
socks, all of it brand new. But included in there
was some of these tires. My dad’s probably still got my
old pair of wheels somewhere. – Maybe they’re maturing in the attic and they’re getting really supple. Remember when that was a thing as well? – Yeah, I think, to be honest, these ones are just cracking and they’re just moldy. And during this time, so
late ’90s, early 2000s, that was quite an interesting
period, wasn’t it, for color schemes and things
like that to get introduced? – There was certainly a lot of innovation around at that time. – Yeah, I miss that. But something I don’t miss
though was when these tires were fitted they weren’t
all equally painted. So those lines, if you
had the Tour de France, the Giro, or the lovely
World Championship edition, it would give the appearance
that your wheel was buckled, even though it wasn’t. – [Chris] It was a little misleading. – [Jon] Yeah. – And you know what’s really remarkable, is you can even see the line at all. ‘Cause these tires were only 20 to 23 mil. – Yeah, 20 mil wide tires. – I don’t know if I could
balance on one of them. – No, and 23, if you were going off road, I presume that’s what they were used for. But anyway, I think
these are really worthy of a place on the wall of fame. – Yeah, and they were actually quite fast. – They were, they were.
– When I first used a pair back then, they felt a lot faster than what I’d been using previously, which made it worth it, I think. – Yeah, I used to pump them
up really hard, 120 minimum. – Yeah, that was normal back then. – It was normal, yeah 120 C, 120. God, I’m going all teary-eyed. Anyway, next week we’ll
have another product. And don’t forget as well,
we’ve got a new uploader where you can send nominations
for the wall of fame too. – It’s a lot easier than the email. – There’s a link down there for you to click in the description. And you can upload your own images, if you think you’ve got something worthy of our wall of fame, that is. Competition results time, because
we have got a lucky winner from when Oli unboxed that Wahoo Kickr, and also the brand new Headwind product. So go on, who is the lucky person? – The lucky person that wins
the fantastic prize is– – Jon Cannings! – No, Jon, you can’t
enter these competitions. – Oh yeah, sorry, yeah, go on. – It’s Stephane Lettre of CA,
congratulations go to you. – Yeah, we will be in touch very shortly to arrange delivery. Congratulations. – Slightly envious.
– Very. Bike of the week time, and well, let’s reveal the results,
first up, of last week, where we put head to head the Wilier Cento of Sylvain Chevenal, and
that went up against, that went up against the bike of Romain Bardet, the Factor O2. Both custom bikes. – [Chris] Heavily customized, in fact. – And the winner,
(hands drumming) don’t even have to ask these days, with 62% of the vote– – Was the Wilier of Sylvain Chavanel. – [Jon] I’m amazed at that. – [Chris] Yeah, I am as well. – I am in one respect, but not in another. I’m amazed because it’s
not one of the most popular bikes out there, I
think it’s fair to say, is it? – And it’s not traditional, not quite in the same
vein that the Factor is. – Yeah, it’s got disc brakes
for a start, the Wilier. Anyway, this week then, two
winning bikes, head to head. – We do, we have Kirsten
Wild’s Colnago V2R, fresh from victory in the Prudential RideLondon Surrey Classique. – [Jon] And that’s up against
the Champs-Elysees-winning bike of Alexander Kristoff,
that Colnago Concept. I tell you what–
– Looks good, doesn’t it? – Head to head, two Colnagos,
the classic Italian brand. Who are you going for? – I’m going for Kristoff, because
I just love the aero bike. And check it out, it’s custom as well. – But don’t let us influence you. Well, you could do, but that’s
not what we’re here for. Anyway, it’s your choice to vote up there. Which one are you gonna go for? Next week we’ll reveal and
have two more head to head. Ow. – Let’s jump into the
bike vault this week. And we’ve got an announcement
from Jon Cannings. – Yeah, I’ve decided,
through much peer pressure and bullying from my
colleagues, to actually, this week, decide to ring the bell. Although, well, who knows,
maybe there’s no super nices. But yeah, I am actually going to ring, or possibly ring, the hallowed
bell, bike vault bell. – Let’s see, right, first up– – ‘Cause you know I
don’t like it, all right. – We have the Ibis
Hacker MX in Los Angeles. This is from Maxime Lefebvre Despeaux. – [Jon] That’s a
nice-looking bike, isn’t it? – [Chris] I like the orange, for a start. – [Jon] Yeah, you don’t
see many orange bikes. And it’s got a drop chain
stay, one-by system, big old fat tires, the 650 Bs. – [Chris] Are we on the right show? – [Jon] I know, I’m kind of like Si, aren’t I, with all that. Yeah, it’s a nice bike. – It’s lovely.
