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Cycling Race Breakdown – Pro/cat1/cat2 – Monetery CA

Cycling Race Breakdown – Pro/cat1/cat2 – Monetery CA

and I biggest run of them don’t even want to check the breath is the VC distance 26 miles duration hour and eight minutes average speed 23 miles per hour which isn’t that fast and i’ll explain why max 39 miles an hour 63 km/h powers 259 max powers 1343 this was my second race for the day the first race only had three other guys and it so it was kind of pointless but you can see my time zones you can see my peak power it was a it was a tough one this course goes out and back literally straight out and then 180 and straight back so it’s not a very technical course at all it is it’s a course that is suits breakaway guys time trial is it’s really strong strong guys that can solo speaking of that you see this right here red white and blue those are national stripes for America that guy is a past national time trial champion so he’s going to start on all of us image some really strong guys here really strong guys and he’s gonna make us all look stupid so check this out the teams have to cortex right there and to specialized so then that other specialized guy in front of me that’s kind of his job is to cover that move and so the other two teammates won’t chase it down and so that seems like a pretty good move i know it’s really early on but you know i’m going to try to follow that I probably shouldn’t have but I’m gonna follow it because if that specialized gets in that movement that’s cortex and specialized together and they have two teammates in the back but this guy I think he raced earlier and he started blowing up and was looking around and so his teammate the special others like so he’s looking around and his teammate automatically knows that he’s gotta go that movie has to cover that movie three jets off and you know in a beginning race or in the first part of the race the disparity between fitness is it’s hard to tell right you could have a guy really weak and i got really strong it’s early on the race it’s really difficult to make that separation and so you know i think what I’ve learned this year’s to probably hang back a lot more than i did all i was always trying to be on the front always trying to make sure that I was gonna go with the move this guy in front man he is so strong so strong i know that he can solo off but i also know he’s a good sprinter so i don’t really want it to come down to him so so anyway cortex they he met him in a cliff bar start to go and they get a little bit of a leash but here’s the thing is those that’s not a threatening move because of who’s still in the group you’ve got the National time trial champion still in the group the guy in front of me he’s super strong you know there’s a lot of guys willing to chase that move down so they can get some leash and then also you know Tony the guy that just made that from cortex he’s a big ol sprinter so the other guy that went with them might not work that well with him still guys are gonna wanna not give that you know if they can make it they can bridge up to that they want to be there so you got cortex on the front kind of controlling a little bit and in that time trial guy that time trial champion man this whole race he just would attack so hard and then slowed way down right that was just his thing he would go like right here I splitting pace and only in the places that really meant it right so when he attacked he always attacked on the uphill so that your draft doesn’t make as much of a difference right when you’re on his wheel on the climb you’re still probably having the map walk for wat and soon as that ratio 141 starts to drop and you’re not having to match his input shuts it down and that’s how was the whole time I mean this guy right there now you can see he’s just pretty much shuts it down because he’s not gonna waste his energy when you are having to waste yours so yeah I mean that’s what he did pretty much the entire race every moment he could write here Tony cortex in team tactics right he has his team on the front it just served he come from the back he moves forward and that’s a really good time to go off the front no one went with them but you can see them here and then check watch this his teammate is on the front and then is going so slow around the turn just like yeah I don’t know how to ride my bike I’m don’t know i mean i was on purpose right so everyone its kind of backing up and and then everyone has to come around him if they don’t come around him he’s not gonna change his own teammate down so they were trying to play some team tactic tactics the fig bar guy here in the black he lost a teammate early on in this race specialized lost a teammate pretty much on the first lap so the only two people with team teammates are the two cortex guys everyone else is basically solo for individual this is that time trial guy right here in front of me so Carol man this guy is saying hey let’s uh let’s work together because Tony still off the front and that happens a lot when you have one-on-one guys like no teammates everyone just says hey let’s kind of circles pull a little bit so i started doing a little bit but my fitness isn’t man it wasn’t that good today this was early on in a year or later in the year and so I was kind of over racing look at this dude look how he’s up to he’s going uphill he’s just so arrow that’s crazy but so yeah my fitness really tapering