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Dark Times For 1%ers And Motorcycle Clubs

Dark Times For 1%ers And Motorcycle Clubs

My ghosts on this episode of Demons Row
TV we talk about these dark times for one percenters motorcycle clubs and
basically everybody and we get into it on this episode of Demons Row TV rain
sleet hail snow wartime peacetime it doesn’t matter we Ghostin baby! My ghosts welcome to Demons Row TV the
Holy Grail of mc culture were we cover everything motorcycle club involved I’m
Sose The ghost I’m your host for the evening and today we’re gonna talk about
these dark times for all MCS and anybody who rides anybody in general just all
countries everything we’re all affected by what’s going on right now but the
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Demons row clothing things are going so well I just want to always give y’all
that respect and love for what I do for me like a lot of big companies they
don’t appreciate the people that take them to the level that they’re on so I
always want to be the person from the ground up that respects everybody that
helped me get to wherever I get to and that’s far in life where I want to go
shout to all my new subscribers we got a lot of new subscribers were over 30 K
now this thing is just taking a life of its own that Demons Row community is
alive and well real quick if you haven’t seen the last episode from a Crip to a MC
I had the homie big caz come back out of retirement there was a lot of great
feedback and there was a lot of trolling on that that might be one of my number
one troll videos so all I gotta say is man to all people like if somebody’s
kickin some positive shit like don’t throw the negative spin on it really and
truly you hoppin in the comments saying somebody is a fraud or somebody this and
that come on bro if you really think somebody’s a fraud why you didn’t handle
them in the street so let’s not hop on the web and try to downgrade people
these times right now these are times that we need to stick together this is
why they’re able to tell us you know what stay home you
go outside because we’re so divided we use any little thing to allow them to
divide us alright so let’s get into it the dark times for 1%ers and motorcycle
clubs and I say that a lot of this comes back full circle to the Mongols
case and now we’re starting to really come out and I hope y’all are
understanding why this affects all of us because any strong semblance of us
what’s the first thing they want to do they want to keep us in the house and
not let us congregate so when they target a club that is highly organized
that is letting you know why are they targeting them you have to think that’s
yourself because any semblance of us can form a resistance they can’t tell you yo
you can’t go outside if there’s a hundred of you because then they gotta
bring the whole SWAT team in you gotta bring all that they don’t want to do
that so they make the job easier they tell you be scared stay home this is
coronavirus you could get sick you know what I mean and listen I’m not
downplaying that anybody out there may be sick I don’t know the official you
know what’s really true was not but all I know is we cannot believe everything
we hear everything we hear is not a fact just because they tell you this happened
in Ohio or this happened here we don’t know the full story of anything so
anybody trying to down talk anybody and say they’re conspiracy theorists or the
other way around saying that they don’t know something you don’t know for a fact
what’s going on behind the scenes with the most dangerous thing that people
have to fear is is not the actual coronavirus to me
it’s the vaccine that they’re gonna give after that and why are they able to do
stuff like this to us because one percenters gangs anybody that can put up
a strong resistance or has military members that can defend themselves
they’re breaking us apart they’re making us hate each other this is what they
constantly do too many brothers are only about theirselves this is a time right
now where we need to protect our brothers we need to stand tall with our
brothers it is getting close to the time that you’re gonna have to make a
decision are you gonna stay home or get put in camps or are you gonna defend
your family are you gonna defend your brothers everybody wants to be tough
these are the times right now where you show your character when you speak up
and let them know that they can’t treat you like this many years ago many people
died so that we could have the right to go outside and do what you want to do
and not have anybody tell us the contrary what law is there that says you
can’t be out after a certain time freedom of assembly is gone we can’t
meet up with each other to talk about what’s going on why you can’t there
they’re shutting now people buying guns why because they don’t want you to be
able to defend yourself we have to take care of each other this community needs
to stick together and there’s nothing wrong with saying it there’s nothing
wrong with us all standing together and doing what we got to do to protect our
families and I just hope that these beefs have been going on since the 60s
and the 70s we could get past these and at least just for now stick together
stick together before they tell us we don’t have the freedom to ride we have
freedoms in this country that were fought for so we can’t just give them up
because they scare us it’s not legal for them to just say you know what we’re
scared everything shut down you can’t open your business not many people go
out of work right now you know how many people they’re telling them they’re
gonna hit then with fines if they open their business but at the end of the day
who’s open Walmart who gets all their goods from China why are we scared of a
virus that comes from China but all our goods that we’re cramming into the
stores for where people are wearing masks to cover their face but then
they’re drinking juice and they’re taking it off real quick and then put it
back on so you’re not gonna get sick when you drink your juice but you’re
gonna get sick just walking through right come on y’all y’all gotta be
smarter than this hands be clean that’s what’s gonna save
you from viruses that’s and listen I truthfully believe in my heart when it’s
your time to go it’s your time to go I don’t care if you just slept with a girl
and she has corona and you were kissing her and everything if God says it’s not
your time it is not your time they’re gonna call it a miracle they’re
gonna call it you got lucky and I call it it wasn’t your time we’re in the
error right now we’re believing in God is like believing in Santa Claus but
believing that urinate is more popular being a homosexual or saying that you’re
a homosexual is more popular than saying you believe in God these are truly the
last days we are living the Book of Revelations this is unprecedent you
haven’t seen anything like this in your life if you live in America I’ve never
seen it in my whole entire life I’ve never seen it we can’t even go to the
gyms they don’t want us to be strong they don’t want us to be strong they
don’t want us to assemble they don’t want us to have guns they don’t want us
to be strong they’re limiting us being having strength and you need to be smart
to protect your family stop being so grimy uplift brothers
uplift your family if you can help somebody out help them out if you see
that there’s people and and there’s another sad thing is that like in Walmart
everybody’s buying up all the toilet tissue is you buying up all the essential stuff
just buy the regular stuff I go in the next day guess what they restock so
they’re telling you like stuff is running out but all you’re doing is
you’re making it hard for the next person to be able to purchase something
so stop being so selfish man if you just went and bought the regular stuff you
bought it it would be the same stop making these rich people richer meet you
stop stop hating on your brother because he got something going on and support
his shit there’s too many people that will wear designer
and their brother have a line and not wear there shit but listen I want yall to
take care of your families take care your brothers and just defend each other
in these dark times when you see somebody on the side of the road and
they on 2s hold them down and this goes for everybody not just MCS anybody
any club any human being this is time for us to stand up so tell me in the
comments how you feel and how we’re gonna weather this storm together if you
guys got any ideas as a community how we can weather do this support the Demons
Row clothing like you’ve been have represent us we represent our own
culture you know what I mean this is somebody who’s in the culture
representing for it not culture vultures not clickbaiters that are just exploiting
the community and just waiting for another MC to get shot for another MC to
go down so that they could talk about it and everybody could look at them like oh
look look what they’re talking about stop being so gossipy this community is
not about gossip if some happens in the street it stays in the street uplift
this community don’t bring it down thank you for tuning in to Demons Row TV to
my rants I appreciate y’all every week the love that y’all show me and you
Buster’s that’d be you know trolling or whatever I don’t get a lot of trolling
to me but you know if I bring the guests on – just shoot at him come on that’s
lame yo if he says something that downs your club or downs you I get it you
shoot at him I’m not mad at that but if he’s promoting positivity you
just being the devil you just putting them down stop doing that
let’s uplift this community thank you for tuning in the Demons Row TV the
Holy Grail of mc culture like subscribe and comment share this on your
feed and let them know that Demons Row is here to save everybody
and oh yeah we standing tall and we ghostin baby! you

