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Benefits of cycling
Cycling to Uni | Cycling in London | Student vlog

Cycling to Uni | Cycling in London | Student vlog

Hi my name Greta and I’m a third year visual
effects student and today I’m going to talk to you about cycling to Uni. One of the big,
big advantages of having a bike in London and cycling to Uni is saving money, so depending
on where you live, you’re probably going to use the bus, unless you live in Paragon
which has the shuttle going from Paragon to Uni and from Uni, back – you are probably
gonna spend some money on the buses. Having a bike is a great, great way to kinda like
spare yourself that bus fare that you would normally pay to get there. Another great,
great advantage of cycling to Uni is the time saving. So for example, last year, I lived
in Acton which is like 30 minutes away on the bus from our University, whereas cycling
took me 10 to 15 minutes which is a great thing, especially if you’re running late
for the classes and, the third kinda like big, big advantage is the like extra workout you’re
getting. Going on to my third year, I know I’m not going to have that much time to
workout, or like, I don’t even want to workout. I don’t like going to the gym and I find
it hard to motivate myself, but you know, if you give me a bike and I’m you know,
30 minutes away from Uni, I’m gonna have to cycle and I’m gonna have to get that
workout in, which, you know, pays off later on. Having said that, our University is basically
surrounded by loads and loads of, kind of, bicycle racks, or like places you can leave
your bike, including one, kinda, enclosed one, which has, like a roof, so basically
when it’s raining you can leave your bike there and it won’t get wet and you won’t
get that horrible wet seat. Also, this is something that I’ve never actually personally
used, but I have noticed it around Uni and I thought it was worth mentioning, I did see
our Uni running some, like free services for students that cycle, like free bicycle services,
so clearly our Uni is very bike friendly and I saw they can give you some tips on cycling
around London as well so like that’s great. Having said that I think it’s very important
to understand that with cycling in London, you know, there are some dangers that come
with it. Just don’t take any chances. Anytime you cycle after dark definitely have as many
lights as you can, or always have them in your backpack, in case, like you’re gonna
be getting, you’re gonna stay, let’s say you stay at the library too late and you have
to get back after dark or whatever, just always have them in your bag so you can put them
on. Another tip that I would give, obviously that’s, you know, it will depend on your
budget, but I would say, get a good bike, because, at the end of the day it does save
you money in the long run. Make the most out of cycling but definitely stay safe because
there’s dangers coming with anything like this, there’s dangers with driving but,
you know, we still do it, and I think cycling to Uni is great, I think it’s one of the
best decisions I’ve made, but definitely take all the precautions so that you don’t
get hurt because, you know, safety comes first and stuff. Alright, I hope you enjoyed this
video and I hope you take all the tips I gave you and I will see you soon. Bye.

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