down training tapering down looking to go into the offseason I get on Leon I believe this guy’s named Leon from specialized I get hot on his wheel we just kind of move up through the group a little bit you can see Tony way up there again solo move this early on in the race but still you know the specialized guy he wants to he wants to come to a spring because he’s a really good sprinter so he chases it right is we catch Tony this is how it always happens as soon as you catch the break it’s just like again there’s mr. time trial champion smashing the uphill and it dude every time it was uphill which is only twice in the race he was attacking you can see cliff bar guy going here and then look right there is cortex so watch what Tony asshole is going to do to me right he is going to not have to accelerate up this as hard as I need to he’s gonna let a huge gap open up if i don’t come around him then he’s got a four-man break up the road with one of his teammates in it so it might feel like that that Tony’s getting dropped but he’s not he’s forcing me to cover that huge gap and I don’t cover it guy behind me might not cover it and then all of a sudden you’ve got a four-man group off the road so really good team tactics their of knowing that his teammates on the front and that he doesn’t have to do that kind of working let everyone else do it coming into these 18 ease man I it was getting late into the race this is about halfway into the race and I knew that this dude was going to make a move but sometimes following wheels it’s just not that simple they’re just sometimes so much stronger than you it’s just embarrassing right so I’m trying to stay on his wheel and I’m trying to mark him but did he just is attacks for searing and so I ended up falling to the back of the pack i don’t think i got it on the GoPro but on one of the climbs out of the one eighties he just laid it up and no one could go with him everyone just kind of let him go off and then of us worked together to bring it back so he just ended up soloing I think you know a quarter of the race by himself which was bananas so i think that this might have been where he gets off but so check this out i I couldn’t shift so you can see that I think I get up to about a hundred and thirty-six rpms and a big gap opens up because when you’re when you’re trying to shift and you’re putting so much power down it just doesn’t it just doesn’t like grab but this is pretty much how the whole race was you would get over that hill it would mushroom up and then as soon as you get back on everyone start attacking again so that was sort of weird because you would get dropped on that little climb or everyone would like blow apart on that little climb but never come back together so so now the time trial guy is off the front I didn’t get on the GoPro excited to have to turn it off anyway he’s off the front and now we’re all sort of thinking look can we catch him can we you know when one of us bridge up to him so there’s some attacks going on and then I think this is like two laps to go and i just did I can’t do a thousand watts 12 Watson like that you know three times a lap and so I start to drop and now everyone’s gonna give me shit like all you’re letting these huge gaps open up but this is a pretty steep little climb and if I close that gap right now I have to put out a thousand 22 1200 watts to close it and I don’t do that i just tried to manage an effort that i know i can sustain over the top of this hill and I don’t have to make it back onto these guys I can make it back onto this guy right recover a little bit come around him get back onto the group you know so it’s not always about being right on the field it’s about managing your energy and yeah I mean sometimes falling off just a little bit kind of regrouping is a good thing so it’s a ceasefire everyone just sort of noodling now the time trial guys like laughing us out laughing at us as we can see him coming the other way a lot of this comes down to that all these guys came out sprint me this is the last lap time trial dudes gone and I have to make a solo moves only way I’m gonna do anything right so i could sit on and wait and what get fifth or sixth I just so i gotta try to make a move myself i’m burnt though everyone else’s burn so I kind of make a little effort and everyone’s on my wheel so I sort of shut it down and I let everyone sort of mushroom up and then I throw another attack because we may be only have two miles left to throw another attack still guys on my wheel because I just don’t have enough to make that separation everyone again here is just chattin saying hey you subscribe to the VC and everyone’s like 9i sucks so then I blast off and hit well almost 1,300 wats right here and I go pretty much all in to try to make some sort of separation and get over this little hill and it just didn’t they just didn’t work they were pretty much right on my tail and so coming up in the finish I give everything I have but it’s just not it wasn’t there and so then this is the first most frustrating thing is to be doing a thousand watts and have everyone go around you like you’re standing still so new anyway this was the last Road race of my season I had taper down i think i already did like maybe 25 races to this point anyway guys , the vegan cyclist , YUUT! biggest runner don’t even want to check don’t want to call it we used to say topics to me like you want to stay when they come back around and trying to play