– Undoubtedly. – The only thing that is distracting the old eye here of me is the back drop. I don’t know, it kind of, the bike doesn’t pop out, does it, as well as it could do. – Are you going for a nice, are you, Jon? – I’m going for a nice, personally. – Are you interfering
for ringing the bell, some might say.
– I am, yeah. Basically, I want a nice
backdrop which is beautiful, but we can still see the bike. It’s not much to ask. – Okay, next up we have–
– Oh, look at this. – A seaside scene. “This is my Giant TCR Advanced SL “with Ultegra 6870 DI2
and golden TSL chain.” – [Jon] I love gold chains. – [Chris] A little wink on there as well. It as taken on a cycle from
Newquay to Mawes in Cornwall, which I think is quite fitting, as Chris has joined the team. – Oh, look, I wonder who chose this one. – This is from heaven.
– Wonder if Chris chose it? – Well, I’m missing the sea, Jon. I went for the seaside picture. – And who’s in that, Kevin Allen. – It is.
– Thank you, Kevin. – But you know what, I love that picture. – Yeah, I love that as well. – I like the seaside and I just love a picture of the sea, really. – Yeah, I think the bike’s
beautiful, it’s on point. Look at the valves, they’re matching. – [Chris] Yeah, it’s all lined up. – It’s in the right gearing, he’s got himself a safety
light on there as well. You can’t put a price on safety. And there’s a boat in the
background, big fan of boats. Do get seasick, but it doesn’t matter, because Kevin, I think personally, I think that’s a super nice bike. – Yeah, I think so too. – I think it’s absolutely super nice. – Go on, Jon. Break yourself in.
(sighing) – This is a big moment. – It is.
(bell ringing) Kevin Allen gets the
first bell ring from Jon. – Nice one, Kevin. – Right, next up we have Joe’s Cannondale SuperSix EVO RED with eTap. – [Jon] Look at that,
he’s got a, what’s that? Quarq DZero power meter? – [Chris] He has. – [Jon] Hologram SR
wheels, nice, very nice. And where’s he from? – [Chris] Cadillac
Mountain, Bar Harbor, ME. – And what does he say? “Visiting the in-laws is easier
when you climb mountains.” – Or easier than climbing mountains. – Well, possibly, I don’t know. I think that’s a nice bike. – [Chris] I’d say the ride
up is worth it as well. Look at the view you’ve
got yourself there. – [Jon] He’s subtly photobombed. There appears to be someone
in a green baseball cap just next to his rear wheel. Joe, do you know what, you’re
gonna get a ring of my bell. (bell ringing)
(cheering) Nice work, Joe. – Cool, next up, going for that. Third seaside picture in a row, Jon. – [Jon] All the seamen here. “This is my husband’s pride
and joy with a backdrop “of St Michael’s Mountain
in Cornwall, where we live.” That’s funny isn’t, another
one from Cornwall has snuck in. Makes me think you picked these out. – [Chris] Maybe I’m feeling homesick. – He has a limited edition
Colnago V1-R and a De Rosa SK. They’re both nice, aren’t they? But this is their Trek, “Please
show this as a super nice. “He would be made up.” Well, I’ve never had someone ask that. But anyway, thank you, Becky.
