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Cycling the Silk Road – Part 2: Bukhara and Khiva

Cycling the Silk Road – Part 2: Bukhara and Khiva

A melon break Done the first 20km Time for a melon Cotton mountains Are visible at the horizon now And here are the fields We got it for free on the market Super friendly Looks good Are you russian? Or do you understand russian? Yes a little bit I thought you were foreigners Where are you from? From Germany You understand russian A little bit You’re married? Yes How many days are you here? In Uzbekistan? Yes in Uzbekistan Ten days Ten days? You’ve also been in Tadjikistan? Tadjikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia… You’re coming from there or there? We started in Germany We go to Turkmenistan and Iran Can we make a picture? Now we are making lunchbreak Really nice these Tapchans I don’t know how to describe Platforms With pillows In the middle a table They are everwhere here. Also in Kyrgyzstan and Tadjikistan Really nice We ordered a tea Is the tea here? What it costs, but probably 1000sum A can of tea, 10cent Nice And then you lay down like this Tea, 500sum 500 is the tea A can of tea 500sum That’s 5cent Cloudy First time since Kyrgyzstan After 2 months We always had blue sky and sunshine Now the fall is coming We had some tailwinds Now headwinds Around 10km to Bukhara There we make another break Again three nights See the city Should be really nice too Also a very important tradecity back in the days We are in the suburbs Of Bukhara Here is something It’s just being build A Mausoleen It’s being rebuild and restored It’s something older We move on Hello from Bukhara Yesterday we arrived in the hostel Now we’re in the oldtown Of Bukhara Looks really impressive Much things to see It’s the biggest and best preserved oldtown in… Hole central asia And here are lot’s of things to see The silk road Tashkent Samarkand, Bukhara Now we continue to Khiva Through whole Uzbekistan A big network It’s like a timetravel 500,600,700,800 years back It’s so nice restored Like in Samarkand Really nice Nice for a walk Feel the history and culture Interesting This is also nice You recognize? We saw it in Samarkand too For decoration, this is Basil It’s real Basil We can make some nice Pasta today Stop eating the decoration So, The Samanit Mausoleen The oldest building in all central asia Here is the entrance And this piece of wood We just listened to a tourguide Is from the 9th. century And also the nails They could find out with science It’s over 1100 years old We bought some stuff at the market Here we have korean carott salad Here we have… eggplants And other veggies And a fresh baked bread Really delicious Nice First Plov in Uzbekistan Plov is the national dish Normally rice with veggies and meat But now without meat! The Hostel from outside And here is our vehicle We switched to the taxi again Yesterday we got A refusal For our Turkmenistan Visa They waited long to give us an answer Now we don’t have so much time left And we have to take a different route It’s difficult because of our Iran visa Will be invalid in 2.5 weeks Within the next 2.5 weeks we have to enter Iran So it stays valid Turmenistan would’ve been easy then But now we have to go for Plan B Which is… Yes, now with Taxi and Train And just a bit of cycling We go to Kazakhstan To… Aktau? Yes Aktau To the caspian sea Then a ferry to Baku, Azerbaijan And then we go Through Azerbaijan to Iran Exactly The problem is, there are no real ferrys It’s more like freighters Which take people as a side business Now we start soon Which have a side business And take persons Because of the Wind Pancakes, Pancakes, what was that? It was the sidewalk Now we take a taxi They take persons as a side business So there is no real schedule So you need some time for it It can maybe take a week Until you get a boat where you can go Which takes 2 hours No, 2 days So we need some time Now with Taxi to Khiva Good start, he went over the sidewalk Let’s see, should take 6 hours So 500m before the gasstation The tank is empty Now this car will pull us to it Quite accurate calculations Nice Unplaned stop Short break, good In the middle of the desert Crazy Might have been interesting to cycle here But maybe boring and exhausting It’s not bad like this Really, a km before the gasstation 5km before it he was getting slower and slower And he was like “Oh, it’s almost empty” The all go with gas acually Quite interesting And he was getting slower and slower And 1km before, the engine turned off Nice Hello from Khiva Hello, we arrived good yesterday Checked in a hotel And relaxed Now we are in front of the citywall The gate to the city Now we see it You are with us. Have fun We walked up a minarett We got nice views for it After we haven’t cycled for a week i think We are back on the road now We were 4 nights in Khiva Unfortunately Olga doesn’t feel so good A little bit feever the last days So we will just cycle a little bit today To Urgench I think it’s 40km Or less Less i think There we will camp somehow Before the city Tomorrow we’ll take a train To Nukus And the next day from Nukus To Kazakhstan, Aktau So today is the last day of cycling In Uzbekistan There is Olga In this shop Buying train tickets We made 20km Or a bit more, something like that 22km almost Here we pitch our tent later It’s also very early. We made some breaks In a Caihana, had some tea Eating melon and relaxed Last time in Caihana in Uzbekistan Also the last night of camping now Tomorrow maybe Maybe we’ll camp tomorrow We are now 10km before Urgench We go there tomorrow Take a train to Nukus It’s like 5 hours journey And the next day then from Nukus To Aktau One train 26hours i think That will be fun With the border etc. We will see, you will be with us Now we relax and read a bit In the evening we’ll pitch the tent etc. An hour later We just got invited for a tea Lets see where we go We love guests, please eat Bread and other things Unbelivable, we had some vodka Sorry if we look funny A wonderfull evening So friendly A real nice family Our last evening in Uzbekistan Great We enjoyed the hospitality Here is our bed Our place for the night Here behind the door we stayed before Here is everything covered with carpets As usual here Okay, we go to sleep Good night Morning, we are back on the road To the train station We had a really nice evening With Ferusa And her Family We wrote down all the names in the morning Really nice We had breakfast and tea together Shared adresses and telephone numbers Yes, really nice A really nice experience In the last days in Uzbekistan Great Now we are on the way Getting out of the village And get back on the mainroad It’s 10km to the trainstation Really relaxed, it’s 9:30 now At 12 is our train We have enough time It’s quite cold today Even tough it’s blue sky. But around one week ago The fall arrived It was quite cold sometimes We wear our jackets It’s maybe 10°C i guess And maybe two weeks ago in Uzbekistan When we arrived. During midday It was over 30°C, summer! But suddenly it changed Fall is here now Let’s see how it continues In Azerbaijan and Iran We’ll see You have passport and ticket? Our train goes in 30 minutes We think maybe we are too late Where are you from? From Germany Spain? Germany She speaks good russian My wife is from Russia You can only enter with passport and a ticket Our train leaves soon. Will we make it? Half an hour before the registration is closed or? No, 1 Minute before The train just continued I’m recording a bit undercover Here are everywhere policemen I don’t know if they like it We have to stay here for the night now at the train station It’s 5P.M. At 6 A.M. tomorrow morning Our next train goes to Aktau Kazakhstan

