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Welcome to Aichi Prefecture! Today I’ve teamed up with Aichi Prefecture to check out how to ride and bike around this area in central, Japan. To get there, we’re taking a super smooth ride the magnetic, levitating train called Linimo and checking out a few stops along the way. At each stop, I’m doing a survey by bike checking out what to do and where to eat around Aichi, in the heart of Japan. Hey Guys!
I’m Loretta and welcome to my channel, KemushiChan! I’m going to go buy my ticket and then we’ll get started. To get here you start at Nagoya station, then take the Subway Higashiyama Line to Fujigaoka St. OK, let’s go! We made it to Irigaike Koen Station. We’re first going to check out Cycle Joy. Bike rentals are pretty popular across Japan, but at Cycle Joy you can rent them for FREE. You just need to fill out a brief application, available in English, to rent a bike for the day. We made it to the first place. It’s a local ramen shop, but it has a very special flair to everything its serving up. I got the cheese, curry, soy milk, tan-tan men. The lunch set also comes with a special side so I got Italian TKG. And then there’s deep fried gyoza! Who doesn’t like that? I’m going in! Mmmmmm! That’s a good tantan-men! Good heat, good cheese, good balance, good eats! Our main ramen is Tonkotsu (Pork-bone) based. So It’s kind a like the fable , but you are the wolf. This is the concept of this restaurant. A-ha, I see. A lot of rugby players come to eat here and this town has a lot of study abroad students, so we get a lot of students, too. Welcome to the grounds of Iwasaki castle! If you use a bike like we did you can get pretty close to it off the Linimo, and from the surrounding areas as well. We just learned about the history of this castle that starts in the early 16th century, there were so many battles and stories about how the castle was turned over between different families but none of that really known outside of Japan. In Japan there are these things called TAIGA dramas which is like historical dramas, and apparently this castle has been skipped over, but Iwasaki castle has a huge history that you have to come here to see here yourself. Thanks to the bike we were able to do that today. Next up, I read there are a bunch of trendy cafes in the area and decided to check one out along the way. They have delicious coffee and a full bar, but they also have some cool desserts, so I’m getting a little treat after all that bike riding. The Chocolate Bon Bon. Do you guys want a bite? Looking good! Oh my god! It’s like caramel swirly nougat stuff. My otsukare-bon bon. This is so good! It’s not overly sweet, I really like that. Ahh. A proper cup of coffee! We made it to the next station, Ai-chikyuhaku Kinen Koen. Also it’s the home of Aichi Expo Park. This is one of the hugest and widest attractions. We’re going to be cycling here today, but also, DO YOU GUYS LIKE GHIBLI? There’s a little treat in for you today. This whole area is loved by people around here for picnicking and hanging out. So this is where you pick up your ticket to rent a bike! 1 person, 100yen for the whole course. Nice. And then you can take it over here Good morning, miss.
Good morning. May I have your ticket, please?
Here is your helmet. Please select the size.
Okay. So, your card is yellow?
Yes, it’s yellow. Bike time! We made it to the first checkpoint and I have something EXTRA special to show you guys! Look over here! About two kilometers into the bike course there’s this hidden house from the original My Neighbor Totoro movie. Isn’t it just adorable? There’s the pond over there, too. You can actually go in and do tours. Welcome to the heavens! You can see the entire bike course from up here! I bet you it’s beautiful in the Spring too, but these Fall colors? The reds and the yellows and blue sky… Aichi Expo Park is a huge space where families can come play, it’s a great date spot, you can go on picnics and the CYCLING is by far my favorite! You can really see far out from here! If you ride the Linimo train to the last stop, you’ll arrive at Yakusa station. From there you can transfer to the Aichi Loop Line and catch a soccer game or the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Toyota Stadium or head back towards Nagoya! I only visited a few spots along the Linimo Line, but let me know in a comment if there’s another spot I should check out next. Thanks for watching! I’ll see you next time. Bye!

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  1. Wait…as soon as I clicked on the Aichi job page for Altia Central I got the notification for this Aichi bike video…Spooky. Hope you two had a great Christmas!

