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Benefits of cycling


I’m gonna take you on a bike ride today Hi!! Karen here Today, I’m going to be talking to you about how to get your bicycle ready for spring and summer cycling There are ten things you can do to get ready for the new season The very first thing that you have to do is make sure that your bike is ready for the new season It needs a maintenance check. It may have been sitting your garage for the last – how many months? Most people would take it to place like Halford’s or something, to have them do their thing. But you can easily do it yourself I encourage you to learn how to do it because then first of all you’re saving a bunch of money But also too, if you want to get out on your bike and something happens You won’t know what to do about it. One big Bugaboo, of course, is seeing if there’s enough oil on the chain Oh my god. There’s nothing worse than riding past a person with the rusty chain, and their pedals are going around – grrrrrrr It’s horrendous. There is specific oil made for chain lubrication That is going to make your life so much easier Make sure you check your tyres. Just like in a car, your tyres are the thing that’s going to get you around Tyres on bikes actually last a very long time But if you don’t use your bike very often they can atrophy. If you have the skinny tyres Like on a road bike, you will see some of the cloth on the wear and tear coming through That’s a sign You need a new tyre. The online store that my husband and I prefer has to be Wiggle They have really good prices. They have excellent customer service as well Clothing is also very important What I’m wearing today, I do wear through the winter with one additional layer. I have reflective gear on. Please wear a reflective jacket It just makes you more noticeable In the summer. I wear one of two jackets that I have. One is waterproof the other is not. Then underneath – don’t worry, I’m not gonna go too far – I just have one jersey underneath. No more taking clothes off. I promise. I also tend to wear this Very light weight, but just perfect for a spring ride that is just a bit chilly, like today I also have long trousers that I wear cycling. I do have a pair of shorts I just tend not to wear them very often. The reality is, is that it’s too cold So I tend to wear long trousers. Let’s talk about glasses. Would never consider going cycling without some form of eye protection. Remember you only have one pair of eyes. I have two pairs of glasses. I have these ones which I absolutely love because I think they make me look Very cool and very fast. My other pair that I have are Either orange or yellow, I can’t remember. I’ll be honest. I think I have two pairs of those I think they came in a package of two or three or something like that They are terrific for cloudy days They make the cloudiest most dismal day Look bright and sunny It’s like magic Gloves Now today it is actually still a little bit chilly out. So I’ve worn my my double gloves. These gloves are Wind gloves and these are the greatest things. They were five pounds They are fantastic. I put them over top of my gel gloves I am a person that needs to have some sort of gel on the palm because I have a Problem with handlebar vibration. It does get quite painful. For some people that might stop them cycling No, no, don’t! Get the gel gloves!! And when the gel gets too flat, I get another pair of gel gloves. When it’s cold out, I double up And I’m all set. Let’s talk about the helmet. I think I am a slight helmet activist. I do call people on it sometimes. And I do have a couple of vests that Give away my thoughts Don’t wear on weekends because there may be children about. You can get a helmet for between 20 and 30 pounds Isn’t that worth saving this wonderful head of yours and preventing a brain injury? The answer is yes Get lights for your bike. In the summertime I actually find I get caught more in the darkness than in the winter because in the winter, you know It’s gonna be dark at 4:30 You just always have your lights with you But with the summertime, you might be tempted to go for a bike ride and then get caught . Shoes!!! The reality is, that you want to be comfortable when you cycle I have proper cycling shoes and I have the little thingies on the bottom and they’re great I bought them actually to go with my mountain bike, but I use them absolutely with these They’re so comfortable. You may find it really frustrating and tiring if you had just ordinary pedals, but Oops my bike fell over One thing my bike doesn’t have, is a kickstand My husband has convinced me, somehow, that they’re uncool. Anyway, in the name of being cool, I guess I’ve sacrificed that Another optional thing to get is a puncture kit. I’m actually in the market for one right now They’re not that expensive, but I want to get the right one Those are my tips on getting your bike ready for spring summer cycling Good luck to you and I hope the adventures continue And by the way, do you like where I’m filming this? I am thinking that this is like the Welsh Giant’s Causeway Bye for now Here’s a guy pulling out right in front of a bike You’re blocking the path here for cyclists!! Thanks (doesn’t give a sh*t) Move your car!! A**hole!! Dogs Those dog owners With those little shitty dogs on those terrible extendable leads. They go right across a bike path Here’s a little dog with no leash. Hey!! (get your dog) Oh! Here’s two dogs not on a leash. One’s an Irish Setter. Dumb as a bag of bricks


  1. "Underneath…don't worry, I'm not gonna go too far"😂 We love to bike in the summer and our favorite place is on Mackinac Island, Michigan — no cars are permitted on the island, only bicycles and horses! This was very informative — but I had no idea kickstands weren't cool! Your bike rage at the end was too funny😂🚴🏻‍♀️

  2. Wow i admire you. I have a very expensive bike but…. I push it. I cant get myself riding it i am too unfit.

  3. Not sure where you are but the view is beautiful. Not sure when was the last time I got on a bike for sure It was when I was little girl. Thank you for all the great tips. Not going to take my clothes off 😂 Liked, Subscribed and I would love to look around while your cycling at the gorgeous view next time🤗

  4. Great tips, Karen 👍🏻 I’m on my bicycle every day .. I think, it’s a part of my anatomy.. I have 45 minutes to work .. we don’t have a car .. and taking the bus includes me being forced to show up at a specific time and if I can avoid that .. ooooh! I actually don’t bike rage. The landscapes, that you’re filming in are always sooo beautiful.. that must be healthy for any mindset 🤗

  5. Great tips. And by the way, you do look cool in those sun glasses 🙂 I enjoy mountain-biking with my son during the spring and summer. For the most part, I do all work on my own bike, but some things like servicing an air-shock I stay away from. Anyhow, great video and thanks for sharing!

  6. I love the bright green jacket, i'm a huge advocate for that color. I would like to do a test on that too.

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