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Cycling on the Beach, in Goa

Cycling on the Beach, in Goa

As if cycling in Goa wasn’t awesome enough,
you can cycle on the beach too – right on the sand, and right by the sea, with the waves
lapping up against your tyres. Getting to a beach, in Goa, is pretty easy
– just go west, until you hit some sand! The great part about Goa is that this, “go
west” part is bound to be a beautiful experience itself, especially when you ride through villages
as you make your way to the coast. Today we’re going to start our ride at Betul
beach, the peninsula you see across the water here. To start your ride at Betul, you pretty much
follow your map until you hit this gate, hoist your bike over, and ride on to the shore. Betul is a lovely location by itself, where
you can see the confluence of the river Sal, and the Arabian Sea. I rode about 15 kilometers up the coast until
Benaulim beach, but there’s no reason why you couldn’t ride around 30 kilometers up
to Velsao beach or even beyond. It’s no surprise that it gets hot quick
out here, so I would recommend starting as early as possible. There’s no traffic, of course, but you’ve
got to watch out for people who aren’t expecting a bike on the beach. Now as far as riding on the sand is concerned,
I found it easier to ride on the hard sand close to the water, but get too close and
it would get too soft … and you’ll soon find yourself in the drink. You could ride higher up in the loose sand,
but be warned this requires more effort and skill to keep yourself from skidding. If you have a fatbike, it’s going to be
much easier, but I did this on a hybrid without knobby tyres, so most bikes should work fine. So here are my tips for riding on the sand. a) Find a line that works for you
b) Use an easier gear because spinning is better than grinding, and you don’t want your
stroke wedging your wheels into the sand, if you find yourself getting stuck, pedal
faster! c) Keep your body loose, a slightly loose
grip on the handlebars, and keep your weight off the front wheel Now at the end of your ride, remember to get the
sand out of your components! Thanks for riding along, and I’ll see you
next time.

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