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Cycling Kyrgyzstan

Cycling Kyrgyzstan

[Music] there’s so many things we take for granted every day of our lives running water from the tap electricity outlets phones food always fresh and plenty owning a car or a bicycle but these things aren’t always there for everyone when traveling we’re always being exposed to new things and especially in Kyrgyzstan we felt very far away from home and out of her comfort zone new traditions new ways new tastes but you know it only takes a few days before you settle down the cultural shock soon we started cycling fleeing from the hustle of the capital and it wasn’t long before we changed the asphalt for gravel Wow and water road the landscape transformed into bloomin pastures with herds of sheep and horses wandering around and in the back this colorful out-of-scale Mountains daringly marking away communicating was challenged we don’t speak Ergas or Russian and they could barely understand English but somehow we managed to figure each other out with science locals always made us feel welcomed there was this one day when we felt very exhausted and vulnerable rain and headwind is pretty pretty freakin tough when we received the most unexpected acts of human kindness but eventually it started raining it was very cold and it started very very steep and really they arrived and they saved us so we’re driving to Csonka Liz [Music] we were invited into their home and greeted with a warm meal and tea the nomadic culture is very deeply rooted in tourism so many families leave the valleys for the high-altitude pastures in the summer season and build three yards there and every family member helps run out the plate from cooking to milking the cattle or running down to the nearest rim to pick up some water everyone here lives outdoors on a bicycle you immerse yourself completely in this new setting there is no filter no glass between you and the locals on the way to the magazine with an escort who by the way will greet you and invite you over for tea all the time you slowly and naturally transition from one site to the other and it brings back this excitement and sense of freedom suddenly you forget everything we used to hunt you want to be just there pedaling and enjoy the views luckily we’re going that way we have seen no other place like urea stand before the scale of the mountains and its beauty is just mind-blowing it’s so unique cycling here is like meditating it’s just you and nature there’s rarely any service or electricity so no distractions and it doesn’t really matter how far you go you are just focused and moving forward whatever the speeds navigating with the tailwind or escaping from the storms all command that is [Music] [Music] now that we have found this beautiful country we feel we have a responsibility to it it is so important to take care of this place to make sure it never loses its authenticity to enter with respect and help preserve its magic for us this journey was eye-opening and if there is something we learned here it’s kindness to strangers to travelers to others we leave Kyrgyzstan feeling so grateful for your hospitality received we never felt unsafe or judged but the opposite it made us realize that we come from a very different place in the world which some might describe as privileged [Music] curious people were the proof that you don’t need much to live happily and we agree since then we deeply appreciate a running water and seemingly unlimited choices for everything [Music] which is why now we’re thankful for all the things we want assumed normal [Music] [Music] you [Music]

25 comments on “Cycling Kyrgyzstan

  1. Love it!!! Wish I could be strong enough to carry out a journey like this one. Great message. Appreciate what you have.

  2. Enhorabuena por el vídeo y por las rutas que hacéis, es precioso. Os sigo por Instagram y la envidia es máxima😊😊. Un saludo

  3. Breath taking and superbly put together Belen and a reality check on our lives and what the world and its countries really have to offer with very little money … 👍😉

  4. Hi Belen! Such an inspiring mood in which you portrait Kyrgyzstan. A beautiful calm pace and amazing shot of the people and landscape. Thank you!

  5. Hi Belle, I'm from Kyrgyzstan, soundtracks are awesome, very nice. I'm glad your visit contry of kyrgyzs. Good luck!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this. What a beautiful country with beautiful, amazing people. I so want to cycle there.

  7. Incredible adventure. I´ve ride in the Mongolia Bike Challenge , but your adventure looks really fantastic. Thank you for sharing it !!!

  8. Hello from Canada.
    Very nice video about my homeland country.
    Thanks a lot for sharing it with people.
    Looking forward to see more videos about Kyrgyzstan. Ride safe guys.

  9. Thanks for this amazing video. I discovered Kyrgyzstan with silk road mountain race, but touring is more my cup of tea. What did you use to navigate there?

  10. Such a lovely video. I have cycled solo for long distance twice and the memories I carry is invaluable. Can't wait more to pedal again. One day surely I will ride in Kyrgyzstan. Thank you.

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