– Can you demand a super nice? – So this is Becky’s husband’s bike. That is a beautiful Trek, isn’t it? – Yeah, I love it.
– I like that color. – Yeah, I think it works. This is similar to Emma’s,
actually, isn’t it? – Yeah, a couple of the cyclo-cross women, is it Katie Compton and Ellen Likes Bikes, they’ve got them in Evie
as well, Evie Richards. – [Chris] It’s worth a super nice. – Yeah, super nice bike.
(bell ringing) Lovely. – Oh, another seaside picture. – What is this? – [Chris] Look at the color of the sea. – [Jon] We’ve got a river just close by. Anyway, right, regardless of this, this is Darren from Bristol. Pinarello Dolma F8. I’ve never seen one in that color. – [Chris] No, nor have
I, but it’s really cool. It’s really striking, the white lettering on the red background. – [Jon] “Exploring Beachy
Head whilst visiting parents.” Last-minute training
before they completed Wales in a day on the 21st of a July. – That’s good.
– Wales in a day. Si did that.
– He did do it, yeah. – [Chris] And it left a dent for awhile. – But yeah, that’s a
beautiful bike, isn’t it? It’s, well, I nearly let
it slip out then already. But personally I think it’s super nice. – Well, since you’ve let it slip out, you better ring your bell, Jon. – There we are.
(bell ringing) – [Chris] Super nice. – Cool, all right, and as ever, to submit yours, there
is a new uploader tool. And the link to that is
in the description below. It’s way easier than emailing in us too. And then he doesn’t get the chance to pick out all the seaside
ones and delete all the rest, because I’ll be able to see them as well. – We were only sent four, I promise. – Only sent four, what a coincidence. The seaside man himself. Anyway, make sure you do
use that new uploader tool. Link in the description. Right, it’s nearly time
for the end of the show. But don’t go anywhere just yet, because we’ve got a
little challenge for you. – We do. – Yeah, so if you’ve got
yourself a custom bike, a tricked-out bling machine, or maybe you’ve just changed the tires, we still want to see it, don’t we? – We do, we want to see everything you’ve done to make your bike your own. So upload it, using our new
uploader tool down below. – Yeah, can’t wait, actually,
to have a look through them. And I reckon we should
look through them as well, next week in the show,
and see riders’ bikes and how cool they’ve made them look. – Yeah, why not dedicate
a whole Bike Vault to just customized tech? – Well yeah, or a whole show again, even. – Well, that might be stretching it. – That’s true, yeah. Anyway, we’ve got loads of great content coming up for you in the week. So on Saturday we’ve got Pro Bike. This time it’s one from
the Transcontinental Race. I’m looking forward to seeing that, just how much stuff is
fitted to it, really. – Yeah, we’ve got an unboxing on Sunday with another chance to win. – Someone’s gonna be lucky. Then on Monday I show you how to fit new jockey wheels on your bike,
a nice easy way as well. No loose bits falling off. Then we’ve got the Tech Clinic as well, where I’m helping solve, fix, and remedy any of your bike problems. And now, don’t forget as
well, check out the shop. Because if you want to trick
out your bike, what are this? – [Chris] Customized
top caps, for a start. – [Jon] Yeah, with the GCN
chain globe link sort of logo. – Yeah, it’s pretty cool. But you can get loads of
other cool stuff as well. Not just the clothes we’re wearing, but bottles for on your
bike, cycling gear. – You name it, mini-tools, we’ve got load and loads of stuff. Also remember to like and share this video with your friends. You know what to say
now, the thumbs up bit. That’s his favorite thing he likes to say. – If you enjoyed customized tech, why not give us a big thumbs up? – And even if you don’t,
well, just still give it a thumbs up, because
we absolutely love it, as you can see by the enthusiasm. And remember as well to
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