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Cycling Up The World’s Steepest Road | Wales’ Record Breaking Hill

Cycling Up The World’s Steepest Road | Wales’ Record Breaking Hill

– Isn’t Harlech in Wales brilliant, James? – Yeah mate. Oh, it’s alright. – Did you know that Harlech Castle first began construction in 1283, and was the stronghold of Owain
Glyndwr, the last Welsh man to be the claimant to the
title Prince of Wales? And the song Men of Harlech, well that was about the seven year siege of this very castle in 1481? – I mean, mate, that’s really interesting and all well and good, but
why have you brought me to North Wales in February
to give me a history lesson? To be fair mate, I could’ve just Googled it.
– Wait, wait, wait. Because Harlech is also claiming to have the steepest road in the world. And it’s over there. Well they need claim no more. It’s officially official. As of the 16th of July 2019, Guinness World Records have ratified that Ffordd Pen Llech in Harlech is indeed the steepest
street in the world. The title was held by Baldwin Street in Dunedin, New Zealand, which has a gradient of 35%. But what with losing this title and the Cricket World Cup, it’s not been a good week for the Kiwis. – [James] Ollie persuaded me to come up to North Wales in the depths of winter to see if we could
claim the fastest ascent of the world’s steepest street for GCN. It seemed impossible but
Ollie was strangely confident. – Mate, this is steep. (James laughing) Wales and New Zealand’s are
pretty similar actually, mate, both rain lots, both have mountains. – Both love sheep. – Yeah but, New Zealand has kiwis, Wales has dragons.
– Has dragons. – According to Strava the
climb is 330 meters long with an average gradient of 16% maxing out at 36 around here. So we thought we’d
measure it for ourselves to see if it really is,
James did you remember the high tech GCN measuring equipment? – Yes mate. – What’s that?
– What, my phone. What? They do everything nowadays. Check that out, 36%, I
don’t reckon you’re going to be able to ride up that mate. – Just been looking on Strava, only about 600 people have been up here. I reckon we’ve got a really good chance of taking the KOM on the
steepest road in the world! How cool is that? – To be fair mate, that’ll be pretty cool. – Yeah. – But it’s a one-way street, isn’t it? – Don’t worry, I’ve thought of that. We’ve got a man with a sign at the top I’ve contacted the council, they’ve specially closed the road for us. – And, mate it’s ridiculously
steep, I can’t get up that. – Thought of that too. I’ve waited for a day with
a 22 mile an hour tailwind. It’s going to be amazing!
– But you haven’t thought about this, mate, I
haven’t even got my bike so I can’t do it anyway. – Nah, I packed it for ya. – Did you?
– Yeah. – Oh, mate. Right man, I think I’m ready. – You ready, you going to give it a go? – Let my tires down. – Nice, added traction I like it. Go on then.
– Right, see what we can do. – See if you can do it. (timer beeping) – In the saddle! – What James doesn’t know is
that I swapped his gears out (he laughs) for a 39:23! – [James] It’s actually going pretty well. (inspiring orchestral music) – Flying up there, how was that? – Huh?
– How was that? – Hard.
– Yeah? Was it tough? – Yeah. Check Strava. – You’re 2nd on Strava. You’re joint 2nd on Strava. Fair play, that! – Where’re you seeing that? – ‘Cause you got 1:26. 1:26 is 2nd, you’re just not updated yet on the thing but you will be. – Oh, 2nd. – Fair one. 2nd on the steepest climb in the world, that’s pretty good, that. I did swap your gears though, I forgot to tell you. – Oh did you?
– Yeah. Put your 39:23 on. – Oh!
– Just thought it might make it easier for you. – I let the tires down, felt
like riding a cross bike. (Ollie laughing) I was like. Right, I guess it’s your turn, mate. – Oh god, I’ll give it a go. – But you got your climbs bike. (Ollie scoffing) Lightweight, the climbing
helmet, tailwind. Mate, this is all you, this is yours. Can feel it. (tense electronic music) I’m quite happy with 1:26. Hang on a minute. Ollie! Are you on an E-bike? Is that Ollie on a E-bike? (inspiring orchestral music) (James laughing) Come on Ollie! Ah, he’s flying up there. Mate. – Mate.
– Nice skid. Fair play. You brought an E-bike.
– I know. – You brought an E-bike.
– D’you know what? Done it. I’ve only gone and done it, haven’t I? – You’re now the fastest
person in the world to go up the hardest climb in the world. I know, it’s awesome, I mean. – How’s that feel? – It’s just great, I mean. That record is going to
stand for absolutely ages I can’t see anyone beating that, I mean who is going to be sad enough to wait for a day with a massive tailwind, get the council to close the
road and bring an E-bike? – Well, no one, mate. – [Cyclist] Alright guys? – Who’s that? Mate, that’s Dan Evans, national, well, multiple national hill-climb champion. What’s he doing here? (epic orchestral music) – Mate, he’s probably not going to get it. Yes, he is a national hill-climb champion and, well yes he can sit
at 800 watts for a minute, but, mate, it’s wet, its
damp and you look way faster. You got it.
– Yeah, I think you’re right. Oh, just got an email. Someone took your KOM.
– No. – You alright, mate? – How you doing?
– Yeah, I’m good. How you doing?
– Fair play dude. – Yeah good.
– Trust you to turn up! – Well, one of my local hills! – What on earth did you
have to average to do that? – 600 watts for a minute and 11. Big effort.
– You made it look easy. – Ah, it was really
tough, really tough climb. – So, you’ve been up a lot of climbs. How does that rate amongst like? – Well it’s definitely steep. That middle gradient round the bend, as steep as it gets. It’s short but it’s brutal. – Yeah, well, good to see ya and congratulations on getting the KOM on the steepest climb in the world. Thanks Dan Evans, former
national hill-climb champ. Right, well we hope
you’ve enjoyed this video and our feeble attempt to take the KOM. – We gave it a go, didn’t we? – If you have then please
give it a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel and if you’d like to watch a video on how to climb steep
climbs then click on down.

