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Cyclist Vs Soccer Player – Who Is The Fittest?

Cyclist Vs Soccer Player – Who Is The Fittest?

(Ball hitting net) – How do you move fast
enough to get over there? (laughing) By the time I’ve realized
where the ball’s going my brain hasn’t told me to move. (thunderous zooming) – I have just arrived
at the training ground for Premier League soccer club Watford FC for something really exciting. I’m about to meet Ben Foster, the Watford goal keeper. For those of you that don’t know, Ben is one of the most
experienced footballers in the Premier League. Over his 18 years senior career he has established himself as one of the most dependable
players in football. In fact he currently holds the record for the most goals saved
in the Premier League and not only that, he’s
even played for England in a World Cup. But I know what you’re thinking, why on earth are we
talking about a footballer? This is a cycling channel after all. Well it turns out, Ben Foster is a seriously keen cyclist and actually a fan of the channel. So we thought this was
the perfect opportunity to entertain our curiosity, and with a little help from
Zwift we are going to find out just how fit is a professional footballer. Before we jumped on our bikes though, we had a sit down with
Ben Foster to find out a bit more about him and his cycling. – I prefer to look at myself as a cyclist and then a part-time footballer. That’s what I tell the kids anyway. Yeah, they think Daddy’s a
cyclist more than anything. – But your cyclings turned out to be pretty competitive hasn’t it? I heard this morning that you were quite into chasing the KOM’s and that sort of thing. – Yeah, I’ve always been
competitive to be fair, no matter what it is, no
matter what I’m playing, if I’m playing. I remember playing Mario Kart on the Nintendo 64, my
sister when I was a kid and losing would be the end of the world. So it’s no different with cycling now, whether it’s doing Wattbike
challenges in the gym, whether it’s trying to
go KOM hunting on Strava, out on my local, my local routes. Yeah, I love it. – I’ve seen on the board over in your gym that you’re 24 second power is insane, it’s something like 1220 watts. That’s a lot of power, Ben. – Yeah that was, like I said, the competition is so
extreme now, that like, people are doing leg weights, just so they can get that
score on the Wattbike. It’s ridiculous. I love it, I absolutely love it. It’s good that you’ve
got a few of the players to sort of bounce off, so you sort of all push each other to, to try and get a better score. – [Chris] Who’s the current leader? – Max Power. Troy Daily to be fair. Max Power, he’s an animal. He’s over 2000 watts. I think my PB’s 1769, but then the 30 second one line went in, but Troy got I think 59 seconds for a one kilometer. – To put some of those
numbers into context, the world record for the kilo, cycling for one kilometer
from standing start, is just 56 seconds. So these guys are pretty handy. I thought this was going
to be a walk in the park, but now, I’m starting to get nervous. Right then, obviously there’s a reason we’re here today and it’s not to talk about football. We’re going to test just how fit a professional footballer is
against a professional cyclist. But there’s no professional cyclist available so we’ve got me. Recently retired. Getting my excuses in early. To find out just how fit Ben is, we’re going to race head to head on Zwift, which is basically a virtual
reality cycling playground. You put your bike on a
static trainer and pedal. With all the power you
put through your pedals, translated into the virtual Zwift world. It means we can race together safely and it means we won’t
be getting wet today. The first test will find out
how aerobically fit we are as we race over a flat 7 kilometer course called the Fuego Flats. The second is an out and out sprint, to try put out our best
peak maximum power. It’s a bit like a 5 kilometer run and a 100 meter sprint. How do you feel? – The time trial will not be my forte. The sprint probably
won’t be my forte either. – That’s what I like to hear! – I’ll give it a good go. – Alright then, you ready? – No, I’m nervous, I’m really nervous. – Come on. Three, two, one, go. – I’ve gone out too fast
on the, I’m burnin’. (suspenseful music) I think I’m actually in
the lead at the minute. – It’s looking that way, isn’t it? At this point, as you can maybe tell, Ben has me worried. He’s still on my wheel and we are nervously keeping an eye on each other. Our competitive natures are definitely coming through. We are both giving it our all. – [Chris] It’s gettin’ on your face. – The talking’s stopped now. (intense string music) – All right, we’ve got just over 800 meters to go. Heart rate, 197. ‘About a minute left. – I’m about to do my best. Like to be closer than this. (heavy breathing) – King right! 201 heart rate. (heavy breathing) Oh wow, good work there. (heavy breathing) How much longer did that
