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Cycling Endurance Training Special | Ask GCN Anything

Cycling Endurance Training Special | Ask GCN Anything

– Welcome to Ask GCN Anything. – Coming up this week we have all your questions on endurance;
so, multi-day cycling events, fasted fat-burning
training, and more. – Endurance for January, I like it. – Endure and enjoy. – Yes, and remember if
you want to get involved in next week’s show, then
use the hashtag #TorqueBack, and if you’ve got any training questions, then use the hashtag #AskGCNTraining and you’ll also be in with a chance of winning three months free
subscription from Zwift. – Don’t forget, leave your
questions on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or
YouTube; we will find them. – Yeah we will. I reckon we should crack off with some questions, you ready? – All right, first up.
– Right, we’re gonna go straight in on a nice,
really good question actually from lemonteilrevolution_velo,
I like that. – Right
– In Calum, that’s going to be tough, isn’t it?
– Yeah. – A nine day race.
– Yeah but it’s good though. I love a stage race.
– Yeah. So first thing to remember
is that it is actually really rare to replicate
a stage race in training. It’s unlikely that you’ll
ever go out and train back to back for nine
days because you’ll lose the quality of your training for a start. – Yeah, you’ll never
actually do what the race is if, for example, you
would never go out and just go nine days, replicate the race. It’s just not gonna
happen, so we’ve actually put our heads together,
– Yeah. – and we’ve worked out a program that will hopefully take you from where you are now to completing a nine day stage race and hopefully in really good fitness. – So you’ll condense you
training into blocks of three to four days, or two days to start with before a rest day and that
will ensure that you keep the quality in your training but will also help you increase the load. And also, there’s some
progression at the end of it. So if you start with a
recovery day on a Monday, – A recovery day on a
Monday is lovely. I used to do that.
– Yeah. Generally most of us have more time on the weekends to train and then on the Tuesday
when your legs are still not quite 100%, perhaps
from the weekend, you can target your sprint work
because you need to learn to sprint when you’re slightly tired. – Yeah and if you are wondering
what kind of sprint work to do, then we’ve actually
got some videos of Chris showing you some sprint sessions. – Yeah, and then Wednesday’s
kind of a great day for your threshold riding, so
thirty to forty minutes of zone four and maybe slightly
above that sort of training. – Yeah and you can do that on the turbo or using Swift which is a really good way to maximize your time on the Turbo. – Yeah, and you can
break that workload down into intervals that will make it much more manageable and more quality. The Thursday is then
15 to 20 minutes of VO2 to anaerobic, so you’re
thinking 2 to 3 minute intervals for that, and then easy day on the Friday. – Get your legs up, get
a coffee, and chill out. – Because the recovery
work is where you are actually getting better.
As you are getting more and more tired, your body needs
to adapt to that training. And then Saturday and Sunday,
endurance, but don’t be afraid to include a few
intervals in there as well. – Yeah, so this is the
kind of weekend where you want to ring up the
local club, go out, socialize with all your mates and
enjoy being out on the bike. And it also makes the
time go a lot faster. – Yeah, and as you get
fitter and you move forwards, you can then include an
extra endurance on Friday, or on the Monday, but make
sure you try and keep those two recovery days every three to four days, so twice a week, really. – Yeah, so try to string all that together so hopefully put in from four to six weeks and then come back to it and
let us know how you get on. Hopefully that really
sets you up and gets you a good base for your nine day stage race. – Our second question is from Ben Boddy who writes in, saying: – Wow! That’s awesome. – Yeah, that’s incredible. Good work. – So you reckon he trains fasted, which I think is fine.
– Yeah, yeah. – All right, Ben. Riding
in a fasted state will 100% help you improve. As
long as you’re stringing those rides together and
keeping them, you know, regular, then you will definitely see the benefits, so waking up at 05:20, yes,
it’s gonna hurt, I mean, I don’t think anyone
wants to wake up at 05:20, but trying to get an
hour in before work would really benefit you, and you can do this in a fasted state but you can
also do this with some fuel, so either eating like a sports
bar or having an energy drink will actually help you as well. – Yeah, you can eat once
you’re on the bike but what we recommend is
including some intervals of 85 to 90 percent of your max heart rate as this will really help boost your aerobic performance
once you’re out there. It means you’re not wasting your time. – Yeah, so you can either
do that on the Turbo or on the road, and Emma has done a video on fasted commuting so if
you fancy riding to work in a fasted state and you want
to chuck in some intervals then this is a video you
you’ll want to check out. – [Emma] Fasted training
means training when you’re in a carbohydrate depleted
state. This helps your body adapt to a fat-burning
metabolism which can help you when you take part
in long endurance events. In fact, fat-burning is
one of the components of endurance that long
rides can help you to train. – And the winner for this week’s Zwift question is
(hand drumming) – Lander Scheers
– Yeah, well done to you. So you’ve got three
months free subscription on Zwift coming right your way, but do remember to contact us on Facebook and we’ll get the code over to you. For this question: I mean, good for you
to ride in Belgium. We used to love riding in
Belgium. I think you also won some big race in Belgium. Not as big as I’d like.
– So how can we help? – Right, so Lander,
learn the style of racing you have over there. The races are decided by your ability to sustain a top end effort over a long period of time. – Correct.
– So, doing one or two endurance rides a month of
four, five, to six hours if you’re feeling really motivated and the weather’s good will,
you know, tide you over in this period whilst
you’re studying for your exams so don’t worry too much about missing out on your four hour rides. The sort of intensity to
sustain an endurance ride means that you’ll be taking a deep breath if you were having a conversation
after every sentence. And then, that means you’re
not peddling too easily but you’re also not being too hard. You just want to sustain that. – Yeah it’s a good way of kind
