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Custom Ride – EP02 – Rusty Wrench Motorcycles

Custom Ride – EP02 – Rusty Wrench Motorcycles

Is it for skateboarding? I’ve had some drinks man… This is not going to work… No no, just give a… Oh yes yes… But we’ll do it later, we’ll talk first. Let´s go. So skateboard has always been part of me since childhood, from the age of eight It was an aunt who offered me a skateboard, and I began to ride him on my knees We were a group of friends. that we were all riding on the street. The goal was to ride. We rolled on the avenue, the sidewalks, the benches, the lancis, stairs, the steps of stairs, we jumped everything, and walked around, from early morning till the end of the day. and we saw the maneuvers, the guys doing it, tried and tried, we made little halfpipes with pallets, or stealing wood from construction sites and we tried to make mini halfpipes with plates and things like that And how did I fall, I was on an incline, I was really high, and I fell hard with my knee on the floor and fractured my kneecap, it swelled right away, I had to go straight to the hospital When the doctor whispered, to my friends, that he would not be able to follow this … As hard as I tried and tried lots of times, It was bad, for too many years, i was really screwed for severall years I was 19 years when this happened to me, i was allready skateboarding for eleven or twelve years, four of them on a semi professional level with sponsors and everything, i went abroad, and saw that all falling appart. You dont want to give up on something you love, that you love to do, but you have to face the facts and move on, as hard as it can be… So this tank is from this motorcycle, this was one of the motorcycles that we did not custom completely, but most of the things that are customized, well we did a almost complete makeover it came with this tank before, which was completely diferent from what is done now, and it came only with a hole, probably from a bad custom project before, and it came only to repair the hole, and yet we began talking on what we could custom on this motorcycle, and we ended up customizing a bit further… well, a big bit on this bike, So, we rebuilt the whole sit, we made all the collectors, adapted a two-to-one pipe, we also adapted the tank, this is a Kawasaki and this tank comes from a Sporster. we made the handlebar completely from scratch, The support and the front lights was all changed. And so, now we are making the final adjustments, making a conical filter going out from here, to ad to the aggressive line that the bike has. Let me put her there for you to see. The motorcycle has an aggressive shape. simple, but also power as we like them. This was our first garage, where we started doing something. at the time working in cars not motorcycles. Let me open for you to see. At the time we had cars here, and inside also. As you can see we still have Little Bastard here, This was the brand Xiko created at the time. Still here.. old.. this was fourteen years ago, but still here. This was the starting point of our project. In the old days we had cars, now we have motorcycles. Everything started when Xiko, wanted to install a radio in a client car, and he didn´t had the experience, and at the time I already worked on some cars for some time so i came to install that radio in that car, and it all started since that moment, Man, this is my motorcycle, i love everything about her, hehe Proud? Im proud with everything! Its not normal to see this color on a motorcycle, its not a standard paint, this took grey as base color, and the final paint is a result of diferent colors mix, So if you search this color in a catalog, its not there. We allways put Rusty Wrench Motorcycles in all bykes we make, In this particular motorcycle i made it to honor Xiko, he helped me in every choice in this bike, parts, ideias, opinions, everything. So i dedicate this motorcycle to Xiko, it´s mine as much as it is his. So i put the name, the brand, its here. Rusty Wrench Motorcycles. Xiko wanted to customize a motorcycle, and he was searching for a motorcycle that made a good starting point for a project, and then he found that CBR600, i believe it was in Lisbon, if i can remember. and at the time, I had received an apartment as a donation, from a deceased aunt, it was a small apartment, and i said to Xiko, if you help me arranging the apartment for renting, help me paint and so on, i will buy this motorcycle with the first two rents i collect, The motorcycle came allmost completely stock. then Xiko took all the farings, some new motor parts also, if we look at the stock motorcycle and the final result we can see a huge diference, right? sometimes we spent two times the money, beacuse it was not the right parts choice, we thought, this motorcycle is becoming more expensive than it was suposed to be, at the time he was making a motorcycle just for him. We’re not in a hurry and no objective, of making a garage project at all, it was just his motorcyle. i believe he came out for the first time with the finished bike in 2014 or 2015 and people were completely blow away, because it was a diferent custom project, the suspended sit. People said, oh that suspended sit, so strange, people were not used to see that kind of customization, now you see a lot of bikes like this but Xiko at the time made a not very common concept, and people were amazed when they looked at the byke. it was at that time that the garage ideia was born, and after that, our store and everything. Well let´s see how the old garage is, Same old problems with the door? Yes, it´s