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Custom-fit Shimano cycling Footwear | SHIMANO

Custom-fit Shimano cycling Footwear | SHIMANO

Shimano Custom Fit Insoles are
designed to augment and enhance the fit, comfort and performance
you expect and receive when you purchase Shimano
Dynalast footwear. Who can benefit from
custom insoles? Any rider wanting more comfort,
and the improvement in performance that can result. It’s especially beneficial
on long and tough events, like gran fondos and
gravel excursions. Dynalast uppers combine
technologies like Surround Wrap and Offset Closures with
supple and strong materials like Teijin Avail to
create cycling shoes that fit like a glove. But how a shoe’s upper
works is a direct contrast to the outsole, which must
be far less flexible. The outsole provides the
cleat mounting interface and solid pedal platform, and
support specifically engineered for target users
and riding styles. Shimano achieves this
through carefully designed sole stiffness, materials,
and constructions. Nestled between the
flexible upper and the more rigid outsole, a shoe’s insole
acts as the interface between the bottom of the
foot and the sole. At best, stock insoles
provide cushion and support in a generic manner. Shimano’s Custom Fit adds
personalization to this interface of foot and
outsole, specific to each foot’s shape
and peculiarities. Through custom molding,
pressure is dispersed evenly at the critical
pedaling zone. This allows a balanced
distribution of force in the plantar area far more effectively
than a stock insole. Two arch pads of differing
heights are included, so arch support can easily
be tailored for each rider. The included toe arch pads can
be attached between the toes and the ball of the foot,
providing additional support and fit customization. They’re available
in seven sizes. What does it take? Start with a trained
Shimano technician and a bike shop with the
requisite Shimano tools. The insoles themselves feature a dual-density construction
that’s easy and quick to mold, needing only 90
seconds cooking time, a few minutes for molding,
and trimming as needed. Shimano Custom Fit insoles add
to the comfort and performance of Shimano Dynalast footwear. They provide custom benefits
at a fraction of the cost of competing products
on the market. The price for Shimano Custom
Fit is what you’d spend for more generic and
non personalized trim-to-fit offerings. And, with easy molding
and no break-in period, it’s instant comfort.

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