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Cycling in ANGKOR WAT

Cycling in ANGKOR WAT

For the next 3 days, I’ll be traveling the Kingdom of Cambodia. I will be touring the mystical temples of Angkor on a bike. Angkor is the world’s LARGEST religious monument & protected as a World Heritage Site. It is spread in an astonishing 1,000 sq. kms of area. So let’s put one some serious tribal music & enter the jungle. Angkor is symbol of national pride for Cambodia. It even appears on their national flag. By the passage of time, many parts of the temple were lost in deep forest. Even as of today people find new temples, artifacts & statues. Just like the temples, the history of Angkor is also quite impressive. The rise and decline of Khmer Empire, changing of faiths & religions & the beautiful mix of Hinduism and Buddhism The Khmer civilization saw is demise (unfortunately) in the 15th century. They left the Angkor temples behind in the dense forest, to be later discovered by the world of today. Angkor is a perfect place for cycling. So if you are a regular cyclist, you should definitely add Angkor to your list. You can rent cycles here for like 2-4 dollars a day. Now that’s a very good value for money. With a bike, you can experience an alternate version of Angkor. You can explore the dense forest, empty roads, good music, people & plenty of unknown places. You can know and see a lot about places online or on books. But if you want to smell it, you have to visit it yourself.

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