100 comments on “Cycling Up The World’s Steepest Road | Wales’ Record Breaking Hill

  1. Don't upload your e-bike rides on Strava. Thats the most anoying thing when you almost kill yourself ,finally getting the KOM and a week later some dude on an e-bike takes it away from you. They usually don't try to take them away but they just do it unintentionally and then the ride uploads itself to strava when they get home .

  2. That CannonDale Bike is so beautiful. If I win the lottery, I will buy one and hang it in my front room.

  3. ok guys confused here, how can it be the steepest climb in the world….when you cant actually cycle up it because its no entry going up?, I noticed the no entry and one way signs, you can only cycle down, so by default its the steepest road you can cycle down……the other country seems to be the steepest road you can cycle up

  4. I am from Monterrey Mexico and I remember a road near my house that should be steeper than this. You almost have to walk backwardly uphill. It is the way to enter "El Cerro de la Silla". I wonder if Monterrey being the city of the mountains could win the title.

  5. Just wondering if if anyone knows how this compares to Rosedale chimney bank in North Yorkshire….asking for a friend

  6. I thought 21% was steep and patted myself on the back for getting across that, but 40% is insanely steep. 40% could be used on an abseiling 101 course.

  7. A road on Mt Lookout Square in Cincinnati gets my vote. I was in good biking shape then, on a Schwinn 10 speed, pedaled standing up, and barely was able to keep going.

  8. summer hill, bristol. that area of totterdown is STEEEEEP!!! i think one of the roads is steepest city street with houses in UK???

  9. Care to come to my home town and climb the steepest street in the southern hemisphere. (Previously the steepest street in the world.)

  10. What about Scanuppia? A road that is so steep that is closed to cars and you can't descend because your brakes would fail!

  11. Try the zoncolan in italy the european most difficuolt road and one of the most famuos steet of giro di italia

  12. It doesn't look as steep as going up Baldwin St but it's got lots of corners so it's hard to compare by video. Baldwin street is a steep straight, much better for rolling Jaffa races or killing yourself in a wheelie bin! I'm a kiwi Baldwin with welsh roots but I think Dunedin takes the prize here

  13. We have a 30 something percent road too and its gravel. You practically cant ride up there. In lowest gear, you either weelie all the time or your back wheel drifts away. We tried highend mtbs, we tried mountain e bikes (engine simply leads to perma-drift but no climbing). this seems like a piece of cake compared to our mountain of death.

  14. Ummm. I' m sorry but I lived and rode in Japan for 20 years, and there are roads you can't climb in monkey gear on an mtb. This looks like child's play.

  15. Take this as constructive criticism, as I am a big fan of the channel. I think the script and acting of this video was a bit too silly and too much, I personally prefer a more natural video. Otherwise, a good video.

  16. Just a shame the street wasn't surveyed correctly. Outside bend way flatter than inside, so gradient should be taken down the centerline. Otherwise nice riding.

  17. Calle el Monroy, Santa Cruz de Tenerife is steeper:

    Garth Hill, Gwaelod-Y-Garth:

  18. Not a chance that's the steepest street in the world. In Auckland (yes, another NZ climb) we've a street that maxes out at 45%. Its average gradient is 18.9% but is 800 metres long. It, for sure, is simply the hardest climb in the world. Here's the Strava segment . It's called Te Aute (Tea Oughty)

  19. Now that I have seen this I have no idea why guiness granted this record to this street. Baldwin Street is straight and has a higher gradient for longer. This street only beats it on one corner!!

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