  2. Totally unrelated comment here😅. I want to propose to my gf at the Shibuya illumination in a few days, but I’m also thinking of doing it on the 1st at the Tokyo Midtown ice rink. Any advice, or areas that might be better? お疲れ様でした on the great video!

  3. I'm intrigued by The process of making The video. I mean, do you have a crew? Must be exhausting to locate The camera and than make The same path again on record. Just for curiosity…
    By The way, well done.

  4. Thanks for the video. My wife and I love your videos. Your mastery of the Japanese language is wonderful. Thanks for sharing the beautiful sights of Japan with us. Much love from Iowa USA…

  5. I always enjoy your vidoes and I just love your enthusiasm!!! I am currently in my 2nd year of studying/learning Japanese, I hope to be as fluent as you 💖💖💖

  6. I know you might think I am a person who doesn't have anything to do, but I'm just addicted to your videos, can't help it))! hahaha どうも!愛知はとてもきれいな町ですよ!

  7. Wow! I just got hit with a wave of nostalgia! I studied abroad at a language school in this area a year and a half ago! It's an incredible area and I'm glad you enjoyed being there!

  8. Hope you had fun here! Currently living here though I haven’t travelled around much outside of my town and Nagoya yet. This inspired me to. Make a day trip out of it 🙂

  9. Very nice !
    Thank you for the tour.
    Do you know if they have bicycles for people with kids / toddlers ?

    Keep up the good work! Happy holidays to you.

    Best regards,

  10. I just got back home from Aichiken and I've been to some of those places!
    It's a good thing I left cuz I woulda freaked in public if I saw you there xD

  11. I really love your VLOGS ~ your VLOGS inspires me to study Japanese and be Independent! Arigatou Gozaimasu🙇‍♀️

  12. Love! We visit Nagoya and around Aichi about once a year. There are so many fun things to do there. The food is also absolutely delicious!

  13. Been watching your videos for.months because I've always been interested in Japan since college. But I've been putting off my plan to travel and apply for mext because of one concern: earthquakes. I know it's absurd but I'm really worried about that lol. How often do you experience it in say a month, and is my concern ridiculous? lol

    Btw, this video is calming and refreshing. Something that I needed to watch amid the holiday chaos. Thank you very much.

  14. Loved the video! I spent 5 months studying in Nagoya last year on exchange and used to take the linimo to uni everyday! Brought back a lot of good memories 😊

  15. Beautiful shots & editing for this video! I'm visiting Japan again soon and this makes me want to visit this area now. There's just so much to see there. Thank you for sharing these hidden gems ^_^

  16. This is actually right near the area where I studied abroad!! I love Nagakute and the World Expo park is absolutely beautiful!! 超懐かしい!!

    For anyone who wants to come to Japan, don't forget about the Nagoya/Aichi area!! There's so much to see and do there <3

  17. 私の質問を答えてください。

    First of all. Love your channel. (Subscribed for half a year now).
    I'm from India and I want to study in Japan through the MEXT Scholarship.
    My question is: If the MEXT scholarship is for only Japanese Government (or private) schools, how can I study there with minimal Japanese knowledge (or do I have to know till N2?). Even if I could study In English, won't that be extremely useless?

  18. 1:15 "eat, drink, be happy" 😂
    2:22 I'd watch like 1 hour of this footage non stop. "biking in japan"
    3:20 harry potter potions class flashbacks

  19. Sweet! I’ subscriber 105K +. You have great energy & production quality. Great shots, clear audio, nice burned in text, and a soft touch on the special effects. Glad to be with you on your journey. You are special (props to your production mate).

  20. ロレッタさんの動画は、リズミカルでテンポがよいので楽しいです。7分半で表現される素晴らしい映像の世界。好奇心と陽気なムード。知的で適切な言葉使い。・・魅力的ですね。

  21. You basically travelled around the city where I lived when I visited Japan as Interchange Student!! It was so great to see Nagakute City (Aichi) again through your video, definitely I'm gonna subscribe right now!! :'D Greetings from Mexico!

  22. I really enjoy your videos! It's a great opportunity for viewers to travel places without spending the money. Have you been to Guma prefecture? Please make more travel videos.

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