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Cycling in NYC Compilation August-18

Cycling in NYC Compilation August-18

finally green! took about… a year… serious? Thank you! Heads up! Hey there both of your brake lights are not working I’m sure I tell every car that has a brake light broken. I tell them all the time. So I’m sure you have seen me already Serious You should check your brake lights, they’re both not working Both of your brake lights are not working Yeah, you should have a bit more patience behind cyclists because I don’t choose that taxi to be parked in the bike lane either exactly Hello there, both of you brake lights are not working only the middle one is, thank you you all right? yeah, yeah, my chain just popped off take it of the front first to put the back on take the front of first, then put the back on oh, front off first?! Yeah, otherwise you can’t get it back in the back now you’re gonna have an easier time getting it on the front there you go! now just swing it there you go!
Beautiful! thank you man! just keep on ridin… not made out of suuuugaaaah gopro is waterproof phone is waterproof my wallet is gonna get wet! thats about It Guys… hey man! whoaaa Really?? come on We’ll catch up Please pay attention and look at your mirrors before you go into bike lanes. and the telephone is not helping for that

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  1. Nice compilation! I appreciate you telling drivers about their brake lights, it's difficult to tell when they aren't working as a car driver.

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