feel than seven kilometers? – [Chris] How’d you find that?
– [Ben] Really, really tough. I think I was 330 average, for ten minutes, and that’s – – How does that compare
to stuff you normally do? – Oh, with that then, I could probably hold
for ten minutes up a hill or a mountain maybe. 360 max. – Yeah. So it’s well within the 10 percent? – Yeah. – That people talk about, from inside to outside. – I’m going to Majorca on Sunday, so I’m trying to hold back a little bit. – Yeah, yeah. So I was I, actually.
– Yeah, looked it, yeah. – 201 heart rate. That’s the highest I’ve had this year. – Is it?
– Yeah. I meant it when I said, I was not going to leave anything. – Yeah, that was incredible. Look at that jersey you’ve got to show for it though. Wonderfully made! – [Chris] It’s the
first one I’ve ever had. The results you have all been waiting for. Whilst Ben had me worried over the first part of the TT, I was able to use my experience and pace the effort slightly better. Pulling away to a time of nine minutes, 30 seconds at 388 watts. Ben did put in an impressive effort, but the early pace setting
cost him in the end, recording a respectable 10:25 at 343 watts. Next up then, the sprints. (serious synth music) Find a gear that works. Get my breathing right, my peddles right. (Wattbikes whirring) Right. (heavy exhale) Something like that. – All right. – You got your hands ready, Ben? – Yeah, think so.
– Just gettin’ into today? – Yeah, I’m out. – Cool. All right, there, you’re
all against drops. Right. Basically, when you’re ready, but three, two, one. Go! Yeah! Lot of power. – Not that hard! That’s not, that’s definitely not right! (laughing) – [Chris] The sprints
were a much closer battle, and they really did have me worried. Ben laid down 1,529 watt peak power with a five-second average of 1,447 versus 1,549 peak for me and 1,509 for five seconds. This was too close for comfort. But it does show just how much explosive power a professional footballer
is capable of producing, even after a 10-minute max effort. Right, I’m not going to take
up any more of your time. Ben, a massive thank you for having us into your Watford life for the day. It’s been really insightful
and I’ve really enjoyed it. It’s time to go home. – Oh, no, no, could we, I’ve got an idea. Could we just go and try
my sport for a little bit? – What, football? – Just a little bit. – Yeah, I guess, I mean, it’s gettin’ quite late, but if you’re sure… – Two minutes, it’ll be
two minutes, honestly. – Right, okay. (distorted guitar music) Feelin’ pretty ready, got my gloves on, your gloves, I’m told I’m
meant to spit into these. My shorts, my socks, come on, Ben, let’s get goin’. – No, no, the big goal, we’ve got to go in the proper goal. – That, that one over there? – [Ben] No, no, no, the proper one. This one, the big goal. – Oh. – [Ben] Can you touch the bar? – What, standing? (playful string music) – How was I supposed
to reach it over there? (censor beep), no. How’d you move fast
enough to get over there? By the time I’ve realized
where the ball’s going, my brain hasn’t told me to move. (censor beep), no! – [Ben] Oh!
– Yes! – [Ben] We caught one, huh, okay! (both laughing) – [Chris] So let’s see if I can get any. – Come on, then.
– Should I see if I can get any towards the goal? I’m, I’m about to make Ben look like a Sunday League goalkeeper. I don’t think I’ve ever been filmed taking a kick of a football before. (both laughing) So it turns out, a cyclist
is better than a footballer at cycling, but only just. A footballer though, is
much better at football than a cyclist. If you do want to know more about Zwift, check out the link on your screen now. Ben, that was amazing! Thank you very much. I do demand a rematch, though, sometime soon. – [Ben] Do it on football,
again, if you want. – Don’t fancy my chances,
I need more training. – I think you’ll be
all right, you’re okay. If you like this video,
give us a big thumbs-up and to watch more
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100 comments on “Cyclist Vs Soccer Player – Who Is The Fittest?

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  3. Cyclist are definitely way tougher. They’ll hit the deck at 30mph and jump back on their bike. A soccer player will flop on the ground and fake an injury.

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  5. Great video! Would be interesting to see this done with a fit outfield player. As to quote his watford team mate and fellow englishman Troy Deeney "The guy eats shit, trains twice a week, turns up on a Saturday and is fucking unbelievable" so would be good to see him against someone fit

  6. Why did they choose to pick a player that sees himself more as a cyclist rather than a football player? Obviously he is not the average professional football player..

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