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Cycling the Middle East #5 – Jordan, Westbank and Israel – #22

It’s going downhill to the dead sea Everything ok? Damn it! This damned Dog village! That was… The sickest stuff ever! Wow, but… We survived i assume… Here we’ll put our tent And we have an awesome view We are back at the dead sea And over there… Is Ein Bokek We were there 2 weeks ago and swam in the dead sea We are back at the dead sea We have a nice campingspot! The funny thing is… Over there, the lights We were there one and a half weeks ago On the Israelic side On Palestinian side! We camped there near a checkpoint Funny stuff We’ve been there Today is our last night… In Jordan. We are close to the border In some bushes We found this place. Michel is pitching up the tent The 10 Days past so fast It was really nice here, we enjoyed it a lot Very nice, definitely! Cool people Many adventures Hot, snow, rain Mountains, rain Dead sea again, deepest point on earth This is the last night and tomorrow… We’ll cross the border, going back to Israel Over the Allenby Bridge Or here it’s called King Hussein Bridge And we read a bit, maybe it’s a bit of a hassle The people spend there between 2 and 4 hours Different fees… We’ll make our own experience But we hope… There are not too many people now And we want to be there tomorrow morning That it will be with trouble Without trouble, not with trouble! Without trouble! We made it! Back in Israel But we have a broken break And it was stressfull and we’re not in a good mood The lever, where is it? Here The lever broke off It was crazy On Jordan side we went in a bus Then drive to Israelic side There we saw that the brake ist broken. We complained We made a scene… So we had an intense security check And stuff like that… But we could pass it Then actually we got a VIP service Then we made it through all the security checks And then we had to get here It’s another 2km from the border You have to get another bus, but we didn’t want that! We didn’t want to take another bus, so we complained And i talked to the border manager etc. And in the end we got a taxi for free A big taxi Where our bikes fit in And we got it for free, normally it’s… 200 Schekel, 50 Euro They gave it to us Yeah, but the brake is our problem Because it seemed to happen in no mans land Israel side couldn’t do anything Because it was on Jordan side If we want something we should go back to Jordan Maybe then another brake will go broke And who knows Crazy We hope in Tel Aviv we can fix it There must be a bikeshop Where we can get a Break Lever I don’t know Now we go through Jericho To Jerusalem and before that we have a WS Host Quite steep! We move on It’s about 25km to Jerusalem We stay there some Days and my sister will visit us! Nice! They rescue a sheep which went on the highway He’s hopping around The bikeshop “Pedalim” repaired Olgas brake! We just cycled out of Jerusalem We are on the “1” Probably one of the most frequented Roads in israel But today is Shabbat So we hope there will be less traffic But whatever We go to tel Avivi now We stay there one night At friends of Olgas mum Then we go to the airport And then we fly back to Antalya, Turkey We pack our stuff now Prepare the bikes Then we cycle to the airport The only problem is, we have to take the boxes for the bikes We’ll see how we do that Will be interesting for sure We’ll show you in a second Boxes are packed! Olgas bike, these are empty boxes Easy! That was easy, no problem I have the boxes for the bikes… And… This is how it looks! So… I actually am an engineer So i kind of know this stuff It could work i think! It’s 15km That’s how long it must last And we have about 2 hours My Grandma will come to the airport too Yeah, Grandma will visit us at the airport In 2 hours, 15km, should be ok! We’ll see! We’ll see Let’s start Yikes Just a normal day in Israel I rebuilt it, i have all boxes now As an additional counter weight To reduce the momentum It’s quite okay now! I think we’ll make it! Quite an adventourus ride But everything was okay We made 1 or 2 stops to fix it But yeah, we made it Yes, you don’t need a taxi… If your husband is an engineer! I made the right choice! Good evening! We just drank a coffee with Olgas Grandma And talked a bit And said Goodbye Now the exciting stuff will begin Dissamble the bikes and pack everything And put it in the boxes And hope everything will work Tomorrow morning at 8 o’clock Our flight will take off. Now it’s 9? 10? Half past 9 Let’s see We maybe need a couple of hours to pack Then maybe sleeping a bit And then Safety check etc. It will maybe also take some time

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