allways dificult to open this door. I never had any brothers and he is the brother i never had, it´s not a blood brother, but from all people around me, he´s the one that was allways by my side in this dream that became a great project. looking at this small garage where we both started, where we made his bike also, this is not bigger than a bedroom size. He helps me in my stuff and i help him in his stuff. I had a blast doing his bike, and i said him right away, if you have a stock bike you can´t enter here. If you want to enter here wtih your bike you have to start learning how to cut frames from now on. But… the trill of this art is the assembling, and what we get trought to achieve that. This is sweat, blood and tears. and some beer at the same time to get your mind away sometimes so you can think out of the box. And we did not even think that a car link, would bring us where we are today. We dont work, this is our life. WE are here like on a special hollyday. We still work after we go home. So this is really our life. Our life is two wheels, amd engines, two wheels, four wheels, everything that has an engine for us is… the gasoline is our religion, thats it. Not much story yet, i bought this bike to customize, but because i use this bike on a daily basis, it was not easy to stop at the garage to start customizing, so one day i had an acident, and it was the right time because i broke an arm, and then i had to stop riding for a while. She was completely different, almost all stock, not completely stock but very close, and Xiko gave her a new life this custom tank paintjob, with gold sheet, new front light, small and yellow, new exausts, higher front, and smaller rear, this old filter, the pipes, new rear vintage look bigger tire, completely rethinked sit by Xiko, this seam was all created by him, close to a final project, but never close from the end, The customization never ends. Friends and family started to want to make bike customizations with him, friends first, As he was making the bikes he was participating in some exhibitions, Faro’s bike show, he was starting to show his work, and then we had an ideia, my grandparents old house in Faro, the house was closed, And we thought what if we opened a new store to sell helmets and merchandise, we could start our own brand, it all started with that idea. step by step we started to give life to that ideia. It was the store that opened a new wave of clients, asking for customization work. I asked my wife to marry me at the beach, i took a hiden ring, without her knowing, and i asked her to come with me to see a little cave near the beach, and then i asked her, i wrote in the sand with the ring there, but at first she didn´t saw, and then she saw it, i used to asked her to marry everyday so, and that day was for real, a ring apeared in front of her, after that she couldnt go away any more… He wrote in the sand, do you want to marry me? And i thought it was another one like everyday, but then i saw the ring and i said like, oh my god i cant believe, its for real. So Xiko is the creative mind, he´s the one with the ideas, he’s the one that wants to do a particular bike a certain way, or, he wants to upgrade his garage, public relations, speak with the clients, that’s his backyard. I’m responsible for, that things that no one wants to do, burocratic business, financially, i’m the one who makes the math to make everything happen, and make every ideia come alive. And we’ve been managing to be successful. This is just to take this off. Only this part, all the way. My daily job, that has allways been my dayjob, i work shifts, so it’s easier for me to be here, my days off? I dont have any days off, my days off are here at the garage. I’ve been working for 13 years now on my dayjob, and I’m not happy doing it, it’s a boring job, security guard, Its a job where I’m thinking often, what am I doing here? And here at the garage its different. This is really my dream. I arrive here often at 8h in the morning, we leave at 8h at night, and when I realise the time just flew away, and flew away because I’m doing what I like. Now with Xiko’s new project, I’m going to see if… it will be good for me… if yes I will go forward. That’s when I’ll be around full time. It’s the third garage we are moving in to, allways bigger, and we want to move forward. For me… as long as I make what I like, I’m allways OK. When I dont like what I do, that’s when I start to feel… paranoic, hehe Guys! Dont take me wrong but, I want to deliver that Bike and want to drink a nice beer! Don´t you guys want one? Just for wash our teeth? heheh I saw Xiko’s bike at that time, and i was already with the objective of making a project for myself, and things simple hapened, he started this business, I had some ideas for the motorcycle, It didn´t came out the way I wanted, but with his help we started to make it happen. There were some specific demands I told Xiko to do, I wanted two seets, normally they customize them with only one seat, I told him no, he insisted but i told him no, this is my bike and some features I just dont negociate. This is a Susuki GSX1200 Inazuma and I wanted the Inazuma name to be present, originally the Inazuma name comes here, and Xiko’s managed to fit there, and it turned out really well. I wanted road slick tires, and he thought this rain tires would give a new look on this bike, and I have to give him credits for that, this kind of tires gives this motorcycle a much more agressive look and better looks as a whole. The turnlights, I didn´t wanted this turnlights here, I wanted some normal small turnlights, embedded but