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Cycling Tour from Narkanda to Jeori : Episode 2

Cycling Tour from Narkanda to Jeori : Episode 2

Hello guys, welcome back to honeybee adventures today’s the day 2 . I am at Narkanda,look at the view ! Isn’t it beautiful My name is Akshay it’s Day 2 cycling from Narkanda. We are going to Rampur Bushahr . Lovely View Here ! It’s mostly all downhill, my bike is parked there. Okay, let the car go, let’s see how it goes.See you on the road bye bye ! Hi guys, welcome back It’s all downhill around 25 kilometers from Narkanda right now ! Passed Kumarsain and look at this view ! Yep, you can see the river Spiti flowing below. I hope you can see it Beautiful beautiful the temperature is perfect. The first was all Uphill ride ! Second day is all downhill. Second is all downhill So I am just enjoying to go on the road. See you on the road. Bye – Bye Lovely waterfall , Beautiful ! Can’t get much Better , Wow ! And a small Uphill Climb ! Look at the View ! Isn’t it Beautiful ! The valley’s are Beautiful ! Around 4:15 will reach ,18 Kms to go to Rampur Bushahr ! Right now its around 10:45 Ya , close there ! If we reach early , will wait near Rampur Bushahr if there’s any place to stay ! Will do my lunch at Rampur Bushahr ! Will have lunch in Rampur But , ya ! All of you guys, need to try this ! Look at the river , man ! 5 kilometers before Rampur Bushahr and Here I am besides Satluj River ! How calm is this river at this moment, of course in rains it would be more vigorous ! Haha, but right now is so serene ! calm and beautiful Look at it It’s around 11:30-11:35 right now ! I Started my journey around 8:30 from Narkanda . It’s just 4 kms or 5 kms to Rampur Bushahr ! The road is beautiful beautiful ! Might be having lunch here, Mostly will go till the end today, if not will stay here only. Let me see the town first. Hi Finally reached Jeori ! 97 kms around 100 kms from Narkanda ! It was a hectic day, first a downhill of around 32 for 35 kilometres then the straight beautiful route through the Satluj River and then Uphill climb till here. This is my room. It’s a bit costly. Yeah, but the view is beautiful ! Yes That’s the view That’s for the Day . I’ll have my dinner later. Let me get fresh totally exhausted and tired ! of all the climbs climbing up stairs , Bye – Bye ! Finally we get to see Satluj River , yes behind me is the Satluj River ! River which flows from India Pakistan and it meets Arabian Sea from Pakistan. This is how exactly It starts from Basically !

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