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Cyclist Vs Runner | GTN Lanzarote Hill Climb Challenge

Cyclist Vs Runner | GTN Lanzarote Hill Climb Challenge

(intense music) – We’re back out in Lanzarote on one of our favorite climbs, Tabayesco. Now I’ve lost count the amount
of times I’ve ridden up here, I’ve even raced up it too. – Well I’m quite opposite to you, Mark, I hardly even recognize these views and I must say I very rarely ridden it. – Well one thing we do
have in common, Heather, is that neither of us
have run up here before. – That is true and we have
noticed quite a few trail runners taking what looks like a short cut, they go straight up the hill
and avoid the switchback and we thought it shouts a race. – But not just any old race, a runner versus cyclist. See, we’ve done a bit of research here and with 3K to go on the road, the trail starts and it goes
directly through the roads. (upbeat music) So, here’s the route we spotted. Tangled through the
middle of the switchbacks, there is an off-road run trail. Although, neither of us
actually know what it’s like. But one of us is going to find out. But how, you ask,
between a bike and runner possibly be a race or at least a fair one? Well, let us explain. – For the bike, which is 3K up the hill, Kamoot predicts is should take 14 minutes. – Whereas the run route behind me cuts straight through those roads and brings the overall
distance down to 1.4 kilometers and predicts a time of 15
minutes to the finish point, the same finish point
at the top of the hill. – Now we’ve got that route sorted, I think all that’s left to do is to decide who runs and who cycles? Right Mark, I’m not
putting excuses out there but I think you’ve got a
little bit of an advantage. I know that neither of us are
familiar with the run route, but you definitely know the
bike route better than me and I’m trying to work out
which is going to give me the best advantage, I’m not sure. – Oh hey, look, I am going
to be a gentleman here, and let’s be honest, it
doesn’t happen very often. I’m happy doing either, so why don’t you go
and check them both out and then you can choose
whatever one you prefer. – Oh, that sounds like a deal to me. – Deal. (upbeat music) Right, whilst Heather heads
off to check out the routes, let me run you through a
few of the stats and metrics that I’ve pulled up on this one. Starting with the bike course. So we’ve got a three kilometer section that we’re going to be
racing over on the bike, with 170 meters of elevation gain. And from the start point that we’re using which is part way up Tabayesco, we have five switchbacks to do, with an average gradient of 6%, finishing at the cafe
at the top of the hill. – Now earlier when I said I’m not very familiar with this climb. That’s because I’ve realized
I’ve only ever come down it, so it looks a little bit
different from this direction, definitely feels a bit different. The smooth tarmac and there’s
some nice sweeping curves, although suddenly, 3K
does seem quite a long way when it’s all up hill. It’s a tough one. – Now for the run route, this
is obviously slightly shorter, it’s 1.4 kilometers
because it more or less cuts straight through the bike course. In fact, it actually crosses
over the road on two occasions. But with it being shorter,
it’s obviously steeper with an average gradient around 11 to 12%. Now it is clearly off-road, how off-road? I don’t actually know at the moment. But then with 300 meters to go, we join onto the same road
that the cyclists will be on and it’s a sprint to the finish line. – This looks like the run route. Well I think, from what I can work out, this looks like the run route. So as you can see, pretty rock underfoot and of course, it’s rather steep. But it’s hard to tell at
this stage just how steep and whether my legs are better suited to go up a short hill and running or if kind of smooth
but much further road? I do like off-road, although I’m not sure you’re
going to get a rhythm on this one. (upbeat music) – Having checked out
both routes to the top, which is more than I had done, Heather returned to tell me her decision. Alright, here she comes. Let’s see what the verdict is. Alright, how was it? What’s the final verdict? – Oh, I’m still trying
to make that decision ’cause there’s just quite
a lot to take into account. Like genuinely, if it
was earlier in the year, then I would 100% go for the run ’cause I was really running fit and the trail looked quite nice, I think you’ll enjoy it if
you end up doing the run but then the bike, ’cause I’ve only just
finish on the descent, and it’s like smooth tarmac,
lovely sweeping corners, not sure I’m going to feel
the same on the way up. Yeah, I’m genuinely torn and I kind of want to do both myself but I think I’m going
to stick with the bike as I’ve got my bike out here, I don’t get to ride it very often and I’ve never actually
ridden up this hill properly. Yeah, okay, I’m going to go with the bike. – I’m happy with that.
– Is that okay with you? – I’m happy with that. Yeah, I best go and get changed then. – Yeah, okay. – Well then, that was that decided. Time to lace up and get racing. In three, two, one, go. (intense techno music) – Oh, that headwind. (heavy breathing) So that is half a kilometer and my legs already, I think I might have
gone a little bit harder than I should have done at the start. Just trying to hang on now for another 2.5K. (intense techno music) – [Mark] I just made it
past the first milestone, the first crossover of the run and thankfully, Heather wasn’t in sight. (heavy breathing) – ‘Cause I might get him coming to the first crossing point which is (heavy breathing). – [Cameraman] Mark’s above. – Unless he’s crossed it?
– He has. – He has, oh bugger, excuse my language. Okay, no more talking. – Heather was currently
struggling up this part here, while I was quite a way ahead. But while Heather continued
on well paved smooth roads, my route was getting more and more rocky and more and more vertical. (upbeat rock music) ♪ No time to worry ♪ ♪ About the past ♪ ♪ Await the future ♪ ♪ To come at last ♪ ♪ Heya ♪ ♪ Heya ♪ ♪ Heya ♪ ♪ We reach our hands up to the sky ♪ ♪ Heya ♪ ♪ Heya ♪ (heavy breathing) – Where is he? (cameraman speaking faintly) Oh my goodness. He’s all the way up there. Geeze. He’s absolutely mad. Miles, he’s on the road? (upbeat country music) – It’s pretty sketchy now. On my hands and knees almost. Heather’s going to be catching for sure. (heavy breathing) – Come on guys, I need shelter. Where is he? How many is that, number four? Two more. (heavy breathing) Now, I did spot Mark earlier, but I can’t see him
now, I can see the trail and there’s no sign of Mark. So I don’t know what that means but I can’t waste any
more oxygen right now. (upbeat country music) (wind blowing) – Agh, damn headwind. It’s killing me. – How close is she? Ah man, it’s turning. Last 100 meters. (dramatic music) (heavy breathing) – You know what? I think I can see Mark. I’m going to keep going in case I’m wrong. But I think I see him. Already chilling. – Oh man. (heavy breathing) She’s not far behind either. That was really hard (beep). (heavy breathing) Here she comes. (heavy breathing) Well done. How was that? (laughing) All I can say is I’m thankful I packed my trail shoes.
– I’m glad he can talk. – Anyway, that was hard.
– Did you just get a lift up there? I saw you once. – I thought you were
going to catch me actually ’cause I got a lot on the first part ’cause it was just straight. – Well I chatting to the camera and I was like, oh I
think I’ve beaten Mark, I can’t see him. ‘Cause he had gone so far. – On that bit where the
little switchbacks for myself, you sort of caught me quite quickly there. – No, I couldn’t see you then ’cause I was just like head down and then, I mean, still
only took 10 minutes and in my head, I was like 14 minutes. But yeah, well done. – Yeah, well done. Right, we are thankfully back
at the apartment chilling out. Now that was a tough
afternoon, or morning actually, I should say. It feels like a long day. But yeah, I’m not sure we
were expecting the result that actually came out of that. – No, I mean you did have
a very convincing win and so much so that I obviously thought I was ahead of you at one point and little did I realize until
coming around that final bend and yeah, my heart sank. I was like, I’ll still work ’til the end and I can definitely feel
it in the legs today. – I’ll be honest, I honestly didn’t think I was going to win that and there were points where
yes, I realized I got lead quite early on, but as it went quite technical, I just thought you were going
to claw it back so quickly, so I had to keep pushing, keep pushing, right up to the line. That was tough. It was an amazing trail
but that was hard work. – Yeah, I think in hindsight
which should have been a race to the top and back again. – That would have been cool actually. – I might have won then (laughs). – That would have been fun. Yeah, I don’t back myself on that one. – And also, we were kind of thinking maybe we could swap round. So many different options but I think that leaves it quite open and more ideas for other challenges. So if you guys can think of any challenges you want to see all three
of us do, Fraser included, do let us know in the
comment section below. – Yeah, that was absolutely
amazing, great fun to do today. Don’t forget to subscribe to channel if you don’t do so already and like this video. And if you’d like to see
one of our other challenges, actually here on the island, we did the Lanzarote Ironman challenge, which wasn’t quite so successful
but quite funny to watch, you can see that by
clicking just down here. – Yeah and if you want to see a video when I actually took on GCN Espanol, it was myself against Maya. You can see that challenge just down here.

