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Cyclocross Tips – Bonus – Bunny Hop

Cyclocross Tips – Bonus – Bunny Hop

Hey I’m Michael Van Dan Ham and I ride for the Garneau-Easton team i’m here today to give you a few basic tips on some cyclocross technique so as a bonus tip today we’re going to talk about bunny hopping now first things first don’t go there and try to bunnyhop a telephone pole right off the bat if you haven’t bunnyhop before maybe start with a two-by-four maybe just start hopping up and down over a curb but once you do get more comfortable doing that motion what you want to look for is first things first getting your front wheel up high and off the ground as you possibly can you can only go as high as your front wheel goes the next step to it is once that front wheels in off ground is kicking up the back tire to complete that motion now when you start out this might actually seem like two separate motions you want to do front wheel rear wheel front wheel rear wheel but as you pick up speed and a little bit more comfort that’s when you start getting both wheels off the ground at the same time those two motions blend into one to give you that nice hi J-Hop that you’re looking for when your bunny hopping an obstacle

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