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Cycling Training Sessions For Bad Weather | Make This Winter Count

Cycling Training Sessions For Bad Weather | Make This Winter Count

– Bad weather, short
days, long, dark nights. That’s right, the winter
really is the perfect time to make some great fitness
gains for you to enjoy throughout the following year. – Yeah! Standby, you’ve got
three months of no events, no distractions, and no
reasons why you shouldn’t be focused on creating a
better and stronger you. – Can we, uh, start with
the indoor sessions? Because, to be really honest,
I’m not enjoying this. – Yeah, a bit grub isn’t it? Let’s go inside. (bass thumping beat) (techno music) – Fat burning sessions can be completed in a variety of ways, but if you want be
incredibly time-efficient with your training, we recommend short,
high-intensity efforts. Thirty second sprints are
proven to burn fat for longer after exercise than
traditional low-intensity fat burning rides. So a session to include these intervals would be six 30 second max efforts with two minutes rest in between. But because these sessions are both physically and mentally very demanding, you shouldn’t aim to complete
more than two of these at most in any given week. The beauty of the sessions though, is that they are very short. With a short warmup and warm down, you can be done within thirty minutes. Training indoors is the
perfect time to work on short intervals that build
your speed and your power, because if you head
outside, you’ve got traffic you’ve got junctions, and a whole host of other environmental
factors to contend with, so cut out the dead time
and the distraction, and work on your intensity indoors. Interval sessions can be
as varied as you like, and we’ve got a load of
videos up on the channel, and we’ll pop a link in
the description down below if you want to follow some of those. (techno music) Gym sessions can be a good way to work on muscle imbalances,
weaknesses, and stabilization, but also injury prevention. These sessions are also
good for bone density and improving the
efficiency of your muscles. Explosive workouts with help increase your muscle accruement, and build newer muscular strength. Building muscle, depending on the event, will potentially be
beneficial to cyclists. For example, if you’re injury
prone or frequently crash, like myself, it could be beneficial to have residual strength that goes beyond the functional strength normally required to ride or race a bicycle. If you’re using a muscle group frequently, it can be advisable to
regularly stretch as well. Many reasons have been
cited over the years. A long muscle is a strong muscle. Injury prevention, greater
range of motion, and comfort. The more conscience you are of the condition your body is in, the more chance there is of you preventing any injury developing, and preventing you from riding your bike. (techno music) – Weekend rides are
the perfect opportunity to make your cycling a
little bit more social. Not only will the time pass by faster, with a little bit of good company, but you’ll also be working
on your group riding skills, and enhancing the technical
aspect of your cycling. These rides should be
carried out at a sustainable, conversational pace, and last
for between two and six hours, depending on the event you’re working for. – I thought you weren’t going to turn up. – Well, I considered it. You
know, looking at the weather. Come on. – A good ride is always
done with your mate. Ah-ha! (techno music) – Gone are the days of
gently riding in the winter. Now is the time to
kickstart your fitness with some VO2 efforts. You’re
looking at doing these at around 121% of your FTP, and do around five times five minute efforts. Five on, five off, just like
Chris is getting on there. They’re also really good
to keep you nice and warm, and it will really help
your overall fitness. Oh, I’m freezing. Four more to go Chris! Don’t hold back, mate! Come on! (techno music) One session that I’m a huge believer in for increasing your
muscular endurance is riding at the sort of effort which means you’re only going to be able
to sustain short sentences. These efforts will last for anything from 12 to 20 minutes
or perhaps even an hour if you’re a little bit more advanced. They’re going to hurt, but these sessions will do more than any other to increase your all ’round cycling performance. One strong reason for
including these in the winter is they’ve got short recovery periods meaning you won’t call off too much and the work load will
last for a long time. When you’ll gain body heat
throughout the session and likely have less issue
with the cold climate. (techno music) Embracing the dirt on really bad days is one of my favorite ways
to sort of get outside. Enjoying a training session and having a little fun whilst
doing something different. Off road riding is especially good for staying warm when it’s cold and wet. Windchill is less of a factor when going a little slow whilst off road. When it comes to perfecting
on bike technique, I genuinely believe
riding different bikes, of all varieties, will help
make you a better rider. So try something new, you’ll be come a more
efficient and competent rider. These off road rides can incorporate any of the sessions we’ve mentioned but generally, they do lend themselves to an endurance workout or
one with short intervals. Just make sure you don’t skimp on the amount of time you
actually spend peddling. (techno music) So there you have it. Those are our key, go-to
winter training sessions let us know how you get on with them. – Yeah and if you do find that you rely on some other training sessions
that we haven’t mentioned then do let us know in
the comment section below. – Give this video a big
thumbs up before you go and check out some more
winter tips just down there. We’re off to finish that endurance ride we talked about earlier. – Four hours to go! Yeah boy!