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  1. …na super video. Aber warum musstet ihr mit dem Taxi and dann mit Zug fahren? Verzeihung, ich kann noch nicht so gut deutsch😱…ein Gruss auz Tschechei 👉👍👍✊ 🙋

  2. Super Video. Ich habe mal eine Frage, wenn Ihr in der Stadt unterwegs seit, wo lasst ihr eure Fahrräder und Gepäck in der Zeit? Seit ihr dann immer in einem Hotel? Viele Grüße aus München

  3. Gab es eigentlich eine Begründung warum ihr das Visum nicht erhalten habt oder habt ihr eine Vermutung?

    Freue mich schon auf die Iran Videos!

  4. Here I sit in Vermont and get a bike video with history, food, and really good commentary. Thank you for a great video it was awesome and safe cycling to you both. Take care, Al

  5. I can't help but wonder how the people as individuals are so nice, welcoming, and inviting. They never skip an opportunity to showcase their hospitality. But the moment we encounter institutions, like that railway station, everything become gaudy and rough and uncivilized. Even to take simple video he had to be careful. Great vlog nevertheless. Thanks.

  6. Ich bin 20 Jahre und mein Arbeitsvertrag läuft in 2 Monaten aus. Ich bin immernoch am überlegen, ob ich eine Weltreise mit dem Fahrrad machen sollte, oder in verschiedenen Hostels arbeiten sollte.

  7. Starting the taxi journey by going over a sidewalk and then tank empty…wowww adventurous taxi ride😂😂😂😂 btw I got to watch your video after a long time…hope you both are well…. I am having some hard time..hope I recover from it soon….happy journey 😀 and keep laughing 😀 lots of love from me from India ❤️💕 I loved your entire video😀

  8. Filmt doch auch mal Unstimmigkeiten, das würde eure Berichte lebensnaher machen, es ist nicht alles immer supertoll. Ich spreche aus Erfahrung, wir reisten auch schon mal drei Jahre mit dem Bike umher.

  9. Ich habe mal ne Frage wie habt ihr das angestellt während Eueres China Aufenthaltes ein Video auf YouTube hochzuladen? Wie immer ein super schönes Video von und mit euch Zweien.

  10. Hello Michel and Olga ! Hope you guys are doing great !

    Look =>

    I know Olga cooks pretty well but I thought this might add some new recipes possibilities to your daily menu !

    * I know you are vegetarian, so some recipes do not apply… 🙁
    Cheers from Brazil.

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