of gauging your effort there, so then you’re not going too hard and you’re also not going too easy. – But then moving on
to those mid-week rides or those weekend rides
where you’ve only got an hour to an hour and a half and, as we mentioned before, sustaining effort is what will decide the
races so you want to focus on having a really strong aerobic capacity and you want to do that
with some good intervals around 88 to 92 percent
of your max threshold power, as it were, so what
you can sustain for an hour. If you’re using your heart
rate then you want to use a slightly lower number than that, and you want to build to that over five to seven minutes of the effort. These efforts, they’re
anything from 12 to 30 or even up to 60 minutes
if you’re doing them and you want to do them a
couple of times a week really. – Yeah, and you really
will see the benefit especially in that short bit of time. So, do what Chris says.
Put in those efforts in those interval sessions and then when you’ve got more
time, you can put them into your endurance session, too. – Yeah, good luck. And don’t forget, don’t neglect the shorter efforts, you know, the three to
five minute efforts. – Yeah, some VO2 style efforts. They hurt, but they work. – Great for those little
climbs in Belgium. – Yeah, so good luck
and let us know how you get on in the comment section below. – We’re on to some Instagram questions now, and roryrides writes in with: – Yeah, interesting question and again, thank you for commenting on Instagram. We do look at those questions as well. But, to answer your question is, have you looked at your fueling strategy? For example, are you
fueling correctly, because endurance suffers a lot if
you haven’t got the energy or the glucose or the glycogen stores in the body to be help
to then progress onto longer rides than an hour, for example. – Yeah you wanna keep ’em topped off, don’t you. A little, and often. – Yeah a little and often
is super key. So try to eat every 20 minutes.
Either take a bite of a bar or a banana or a flapjack always seems to work well, and
then hopefully you’ll be able to increase your endurance. Try to increase it by around 30 minutes so if you’re nailing on an hour ride, try and get an hour and a half, two hours, two and a half hours, etc, etc. But make sure you’re fueling because that really will help.
And also, hydration. – Yeah, and one final point and I know you’re a big fan of this; aim for a cafe around three-quarters of the way through the ride, then you’ve got the perfect opportunity to refuel
and you’ve also got a good motivator to aim for and
it’s not too far to get home. – Yeah and it is easy to
forget to drink and eat, but it’s really something you
want to get in the habit of doing because, especially
if you start racing or whatever, it will come more naturally. I mean, you’re a natural
eater and drink, aren’t you? – I’m good at eating and drinking. – I’m terrible
(laughing hesitantly) – It’s now time for the quick fire round! – Yes, and to do this
we’re going to try and beat the world’s team pursuit record held by Australia team in the
commonwealth games in 2018. And the time was 3:49.
– 3:49.8. – So, this is gonna keep us honest. Are you ready Chris?
– I think so. – 3, 2, 1, go! Right, best thing to do is write in to us on Facebook and we’ll get a code sent straight to you over direct message. Alright, I would 100% just get into a club that’s local to you. Best is kind of getting
close, you want a close club. And then yeah, you go out
with the club on the weekends and if you’ve got a
VeloDome or if you’ve got a cycle park, get there because they always do classes or club rides. – Yep. Try loads of different
disciplines and teach yourself good technique.
– Cross. Mountain Bike. – It’s all about getting
comfortable on your bike. – Right, VO2 efforts. So, just going out for a shorter ride but
really putting in a minute to three minutes, really hot effort so around 100% of your FTP so really max out sprint efforts and
stuff, don’t you reckon? – Nice, yeah that’s a
perfect answer, definitely. – Right, we’ve done a
video on this, Hank and I, and we’re going to drop
that link in the comments or in the info box underneath the screen. It is definitely achievable
with a little thought. – I’ve done some training
on field actually, so…
– I think it’s the way to go. – It is done and it can
be really enjoyable, too. Right, so next question
is from Nicholas Smith: – So with that short
period of time you’re gonna focus on some intervals on the Turbo. This will increase your
aerobic capacity still even though it’s not actually
improving your endurance, but it will make it easier
to get out on the road. The key to that is to string
as many of those sessions back to back as possible
because this will help… – In building your endurance
– Yeah, exactly. – And then you will smash your
century, what do you reckon? – Yeah, when the weather’s better, it will make it easier, won’t it? – Yes it will! – Which I looked up, was an hour and 15. – Ouch that’s a long climb. – Right, yes, twenty
minute but this is an FTP session and we’ll put it on screen now. It’s really good for climbing. It’s got some 20 minute intervals in it and those intervals really string you out and really work well for a long climb. – Did those a lot, didn’t we? – Yes, we did. Yes, we did. – 25 seconds. – Well, I would slowly ramp it up. – Yes, so start off fairly
easy at the beginning and then slowly ramp up
so then you can get the most out of yourself so try and finish the effort empty.
– Pacing. – Right, Chris, I’m going
to have to stop you. The Australian team have
just won the record. – I don’t care. We’re on the final lap now and we started the question;
we’re going to finish it. – We’ll do it, what about that? Well, Thymen, the answer
is a good 12 to 16 weeks minimum building your
fitness to get into form and once you’re there,
assuming you followed a good program, around 6 to 8 weeks. – Yeah, so keeping good, peak mental and physical condition is a
sign of good form as well. – Yep, and fitness plus
freshness is also form. We did a little ask around the office and that’s what everyone’s come back with. – Yeah so I hope those
questions and I hope you enjoyed the quick fire round, and hopefully we’ll beat the
record time in next week’s show, so make sure you
tune into that on Friday. – Let’s choose a 10k record. – Yeah, that would be easier.
– Give us a bit of extra time. – We could take a few takes as well. Don’t forget to get your questions in with the hashtag #AskGCNTraining
to be with a chance at winning that free three
month subscription to Zwift. – Yes, and for any
other questions, use the hashtag #TorqueBack and don’t forget to put them in the comments section below. And if you did like this video,
then give us a thumbs up. – And we’ll see you next week.