69 comments on “Cycling Training Sessions For Bad Weather | Make This Winter Count

  1. A small but important note is static stretching does not show any benefit in scientific research. Maybe look to include flexibility in your workouts but don't stretch

  2. I wish winter would last only three Months.. now it's 2C and first snow is to come any day soon.. hopefully it'll be under six Months this time. Well, one can always wish… :/

  3. I am Training only on my Wahoo kickr this winter. Makes more sense than going outside also power measurement is easier indoors

  4. Pls join the team tree
    The team needs 20 million trees by 2020
    You need to join because cycling is eco friendly

  5. I love riding outside, rain or shine, warm or cold. In the winter I love it when the roads are empty and it's just you and the elements.

    I chose to invest in proper warm rain gear instead of going the zwift route and I'm very pleased about it. I know it's not for everybody but so far the winters were over in a breeze.
    Side effect; you'll be killing it on your local routes compared to the spring hibernation cycling crowds.

  6. Take more food than in summer. Literally just back from 40 mile ride and wish I took a jam sandwich or two. Was fine in summer on my faster bike. Bonked hard 😭.

  7. I've decided to just go on my Neo2 for most of the dark winter days and do a structured zwift training plan… 4-5 workouts a week varying from 45mins to 2 hrs 20mins…too many nutters driving on the roads in summer, let alone winter… stay safe

  8. Hi GCN, just wanted to say thank you very much for what you do. Thanks in part to you guys in the last 11 months I’ve lost 35kg and got into cycling.

    This October I took part in the great cycling challenge to raise money for childhood cancer research. I’ve just completed my 1500 target, raised $1380 and today completed my first ever 100 mile ride.

    Thank you very much and keep up the great work!

  9. I saw Chris sans gloves and realized that he had to be warming up in the support vehicle between takes. No way would I try to ride any length of time with snow flakes swirling around with out gloves.

  10. James, what front light are you using, it was very visible. Chris what happened to the weekly updates on the Zwift Academy or is it all over, what happened?

  11. What would you recommend for regarding rowing?

    I've got a rowing machine and I was getting fit on it until I came to the conclusion that siting in my lounge rowing whilst staring at the wall is not as much fun as being out outside on my bike. But with the winter on it's way it might be worth staring at a wall a bit to avoid the weather.

    But how would you recommend fitting rowing sessions in to a cycling winter programme?

    Should it be long efforts or short efforts? How many times per week?

  12. I live in michigan in usa. And we get alot of snow where I'm from. Any tips to get my road bike to ride safely for my commutes and longer sessions. Or do I have to splurge on a cx or gravel bike to fit studded tires.

  13. I don't even look at my road bike from OCT-MARCH. Instead, I do; spin class 2 x week, stair climber 2x week, yoga 3x week, weight lifting 4x week. Maybe an occasional club ride on the weekend, weather permitting.

  14. Mudguards, where are your mudguards boys. Raised eyebrows in the UK riding without in the mudguard season 😉😀😂

  15. Hi! Interesting video. I use to train 3x week in Zwift with workouts and hit series. By the way, which model of front flash light are you using in the video? Thx

  16. It's a summer sport, just do something else: get a rest from cycling, check for gym related clues in this video to get some ideas.

  17. What good is outdoor winter training, if you get sick doing it. Dressing correctly for cold/wet conditions, is more important, than the extra benefits of outdoor training, over indoor training. Cost many times, limits the dressing options for cyclists.

    In the US, I have found a number of bits of cold/wet weather gear at stores like Costco. They are NOT made for cycling, but they work very well.

    Items I found at Costco.

    Head (running) gloves $10

    Kirkland 1/4 Zipper Cotton pullover $12.00

    Kirkland Extra Fine Wool & Pima Cotton Sweater (base wear) $12.00

    32 Degrees Cool (base wear) SS T-Shirts $10 for 2 shirts

    32 Degrees Heat (base wear) LS T-Shirts $9

    32 Degrees Heat (base wear) Spandex Tights $9

    32 Degrees Heat Full Zipper Jacket (Spandex) $15

    32 Degrees Heat Tights (Spandex) $15

    Nike Golf wind/rain breaker $20.00

  18. You see, its nice to hear about winter training under the uk rain but we never see videos on how to deal with snow (right fellow canadians?)

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