51 comments on “Cyclist Vs Runner | GTN Lanzarote Hill Climb Challenge

  1. Mark: "why dont you go check out that steep climb on your bike and then run up that other steep climb, whilst I relax here and THEN we'll race." Well played Mark, well played.

  2. The GTN challenges are always great to watch and so well put together. I had to giggle at Heather apologising for her language as she was in the middle of a monster ascent. I doubt I would have been so polite… Mark also seems to save an extra gear for these challenges. Great work to the entire GTN team!

  3. Next challenge: pick one from Loch Tay, Loch Rannoch, or Loch Ericht. Whatever is more swimmable considering current and temperature.
    Go to the shore in the middle: Heather swimms accross, Mark runs around via closest bridge (better – bikes on super aero Tri bike).
    Enough with him taking short cuts!

  4. At the beginning of the video it looked like Mark was going for an easy jog, and I expected a theatrical tie. But he was just smartly pacing the climb. He went all in, once a racer, always a racer!

  5. Well done both of you, I've never heard so much heavy breathing on a GTN video! How about the same challenge but up Femes at the other end of the island?

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  7. Is a bit unfair and biased cant compare a guy with a girl on how they tackle the hills either on bike or run, they should challenge based on same gender and same fitness condition otherwise guys will just win all the time lol

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    Maybe a challenge give the strongest rider a cheap bike and the weakest a top of the range bike. Testing on the flat and hills

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  10. interesting question would be at what gradient beats running (only body weight) the biomechanically more efficient cycling (incl. bicycle weight)!? That was not a fair challenge at all: avg male body muscle beats female every time. With 12% avg grade: not even sure a pro mtb racer could have beaten Mark on the same course. But decent editing as always! Keep it up:)

  11. Two Sprint or Olympic triathlons.
    One using first timer/very very basic kit and one using the most modern/fast kit and see what the time difference is.

  12. If Heather wanted to do both the run and the bike then both of you should have done it and then compare the times with yourself.

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  14. Both of you were making me laugh I really enjoyed this video. You both did so well I don't think I would make it half way at the speed you both were going. Heather did you make Mark breakfast in bed for winning 😀

  15. I have been thinking for long time that at some gradient running will probably become faster than cycling, but how steep it needs to be? Over 10% at least.

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