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  55. #torquebank #askgcnanything Having spent the winter racing cyclocross, 40-60min races can you recommend the best sessions to get fit for road races which are 2-3hrs in length. I always struggle to stay in the peloton in road races when it’s flat and fast.

  56. #askgcntraining in the winter months I’ve steadily been losing weight (5 kg) on a low-carb diet. I’ve recently started my base training phase and I’m wondering weather weight loss will be hurting my hard-earned gains. I’m looking to burn off about 4 more kg. Can I combine a carbohydrate-deleted state with building up my FTP, for example?

  57. #AskGCNTraining I have developed URTI, meaning "upper respiratory tract infection" and now I suppose I need to reduce training while I overcome this. Meanwhile I read in an article ( that if you have high frequency of training (more than 4 days a week) you have zero difference in URTI mortality from the sedentary referent group! My question to you, what is "referent" no just kidding, thanks GCN.

  58. #AskGCNTraining #torqueback Hello GCN! I am currently training to complete my first century as well as attending the event in August. I believe I have good muscular endurance, however due to my weight and muscular build (271lbs/123kg) I find that when I near the 2 hour mark, my saddle becomes unbelievably uncomfortable. Other than changing the saddle are there any recommendations to help me break past this barrier. Do they make cycling shorts with denser chamois padding? Ultimately I do know that it will get better once I lose weight.

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