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Cycling Apparel, Safety, Gear & Repair : How to Change a Flat Bike Tire: Part 1

This is Jim Toledano for Expert Village, talking
about changing a tire. The first thing you do after you lay your bike down is take your
tire changing tools out of the bag. Remove anything that can break like a computer. Take
out your water bottles because they’ll spill. Then you want to undo the break and turn the
bike over. Next thing you do is release the quick release. Turn this one way and the other
the other way so you’re opening it up making it easy to get the tire out. What you’re
trying to do is take the tire off the rim. Put the first one on and then you use the
second one to slide it off. This locks so it stays outside of the wheel. It’s sliding
around nicely coming off. Notice, you’ve taken one side of the tire out of the wheel,
but the other side is still in there. There’s no need to take the whole tire off because
you put the new tube in and pop it back on. Now you’ve got access to the tube. Find
the valve stem, which is where the air comes in. Pull the tube out around to the valve stem. Leave it here and
pull the valve stem out. What you want to find out is what you’ve got. When the tube
is completely flat, holding it like this you can blow on it. See if you can feel air coming
out of the tube where the hole is. Let’s say your hole is here. You know that it’s
somewhere in this area. So you run your hands very carefully because you think it might
be glass, and find where it is. If it’s something stuck through, sometimes you can
see it, sometimes you can’t. While you’ve got you’re going to go all the way around
just to make sure there’s nothing inside here. This is no fun when you spent all the
time putting a new tube in. And you blow it again.

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