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Cycling the Middle East #3 – Desert of Jordan – #20

Cycling the Middle East #3 – Desert of Jordan – #20

Bordercrossing Israel – Jordan Good morning from Jordan Jordan is country No. 21 Bordercrossing yesterday was fine It was a little bit messed up and funny But in the end we made it We pack our stuff now And then we go to Akaba, which is there And then we’ll se the city We are leaving Akaba now And we’re heading to Wadi Rum So far it’s really cool in Jordan Everyone is greeting and honking Notabene, friendly honking! Very friendly! We just ate some Falafel I think we recorded it For… Two Falafel Sandwiches For… How much did they cost? 1.30€? 1.30€ for two I don’t know! 5 times cheaper than Israel! Crazy place here! Our todays campingspot Here we’ll pitch up our tent Quite a nice View here! I think somewhere there the sun must rise There… somewhere there! Michel is working as a taxi driver now Good morning! we’re in the village Rum And last night We slept in a Beduin camp That was cool! There were 4 more people From germany, switzerland France and china Also young Backpacker And we had a great evening, quite authentic With nice food We had beduin food You have veggies and rice Which is cooked under the sand in a hole Yeah, in a hole you make a fire And when only the embers is left, you put the pot on it And then put sand over it And let it cook there for some hours And then burry it out again That was delicious Breakfast was also good And now we got a ride back to the village Now we move on! We filled up our water Did some grocery shopping yesterday For the next days in the desert Now we move on further into the desert Here we have the Wadi Rum Which is quite touristic We go a bit of the beaten path now It could be possible That we don’t have a village for 2 or 3 days Lunchbreak is over, we move on! This is our campingspot A bit behind Wadi Rum We made almost 70km Astonishing landscapes here Hi, short break! We cycled 28km It’s windy today! Less than 70km to Ma’an There we can refill our water And shop grocerys We would like to get as close as possible today Maybe do 40km more today We’ll see! Hopefully… The wind will stop soon, or? We are behind Ma’an now Maybe 10km or so Here we pitched up our tent It’s quite early But we are 40km before Petra And we want to see Petra… Tomorrow morning! No! The day after tomorrow! Exactly! Here’s our Solar panel Facing to the sun Let’s see Can you see, no… 0.35 Ampere And 5 Volt Alittle less than what you get from a plug It’s nice! An ANKER solarpanel We are really happy with it You have an amazon link In the description Check it out, it has very good reviews It’s a bit rainy today Down there is Petra! There is the Entrance There are all the Hotels We are in our appartement For.. 25 Dinar For two nights 30 Euro It’s okay We have quite a good room 2 beds, all our stuff here And Toilet and shower We hope we’ll have warm water Warm water is made with solar here So you have it only sometimes Today… There was’nt too much sun We’ll see Maybe just a bit arm water We are in the Petra visitor center Now we have to find the way Then we’ll see Petra! We made it up to the monastery There where 800 steps Amazing Now we enjoy a coffee here With a nice view and cardamon It’s an arabic coffee and it’s with cardamon Just amazing Astonishing! Now we are in a Dead end

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  1. Wenn ich wüsste, dass Sie in meinem Land Jordanien sind, würde ich Ihnen Gastfreundschaft, leckeres Essen und heißes Getränk anbieten

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