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Cycling Safety Tips for Riding Bicycle in Monsoon Rain.

Hi Guys , Welcome to Honey Bee Adventures I am Akshay , This is JP so today we are going to give you Tips for Riding in Monsoon, the rains have come and we have to show what exactly happens when you Ride in Monsoon ! Thank you Here are some Tips to Ride in Monsoon , Specifically in Rain. The first Thing , The first Tip that is required is Tyer Pressure ! JP What Exactly is Tyer Pressure ? Yes , basically their is reading of the maximum tyer Pressure on MTB of 65 What we can do is Normal Riding we keep it at 55 In monsoon it can go 10 PSI less. Which is 45 So it is safer, tyer will be There would be more Grip on the Road with that Tyer ! Basically these are Technical Things What he means to say is , if you feel the tyer pressure is more then you have to lessen it, otherwise you might have a fall , you can Fall ! Basically the Circumference of the tyre is more so you can easily Ride. That is why you should keep less Tyre Pressure ! The Tip 2 is always have a Mud Guard A mudguard like this it will always help you to protect not even your clothes , yourself but also your Bicycle ! Because your Bicycle might get all the Mud & Dirt If you Ride an MTB like this Which will go through lot of off roads and their will be lot of Mud that comes up , so always have a Mud guard in Rainy Season , that is very necessary Tip number 3 is your Safety and wearable Helmet is a must , plain glasses not a dark glass because Visibility ! and then Rain Jacket , this is one without the Hood and one with the Hood and the pants , this is a special pant which even covers your shoes ! Tip no 4 always apply Break before the Turn It is very necessary , because during rains breaks do not apply fast . Tip 5 always wash your Bike after your Ride It is very necessary to wash your Bike Because in Rains all the mud and dirt sticks to your Bicycle. Because of which your Bicycle can get Damaged. After the Ride you have to clean you Jersey and the dress If you dont clean it after the Ride Their is a chance the dirt will stick to your Dress ! So it will not come off of course So do it as soon as you Finish your Ride ! This is a special pant which even covers your shoes ! Shut the camera ! Wait, let him show his Shoes !

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