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Dad’s Still Faster Than Me! Dirt Bike Riding with My Dad (Day 1945) |

Dad’s Still Faster Than Me! Dirt Bike Riding with My Dad (Day 1945) |

(upbeat music) – Good morning,
good afternoon, it’s afternoon, it’s almost 12 o’clock. Just picked up
Sierra from her sleepover, she’s gonna show us
what she brought home because every time
she goes over Tati’s for a special sleepover, she
always comes home with stuff. We knew she was doing shirts. Let’s see the shirt first. This is the one we bought? – [Sierra] Mhmmm.
– [Tiffany] Turned out good. I like it, you can wear it
to volleyball, sleep in it. – [Sierra] Yep. – [Tiffany] And then
this is more of a tank top you can kinda wear anywhere. – [Sierra] Mhmmm.
– [Tiffany] It’s inside out. – [Sierra] Yeah,
it’s inside out. – [Tiffany] Any other
goods you wanna show us? – [Sierra] Mhmmm, we made slime. – [Tiffany] Check
this out, guys. – [Sierra] It’s got
foam balls in it. – [Tiffany] Foam balls in it. Have you seen that before? – [Sierra] Yeah, I have. – [Tiffany] That’s cool. – [Sierra] I have another
one, but it’s not that good. – [Tiffany] It’s not that good,
I won’t show that. – Bath bombs.
– [Tiffany] Bath bombs. Gonna use my bathtub? – [Sierra] Mhmmm. – [Tiffany] Anything else? Just little goodies, you
can show a couple of ’em. This is like
your little gift bag, little jewelry dish, it’s cute. – [Sierra] And we had
some confetti poppers in there, we used them. – [Tiffany] Little I don’t
know what we call it. – [Sierra] Jewelry bag.
– [Tiffany] Jewelry bag. Good times? – Yep.
– [Tiffany] Yep. Now you gonna go
to some stores with me? ‘Cause that’s what we do,
when the boys are at home, streaming, playing video games. I did some
housework this morning and then wanted to
get out of the house. We like to hit up the
what, discount stores, Ross, Marshall’s,
TJ Maxx, so it’s kinda fun, ’cause you never know
what you’re gonna find. So it’s just
why we go out a lot. ‘Cause you can just go look. – Yeah. – [Tiffany] First stop at
Marshall’s, right in the door. Look at all
these cute lunch pails. – [Sierra] Yeah,
these are lunch boxes. – [Tiffany] Yeah,
they’re like purses, but they’re insulated. This one comes with a
water bottle that matches. – [Sierra] They come
with little snack things, or little containers. – [Tiffany] This one
has matching containers. – [Sierra] Oh, I didn’t
even notice, that’s cute. – [Tiffany] Yeah,
isn’t that cute? Is that matching? No, just light blue. Super cute. So we’re trying to see
which one she likes best, if one kinda matches with her
backpack that she ordered. Somebody’s excited for lunch. – Really good. – [Tiffany] She’s
never been here before. Cafe Zuppa’s. – What is up, my clan?
Welcome to today’s vlog. It’s Friday,
it is 2:40 in the P.M. I just wrapped up a
super dope, super long stream. Up next, we’re
going dirt bike riding. When I say we,
I mean me and my dad. Bryce was kinda
like, eh, I kinda want to, but at the same time, he’s
having fun playing a new game with his buddies, so
he’s gonna stay up there and probably play.
I’ll ask him before I leave if he wants to go, but
he’ll probably be like meh. So yeah, me and my dad
are going dirt bike riding, and we’re just gonna go out
in the desert near my house. My dad hasn’t ridden
his bike in six months, I think it’s been? So he’s really excited to
get back on his dirt bike, and I am, too, so I’m
gonna head out in the garage and I’m going to just
make sure the bike’s good, check my air in my forks,
make sure my tires are good, make sure my chain’s
lubed, get my gear out, get everything ready to go, and then as soon
as my dad gets here, rahr rahr rahr rahr rarh rarh. There we go. Alright so the air’s
good on the forks. Tires are good. Chain looks decent. Definitely need a bath, definitely need to change
the air filter and the oil. But my dad and
I’ll probably only ride for maybe about an hour,
just because it’s wicked hot, it’s like
100 degrees out right now. But it’s the only
time that works for my dad, so yeah, we’ll do a ride today, and then I need to
work on the 65 as well. A lot of you
guys have been asking when are we
going riding on the 65, I don’t know. We don’t have it planned,
we don’t plan our days that far in advance. It’s literally just
whenever like, you know, we should
probably do that tomorrow. Let’s do that tomorrow. Like, literally,
we plan that far, like a day or two in
advance, that’s really it. So I gotta change the
oil and air filter in this, and in the 110,
’cause it’s never been done. Again, Bryce
doesn’t ride very often, so it’s not like it
needs to be done too often, but it’s definitely due. And then work on the
carburetor on the 65. So we’ll do all
that at some point. Probably honestly, like
in two weeks, when the kids are back in school
and I have day time open, it just sucks
because it’s so damn hot. All right, we’re geared up, Pop’s here, he’s
gonna bust out my old 250, cowboy’s ready to rock, and we’re just gonna
take it nice and slow. It’s your first
time in what, six months? – [Dad] Yeah. – First ride in six months. Here we go. (engine starting and running) (engine roaring) Alright, we’re back. This old man’s
