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(upbeat music) – Well good morning, Clan. Welcome to the vlog. I am here at Canyon
Motocross Park for a little dirt bike riding. Unfortunately, neither one of
the kids wanted to come. Sierra was like, “No,
I’m gonna chill with Mommy “and hang out and
watch football, whatnot.” And Bryce was kinda like,
“I wanna go,” when I first asked
him he was like, “Yeah, yeah,
I’m going, I’m going.” And then later in the evening
he’s like, “You know Dad, “I don’t think I want to get up
at 5:30 in the morning “I think I’m just gonna hang out
tonight and sleep in a little.” So I was like okay. The good news is next
weekend they start Fall hours. So right now it’s from
6 AM to 11 AM. Starting next week
it’ll be 8 AM to 2 PM. I think that’s going to be a
little more favorable for us. We don’t have
to get up as early. We can get here
right at 8 o’clock and plus it lasts a little longer. So I’m looking forward to that. And the Swags have arrived. What’s up guys? – What up? What up? – [Clintus] Good morning,
good morning. – [Joy] Morning! – [Clintus] Bikes out,
you excited? – Nope.
– [Clintus] You’re not riding. There you are. ‘Sup man? – Morning.
– [Clintus] You excited? – Yeah. – [Clintus] Look at you
all pound star shirt. And my Pop just arrived and look
what bike he brought out guys. This is my old 1990 YZ 250 two-stroke. He still has it and
he still rides it. Crazy. So apparently Bryce changed his
mind and did want to go riding but he forgot to tell me. So sorry buddy. I’m gonna try to
go out with my dad. – [Tanner] I don’t think
you can do that. (engine revving) – [Both] Good morning! – Bryce and I are
watching the Cardinals game. It’s in the second quarter and Cardinals aren’t doing so hot. – Two to zero and–
– Two to zero? – 10 to 0.
– 10 to 0. – Yeah and the Cardinals like
none of them are doing good. – Not starting out very good. – The only one that’s doing
good is Patrick Peterson. He’s gotten one
interception and then Carson Palmer’s threw the ball
to the ground three times. – Yep. So Bryce ended up going
to bed early last night and forgot to tell Daddy to wake
you up to go riding. Huh? – Mhmmm.
– You were a little sad. A little upset. ‘Cause he didn’t
think he wanted to go. You changed your mind
and forgot to him, huh? – Mhmmm. – But you know what? There’s always next time, right? – That’s gonna
be in a long time. – No. Daddy’s going to
have so much fun today and he’s gonna want to go again.
– Yeah. – Watch. But he’ll want you to go with. (engines running) – [Clintus] What’s up guys?
Welcome to back to another dirt bike video at
Canyon Motocross Park. Had a great day
hanging out with my dad, hanging out with the Swags. Good times riding dirt bikes,
watching dirt bikes. I mean I just
love watching it, too. It’s still one of my favorite
sports to watch. The sound, the smell,
it’s so good. Wasn’t feelin’ it this morning. For some reason the bike felt
it was pulling to the right. Every time I hit a jump. I don’t know if it was
the wind or if I was holding on the throttle too hard. You can see here
I’m looking at the bike going, “What is going on?” Every time I would
hit one of these jumps I felt like my back end would
swing to the right a little bit and it was kind of scaring me ’cause I’m like I’m trying to push myself to
go a little faster hitting these jumps
and it would whip it. I was like I don’t want to
fishtail and crash, right? These two jumps
here you see it big time. This one right here, watch. My back end,
I kind of whip it a little bit. I’m like woah. So I slow down
on this jump big time. So I was definitely
not pushing myself as hard as I thought I was going to. My dad, on the other hand here, you know, he’s tearing it up. I love watching
him ride my old bike. This is my 1990 YGT 50. He still rides it,
he still loves it. It’s a two-stroke. But he’s in his mid-50s.
He’s a big guy and he’s on this old bike. So he definitely doesn’t hit
these jumps as hard as he can. When he’s on his 450, he definitely hits
them a little harder. Plus he works a lot.
He’s like me, he works a lot. Doesn’t get out, doesn’t get to
ride as often as he’d like to so there’s a little bit of a
fatigue there as well. But, all in all guys,
we had a great time. Very nostalgic watching my dad
ride my old bike on this track. ‘Cause this is the track
I used to race that bike on. The couple years
that I used to race. This is it so it’s
super, super nostalgic to watch this and hear it.
It was just so much fun. But now with the Fall hours
coming next week like I said 8 to 2 on the weekends. Probably move from
2 to 10 in the week I see myself riding a lot more. Whatcha got going on? – Watching Star Wars. – [Clintus] Watching
Star Wars on TV? – Yeah.
(Clintus laughs) – [Clintus] What are
you up to, bro? – Playing Rise of Iron. – [Clintus] Playing
Rise of Iron. What’d you and I just do? – We did solo story mission and some of the story
missions and strikes. – [Clintus] We pretty much went
through the main story mission. That was it.
That was the main story. These are all side mission so,
yeah Destiny hype. (children laughing) – What’d you do? – I’m choking. – [Sierra] He goes like
do-do-do-do-do-do. (children laughing) – [Bryce] We’re talking about
Chunk in “The Goonies”. – [Clintus] “The Goonies”?
– Yeah. – [Clintus] Yeah,
is that a good movie? – I like the part where
he is like, the bad guy is tellin’ them,
“Tell me everything,” and then he just starts
with his childhood. “It all started when I was seven
and I was in first grade.” – Alright guys,
that’s our Sunday. Thank you so much for watching. If you enjoy the video be sure
to give it a thumbs up. Tap the “i” in the sky for the
last four years videos and I will see you tomorrow
for another vlog. I’m Ryan at
Canyon Motocross Park. Vlog on!

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