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Cycling Kyrgyzstan Part 1 | Bicycle Tour Around the World #3

Cycling Kyrgyzstan Part 1 | Bicycle Tour Around the World #3

Kak vaz a voot? Abdul Rahman. Nice to meet
you. Is Kyrgyzstan. Rahmat. He just gave us an ice-cream. Decent looking mountains over there…. Kyrgyzstan!! Pretty nice campsite… Have you ever cycled through a landslide before?
No. Was it fun? In the middle of absolute nowhere but look what we’ve got.
I’ve got a nice cup of tea and I didn’t know what the food would be bit it’s nice! Okay,
it’s not the prettiest cafe in the world but we’ve had a good feed…… and now we’ve
got to get up that. Look how high we’ve come up. The road’s way down there. Made it! Niamh! There’s the top…and there’s a glacier. and then we are going all the way down there. So beautiful!! Beautiful morning. Lashing down with rain. Slept next to a graveyard
last night. Camped up there. Happy Niamh? Possible the ugliest buildings I’ve ever seen…but
it could be nice…. with the mountains….

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