still faster than me. He’s complaining
that he’s out of shape. I laughed at him,
’cause basically his 30 years of experience kicked in
and he still kicked my ass on a 1990, by the
way, this is a 2015, 1990. What are you, 57, 58? – [Dad] 58. – 58, 35, he’s faster than me. First lap was good,
and each lap after that, he just kept pulling away. Kept pulling away,
kept pulling away. ‘Til finally I had
to take a break, and he was like, oh,
my son’s taking a break, okay, I’ll take a break. (laughing) I gave him the easy out. Ah, but the bike runs
good, I’m actually surprised, this thing’s been
sitting for, well, sitting for probably
eight months, nine months. – [Dad] Yeah, about a year. – About a year,
sitting about a year? – [Dad] Huh? – ‘Cause the four stroke
was the last one you rode? – [Dad] Yeah. – Four stroke was
the last one he rode. And it ran like a champ. Gas was a year old, no problems, which gives me hope for the 65, I guess maybe
I don’t have to work on the carburetor after all. – Sierra and I are back
home from a long day of swap, slop, swapping? Shopping. And we’ll show you
guys later what we got for Sierra back to school. – [Bryce] And me. – And we only got a
little bit for Bryce, we definitely need a
back to school shopping day to focus more on Bryce. But Sierra’s very happy
with what she got so far. – Yes. – And I picked up a
few things for the house. This was one of them. It’s like a little
hangy decoration thing. It’s chalkboard,
so Sierra’s gonna– – [Bryce] Draw markers on it. – [Tiffany] Fix your crazy hair. And do
something creative for me. – They’re chalk markers. – [Tiffany] Bryce,
you’re gonna go mow the lawn. Right?
– Possibly. – [Clintus] Bryce
doing them chores. Making that money. Well, guys, that was a
fun little ride with my dad, and I have to admit,
he’s still faster than me. (laughing) 58 years old, and just kicking
butt, man, kicking butt. Like I said, he hasn’t
ridden in six months, but he’s got years
and years of experience and he knows, he trusts himself
more than I trust myself on the bike, he knows what
he can push himself to do. I even told him, too, I said, I think there
might be something wrong with my suspension, not wrong,
but I want my suspensions tuned for me, because
I can feel like I’m holding on to the
handlebars way too hard and I’m like pulling
back on the handlebars, I’m like muscling it, so I’m causing more fatigue,
I think is what the problem is but anyways, fun ride,
it’s super awesome that we were able to
ride right from my garage out to the desert and my dad
now only lives two miles away, so win win, win, win. Girls are back home and
they got themselves some new project, looks like
a dry erase board. – Chalkboard. – [Clintus] It’s a chalkboard? – With my chalk markers. – [Clintus] And
where is this gonna go? – Right here. – [Clintus] Here,
and what’s it gonna say? – Eat, drink, and have fun. – [Clintus] Eat,
drink, and have fun. I like it. – You like bar on it? – [Clintus] Yeah. – Trying to like, better.
– [Clintus] I like it. – There are some really
cute ones down for the holidays. (laughing) All right, we’re pulling out
our leftover Taco Tuesday goodies, tomato,
onions, beans, rice, we’re making some nachos,
canned chicken breast, chips, Uncle Mike’s hot sauce,
I was eating that last night. I doctored it up a little bit, added some
garlic and pepper to it. – Did you?
– [Clintus] Yeah. It’s good. Oh yeah, that’s how we do. Been doing this since college. Waylon. Except he uses,
he shreds his cheese. – Well, that takes
more time and effort, so. – [Clintus] Definitely does,
definitely does. – Uh, oops, you told
me to put it on broil and I wasn’t used to it. So I didn’t check it. It was not in there very long. So, all the cheese is–
– [Clintus] Crispy. – [Tiffany] Yeah,
actually, it’ll be good. – [Clintus] It’s gonna be good,
we’ll put some more on top, we’ll put some
more cheese on top. – [Bryce] I don’t like it. – [Clintus] Put some
more cheese on top, it’ll be fine. – This is actually
your plate here, Bryce. – [Clintus] (laughs)
The burnt pieces. – No, ’cause yours is colder. – What, (laughs) what? – [Clintus] Did you
show ’em that, Sierra? Did you show ’em? – Oh, no.
– Well, I think I did. – Oh.
– Whoops, sorry. – [Clintus] It’s just
slime with foam balls. – Foam balls in it.
– [Clintus] Yeah. It kinda looks like Baby’s barf,
is what Tiffany was saying. – The color, I’m gonna try
and change the color later. – It’s all piled together. Just wrapped up a little
night stream, big shout out to all you guys who stopped by, a lot of you guys came
by, like, oh, I never catch your stream, ’cause you
always do ’em during the day. That’s why I like
doing night streams. Catch a different group
of people that can’t watch during the day, ’cause
of school, ’cause of work, ’cause of whatever. So thanks for come, if
you came out and stopped by and hung out, I appreciate it,
thank you very much. Anyway, that’s the
end of the vlog, guys, it’s technically Saturday,
’cause it’s 12:30 A.M. I’m gonna go to bed,
everyone else already is, and we’ll see you
guys tomorrow morning. For another day, another vlog. Bye. – Hey, Clintus, vlog on. (upbeat music)

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