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CYCLING IN BOLIVIA – From the tropics to the Altiplano

CYCLING IN BOLIVIA – From the tropics to the Altiplano

We arrived in Bolivia. And sometimes, it can be so relaxing to arrive in a city. At the moment we are in the city of Santa Cruz,
enjoying good food and the luxury a soft mattress. Hereafter we start a journey along green valleys,
waterfalls and fresh water rivers. soon we reach altitude with dry landscapes, cactuses and old dusty roads. Finally when we get to Uyuni where we will reach
4.000 meters above sea level. It’s gonna be quite a jouney..! There just came a woman to me who said ‘you have a
lot of climbing to go, wait, I will bring you a warm soup’. Everywhere in Bolivia they sell coca. ‘What do you have in these bags?’ ‘Look, I have coca leafs from La Paz’ The coca leafs give strength. That’s how Bolivians work,
with not more than chewing a few leafs. They put the leafs one by one in there mouth
until they have a big ball. They leave the ball in their cheek for the rest of the day and when they spit the ball out,
soon they feel hungry again. We are in a tiny village, called Huachacalla The village doesn’t mean a lot,
but there is a huge party! I just spoke one of the ladies, she told me that the party takes four to five days,
to celebrate a local holy virgin. Tonight we slept above 3.800 meter,
and it was seriously cold. Minus eleven degrees Celcius. And, even the bottles are frozen…
Useless. There they are, the Uyuni salt flats.
We made it! We are on Uyuni.
We have been waiting a long time for this. It are the biggest salt flats in the world. There are no official roads,
so let’s see if we make it. That way! It looks nice and flat to cycle on,
but that’s a delusion. We did 150 kilometers and slept two nights
on these amazing salt flats, It’s incredibly beautiful to cycle on. In the night it’s freezing cold, really ice ice cold.
If feels like sleeping on a frozen floor. The cold is coming from below,
water bottles and everything is frozen in the morning, But when you open the tent in the morning,
you wake up with such a beautiful view. It’s just amazing,
a dream to cycle on.

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  1. Compañeros! Los acabo de descubrir en instagram, sus fotografías son geniales y este video es asombroso! Ojalá sigan subiendo más vídeos de sus aventuras por Latinoamerica! Saludos desde Colombia 🙂

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