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Dainese Tempest 2 D-Dry Jacket Review –

Dainese Tempest 2 D-Dry Jacket Review –

With the Dainese Tempest 2 D-Dry jacket, you’ll
be getting great coverage at a great price for your next bout of touring. Sebastian from Champion Helmets here and Dainese
have definitely put a lot into making sure the Tempest 2 will keep you dry and comfortable
whether it’s spring or summer so it is a 3 season jacket thanks to it’s Dainese D-Dry
waterproof layer and removable thermal jacket. As the name implies, the Tempest 2 is taking
over from the already well-respected Dainese Tempest jacket. The Tempest 2 jacket will be coming in at
a recommended retail price of about 300 Euros, or about 330 US Dollars, which is standard
for a midrange Dainese jacket. Just a quick reminder to subscribe and take
a look through the rest of our YouTube channel where we have plenty more reviews and guides
for motorcycle gear. The Dainese Tempest II D-Dry jacket is made
of a variety of materials. This is a textile jacket so its outer shell
is mainly made of Cordura, a common material in this segment that’s also used in textile
riding pants. Cordura is both abrasion and tear resistant,
but if this wasn’t enough for you then the jacket also features Dainese’s very own
D-Stone material on high impact areas throughout the jacket. Lastly, this jacket also has reflective panels
spaced about the Tempest 2 to make sure you’re visible no matter what the conditions. The jacket also comes in sizes 44-62, though
the Tempest 2 is only available in even numbered sizes, so, not something like 53.This jacket
will be competing with the Apinestars Andes V2 DS, teh Revit Safari 3, and the Revit Tornado
3 jackets. For protection, the Dainese Tempest Two D-Dry
is bringing plenty, since the shoulder and elbow pads are CE certified and the jacket
itself is prEN certified as well. This means that not only have the elbow and
shoulder pads been proven to provide protection, but the entire jacket itself as well. In the elbows and the shoulders are two composite
protectors of CE level 1 category protection. Lastly, the jacket also comes prepared for
a Dainese divided chest protector and the Dainese G1 or G2 back protectors in the back,
though both of these sets must be purchased separately. One other nice safety feature of the Tempest
2 is the 360 degree zipper that goes around the bottom of the jacket that you can use
to attach to the Dainese Tempest D-Dy Pants as well as any other pair of Dainese pants. Unfortunately, due to the zipper size, it
doesn’t really work with pants from any other brand. The advantage of the zipper though is it will
keep the jacket and pants together if you come into contact with the road and it’ll
stop the elements from getting through your clothing. For comfort, the Tempest is also going to
cover you in most kinds of weather including hotter weather, though it is definitely more
focused on the colder seasons in its construction. Starting with fastening and the liner, you’ve
got an adjustable snap in the collar as well as a collar hook and a standard zipper. For the interior, there’s a thermal jacket
on the inside for if you’re riding in cooler weather. This can be removed using a zip on either
side. Then, if you turn the jacket inside out, you
can see that it is lined with mesh so that during the summertime you’ll be able to
get good airflow throughout the jacket. The D-Dry layer in the jacket has also been
directly integrated into the top layer of the Tempest 2.So, you can’t remove it. Next, for the ventilation on this jacket,
you’ve got a few options including 2 zippered vents in the chest. Then, for additional ventilation, you also
have two additional zippered extractor vents in the back of the jacket to let hot air out. So again, this jacket can be worn in summer,
but you’d definitely have to think more in terms of a northern European type of summer
if you want to avoid overheating. Especially in this black color. The Tempest also does well for adjustability
since it has several adjusters around the jacket. Like you already saw, you can adjust the collar
to get a better fit at the neck. However, you can also adjust the sleeves with
a set of toggles and rivets to tighten the sleeves. For the waist, you have a strap on either
side and for the wrist, you have the standard Velcro. Lastly, this will still be a solid touring
jacket since it comes with a lot of pockets around it including on the back for any larger
items and two outer pockets at the front there and there. If you’d like to purchase the Dainese Tempest
2 D-Dry jacket, make sure to head to where we have a lowest price guarantee as
well as a bundle deal where you can get the pants for 50% off. That’s it for the Dainese Tempest 2 D-Dry
Jacket, it’s a great all around 4-season mid-range jacket meant to give you a taste
of the Dainese touring life. It’s bringing you great features including
its waterproofness, removable thermal liner, and solid construction. If you liked the video, make sure to subscribe
to our channel to stay up to date on all the latest gear and let us know if you have any
questions down below. I’m Sebastian from Champion Helmets and
thanks for watching!

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  1. I have had this jacket for nearly 6 months now and as my first jacket, I'm really happy with the choice. I live in Melbourne, Australia which is well known for sporadically changing weather and it has been great. I've used it in storms as well as 44 degree Celsius days, obviously not ideal in the heat but really wearing anything in that heat will suck. Would definitely recommend!

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