99 comments on “Cycling Race Breakdown – Pro/cat1/cat2 – Monetery CA

  1. really like the attacks where riders on your wheel have no advantage, very smart. You explained this in another video, if you had to close a gap go hard so everyone behind you has to work.

  2. really like the attacks where riders on your wheel have no advantage, very smart. You explained this in another video, if you had to close a gap go hard so everyone behind you has to work.

  3. Off topic. When you went vegan did you go all at once or was it gradual? I am having more and more vegan days but am getting a little resistance from my sig-other.

  4. Thanks for the video and the review of the race. I plan on doing that exact race (Cat 5) this coming season and the perspective from a more experienced racer/s helps a ton.

  5. I feel like I hit a huge plateau in my riding and cannot produce a lot of power for very long. Should the goal of cycling in regards to power be about sustaining the highest amount of power for the duration of the ride, or improving short term bursts of power for longer?

  6. Really nice breakdown, not to short and not to long to be bored. Just well balanced.
    Pity that you did not record the time trail guy smashing away, finally. That's quite a bummer. But in general awesome work!

  7. Does having your feet clipped to the pedals make a big contribution to power /muscle development?I have a cheap hybrid with standard pedals on zwift for the winter.

  8. so could I say maintain in the group then surge? you surge first then they sit and wait. In the group would you likely sustain better Cuz your in it?

  9. Yo TDC! you have one of the best videos on youtube about real cycling. can you provide though more information about heart rate? there is like no information at all, but for most of your subscribers i am sure it is a very important topic.

  10. Love love love these breakdown video's. When I saw it coming online I made myself wait until I had some time for myself so I could watch it on the big screen with nice cold drink. Your editing and comentary skills are great I your cycling is not to bad either. Keep the vids coming.

  11. I'm a 17-year-old who started cycling in the summer, and I plan on racing in college. I think this channel is actually more helpful than GCN when it comes to race preparation and tactics. I'm pretty glad I found this channel.

  12. Hey Tyler – awesome breakdown as always! I would love to see a video (or two, whatever bruh) one day about teams – your team (if you have/had one), profiles of the teams you race against, how you end up on a team, team tactics, etc. You touch on those topics all the time, like in this video, and I'm always curious to know more. All the best man!

  13. Yo VC, been watching the channel a while, only just subscribed! Sick content recently…used some of your tips on Zwift races and they paid off big time.

    Do you know how to get into actual racing in the UK? I feel I'm not a million miles off giving it a go…the US stuff looks epic but it looks to be lacking somewhat over here!

    Keep up these race breakdowns! Cheers.

  14. Who was the TT champ? Several years back when I was in RI, I did a fairly hilly local TT training ride – 14.5 miles with around 850 feet of climbing (did it on a road bike)….I came in 6th with a time of 42 minutes, which I thought was pretty decent, particularly since I had done zero intensity work leading up to it. Then the current national TT champ showed up, and rode it 10 minutes faster than my time. I couldn't comprehend that, as I was pedaling squares when I crossed the finish line. Insane.

  15. What is a fig bar and a cliff bar? Not an American did not understand these terms, but interested in watching crit races.
    Also nice videos!

  16. I'm tired just watching you guys. I'm only 2.5 months into cycling and averaging 18-19mph on flats >_< and here you say 23mph avg isn't that fast at all. I'm dead lol!

  17. my hats off to ya vegan this is a nice little niche that you have decided to fill, ya might want to try plyometrics or inline speed skating in your off season these work the same muscle groups, that you use in cycling.

  18. I love it when he says things like "him and a Clif Bar started to go". 🙂 i just picture an actual clif bar.

  19. So, what would you say is the major difference between you and these guys in terms of training, why are they able to blast past you when you are putting out serious wattage? I have a a baby, so time is my biggest problem, but I have my first race coming up soon and I'm hoping to do well. I've switched this year to maybe 80% non-meat foods, I'm trying a gradual phase out meat as it's been so deeply ingrained in me. These breakdowns are a big help by the way.

  20. Those videos makes this sport more and more interesting.. u must keep this up man. I used to rode mountain bike like road bike.. now i swithched to real road bike.. this will be first season with it. Cant wayt to ride it. I wish someone would donate me a powermeter out of blue.. 🙂

  21. Had you shoved your Silca frame pump into that dago's front wheel, the rest of you guys might have had a better finish. Just saying.

  22. Love your Racevlogs!!! Did my first crit last year here in Switzerland and got laped 4 times. Last weekend was my second crit and this time I could break away with 9 other riders and lapp all the others. The second crit in Italy was with cat a and b what I often miss here in Switzerland. I'ts like ceep up with the pro or don't race…

  23. dude I think every cyclist has that when they throw down everything they have and the pack just sails past like bro see ya at the coffee shop. the feeling you get when you make an attack and it sticks tho…. ah priceless.

  24. Hi there.Have you ever tried to supplement with creatin and carnosine (beta-alanine)? I am an ovo-lacto vegetarian runner,and it helped me with shorter distances (400m+800/1500m).

  25. Really like these videos. I'm 34, looking at getting a road bike once I get to Japan, and then get into racing 🙂

  26. The time trialist guy's strategy reminds me of a typical mountainous stage in grand tours. Deaden the legs of other climbers by setting a hard pace on previous climbs. You ID'd the strongest rider at the beginning of the race and should have stuck to his wheels instead of the other rider's move. You expended a lot of energy with the cat and mouse game with the other riders. You have FOMO. It is making you expend too much energy. Great channel and analysis. btw.

  27. You gonna need at least a 1400 what Sprint to beat some of those guys and I know you already know but it just funny cause I feel the same way too when everyone is passing me while am giving it my all am like f++k 😂

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