with good visibility. and he wanted to put them on the handlebar, it looks great, it looks really great. The color, I didn´t wanted this color the original color is… red or bourdeau I wanted the motorcycle to have the same color. He managed to do it, this red details, the red sit, But I wanted the motorcycle wouldn´t be much different from the stock version but he managed to go this way and, and it turned out… a really good option. Sometimes you have to accept others ideas, even if you think a different way, you take a chance. I know Xiko very well, we are friends, and having this bike as the first Xiko’s comercial project, I’m so flattered, it´s a very nice feeling. I think this motorcycle is like a baby his first comercial project, I think it is because of that he likes this bike so much. I was born in this house, I lived here till I was 6 years, with my grandparents and my mother. Only later I left. My grandparents lived here, and all my chilhood memories are from this house and this garden in front. We were chasing the contractors to finish the building, they allways delayed the delivery, huge burocratic delays, We had a huge bad luck, one day when we arrived here and opened the door to see how everything was doing, to see if the guys, came to do the work or not, we arrived and the ceiling was colapsed, raining inside, the wooden floor completely ruined, it was really hard, but in the end it turned out ok, and we managed to make our dream come true. We started dating in 2012 January, and he after three months, like March or April, he walks to me and said, I’ve got a surprise for you. And I said: What is the surprise? and he shows my lips tattoed on his arm, and I was like, my god, 3 months dating only, I wonder if we are staying together or not? If he already tattoed my lips on his arm, oh my god. I made your lips tattoo because I love you, and I believed in all this together with you. It’s here, I love them. To some people this is only a stain, but for me this is a tribute to what my wife his. My wife lips, not a stain! It was to much right? Cut that scene please. Just cut that scene! So, you were thirsty? Do you want some water? hehehehehe… heheheheh It seems we are boring, right on! So, lets start this party?! Xiko is a force of nature! He’s an open heart, he’s allways wiling to give all, he takes is shirt to give to you. He’s 5 stars! I believe like every artists, he’s crazy. He’s mad and you all witness that. He’s playfull, and.. very flashy, everybody knows him. Here comes Xiko! He’s awesome. He’s a guy with a really high level of hapiness. This is my ticket!! And I use it my way, my life’s way!! I customize motorcycles!! I enjoy myself with my friends at the end of the day!! To clean my head from a good day!! Hey Marco, come here. Cheers!! Oh mother… Thank you for your attention, have a nice day, and from now know we wish you a very nice episode!! So you already know? This is going to be the new garage. I have to put a new lamp there. I already bought it. I’m wating for the electricist to come to put it. Do you want to come in? Come in let me try to open this. And here is the future! This is going to be all painted. Some office zone here. And we want to make an industrial zone. Ok, and… There will be the paint area. My father has been a good support. From the first day on the other garage. When I said to him that I was to rent the other garage, we are not rich, and he told me, I will help as much as I can. take that benches, take everything you need, that onlye was allready a great help. My mother and my father, beside family, they are my most special friends, no doubts in that. We had our disagreements of course, I believe every familly have them, but its like today we argue, and tomorrow we are all kissing each other. We are father and son and son and father, but essencially friends of eachother. That is the real feeling. Listen, you have that pipe over there… That was… No listen, you can make a hole here, and you put a pipe there to have water here. You’re right! A hole there! Right right! And if you want you can teake another one there to have water there. Right! To do this you have to like it! This is hard work! It’s not only screwing and unscrewing screws. As some people say. Oh its a mecanic so it’s just work with screws. So you do it! Do you see? You have to like it! And a little of thinking to make it happen. Do you see? I have to fill that, it lets air come in. I have to fill it with silicon. It’s almost done. He wants to paint all the front till friday. What about this XIko? Let it be, i dont have time for that now. That’s the ideia, 2 pm in the restaurant. We can leave here at 13:30, and be at the restaurant at 2 PM. This is still going babe. hehe ok! We are already smoking Cohibas. The cigars we brought from the Republic. Oh my good! It seems the sun is coming, we can make one or two burnouts, Ok… In front of our home, just to listen to the motorcycle. So, ok? Ok! See ya, kisses. I only have tire for one burnout, we can make it now, or in the other three days. I only have tire for one! It can stand more than one! Give another beer please!! Skateboarding or riding a motorcycle, the freedom feeling, or the feelings, the emotions, that’s what we feel, when you are on a skateboard, or riding a motorcycle, doing the Barranco Velho twists, its only you and a thing. Skateboarding is the same, you are doing your manouvers, both things takes us… free your mind.. in that moment its only you… Soon after I broke my kneecap, I bought the motorcycles, that’s right. It was just like that!

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