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Benefits of cycling

Cycling Towards a Brighter Future in India

( When I was younger, like 10 years old, I picked up cycling. I want to study and grow up to be a doctor. So we don’t have to live in poverty anymore. One of the biggest transforming factors in a kid’s life is education, that I knew from my personal experience. From a slum, I became a doctor. I have my clinic and today I’m able to help so many people with my charity. (an Our Better World story) (by Anshul Tiwari) (POWERED BY SINGAPORE INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION) When I got 10 cents, I used to ride a bicycle for 15 minutes. Just the feel of the air coming on you when you are cycling. Half of my 9th standard, I could not attend school, because I could not afford the bus fee. The biggest issue was going from my house to the school. (Mumbai) (Dr Darvekar’s home) The slum where I stayed, a lot of people helped me with the bus fees so that I could go to school. And that is how I could complete my studies. We had a burning desire that we should help tribal people, one way or another. (Every Saturday)
(Dr Darvekar travels to the remote areas of)
Palghar district, Maharashtra for his charity.) And when we started doing work in the tribal area, I saw that many things were available at the school, but to get the students to the school was a challenge. People are hard-pressed for even a few rupees. They cannot afford the bus fee or the rickshaw fee. These are tribal children. Their parents are farmers. They have no access to education at home. We are their only hope for education. (Unable to walk the distances,
many children quit school.) Then we came up with the novel idea. Give them bicycles, so that they can reach school. I just floated this idea: We are planning to give so many bicycles. This is my target. I sent this message to everybody. Believe me, most of the donations are voluntary. (With money from donors, Dr Suwas buys the bicycles for children in the tribal schools.) Dr Suwas told the children to come to school. I won’t quit school. I will use the bicycle to further my education. And these children keep coming to school. Their attendance is 100 per cent. If I can take one student, who is going to drop out from school, to the college level. Not only one child, one family is uplifted. When I got my new bicycle, it felt really good. I was really happy. Ealier it took me a long time to reach school, because I had to walk. The bicycle saves me a lot of time. Sometimes my parents ask me to run errands on my bicycle. And? I’ve got a very pretty bicycle. With my education, I could achieve something in life. Come what may, I won’t quit school. If these children didn’t get their bicycles, they would’ve quit school. Building a better India is not the sole prerogative of the government. It is us, the citizens of India and the world, who can take initiative and work for the betterment of our environment, of our people. So even a humble bicycle can teach us a lot. And we learnt this through Dr Darvekar. ( (Telling stories. Inspiring action.) (Our Better World) (POWERED BY SINGAPORE INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION)

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