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Cycling the Middle East #2 – The Dead Sea and the Desert – #19

Jordan We are at the Dead Sea And it’s hot and we already have a sunburn Now we have lunch We have good nuts Cashews And dates My Grandma gave it to us We’ve just been at the beach It costs 50 Schekel Which is about 12Euro So we’ll move on to find a free Beach Maybe today, maybe tomorrow and then we’ll swim We cycled 70km And here we’ll camp with a view on The Dead Sea! Somewhere there the sun will rise Then we will have an amazing sunrise That will be great. I look crazy again! This is the second beach We visited and it’s also closed They have They have big problems with the water table We also read it in the internet The water table decreases by 1m per year Every year! And so all the beaches are closing because Of the Sinkholes Sinkholes, like quicksand You can’t go to the beach because it may collapse And on the way to Eilat There must be one more beach Where we can swim Otherwise we hopefully can swim in Jordan But on the next one, there are many hotels etc. It’ll work Here you can see it The steps How the water is decreasing And all these The sinkholes which are colliding So you shouldn’t go there We are in Ein Bokek and we made it! Swimming in the Dead Sea, there is Olga Really cool! Just… indescribable You have to do this! As long as it’s possible As long as it’s here I don’t know if you could see, but we are On 1m in height now So we left the Dead Sea Valley We were on -430m The lowest level And now, as you can see We are in the desert It’s now how much to Eilat? 120, 130? 130 to Eilat! Good, let’s see. We will continue Through the desert We cycled 75km? Yes! 75km! Our butts are flat now Here we put our tent Nice view We bought a beer at the gasstation We’ll drink that soon Very nice It’s so hot! It’s a crazy contrast to Turkey It’s just a month ago that we freezed there at -7°C Here it’s now 25°C or something Sick 30°C difference, 32°C! Sick But it’s nice! Perfect time for Israel now Definetely! But now… Beer! Tent and Dinner! Stop Stop!! A little problem, here is a nail! What will happen if i pull it out? That is it! It was this deep in the tire You can see it? 3 or 4 cm! But, until now, the tire looks good! Thumbs up to our tires! Schwalbe Mondial This is desert 2.0 Here, in the middle of the desert They grow bell peppers! Under some growing houses! In the middle of the desert! We have Two strong beers If you’re going to do something, then do it! Pasta with tomato sauce Chili beans and Olives! Where are you? 100km! New record! We are close to Eilat 20,15,10km? 15, maybe 20km to the beach Exactly, so we’ll do a beachday tomorrow And we’ll also cross the border to Jordan! We arrived at the Dea…, no not Dead Sea The Red Sea! Olga is swimming Now we make a nice Beachday! The weather is great, sun is shining The water is also warm, Olga immediately jumped in And… In the afternoon Later afternoon, 3 o’clock or something Maybe 4, we’ll cross the border… To Jordan Look for a campingspot there And tomorrow we’ll see Aqaba The neighbour city You can already see it from here The boats maybe That’s Aqaba. So this is all Jordan And a bit further, Saudi Arabia And in that direction 20km, Egypt! Michel is a taxi driver now!

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