100 comments on “Dark Times For 1%ers And Motorcycle Clubs

  1. In these dark times we must stick together. Make sure you hit us with that #ghostin let us know your safe!!

    Follow us on instagram @demonsrow @sosetheghost_ on Hope everybodys riding safe!!

    #Ghostin to all the new #subscribers

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  2. Support 😉 like Ridding in a sand storm/ driving in a snow storm #Gostin love this Channel I look forward every week makes my day & week just like & better than Church .Really up lifting

  3. Even through all this craziness me and my bois/girls are all still throwing back that throttle. Ain’t nothing stopping us from living we may just have to go a lil faster when we see them blues but that’s the usual anyways #ghostin

  4. Amen brother, yet again another spot on video, Sose ya' couldn't be closer to the truth, all the government wants to do is destroy us, own us, like we're under they're complete controld n' it'll hell to pay if we stand up to em'. I reckon' I grew up with a chilhood story that reads the exact same so it ain't too hard to tell when it happens again, I say it loud n' clear that I believe in God and Jesuse, I like to say nobody loves God and Jesus more than' I, it truely is the book of Revelations unfoldin' as we speak, as one of the 10 comandments states we all need to love thy neighbor, hence why I stand for the reble flag, I want out of this politically correct, government owned, electronic media bullshit modern society union. May God bless you and your loved ones n' ride on, whether or not I'm on two, I'm always with my brothers

  5. #ghostin from sunny SoCal. I think it's time we end rivalries from where a lot of us weren't even born when it started. We need to be one. We all ride, we all wear cuts, we all brothers. Last time I heard, brothers don't kill brothers. In times like these, we all need to band together and help one another. Keep the peace.

  6. I don't know for certain but I personally feel like this has been blown out of proportion. Don't get me wrong it is something to be concerned. Look at their stats. People that are dying are people that are elderly or have underlying health problems. This is very real but you just can't stop living. I looked it up and if accurate. China knew about this virus in November. First signs hit the states in January now everything is crazy in March. How people is it possible that have had this without knowing it? Great job Sosa keep doing what you do

  7. 100% truth saying what a lot of what we are thinking now is the time for us to watch out for our brothers more than ever.

  8. Thanks Sose! Listen these are indeed dark times. I'm so curious as to how this is going to play out. I understand human behavior; and forcing ppl into isolation and taking away their lively hood and security will only lead to one thing… Total fucking anarchy! Ppl need to learn to trust in God more and stop relying on these so called leaders to take care of them. God gave you free will, intuition, and a mind for you to use! I agree division is not the answer. It's unity! Keep doing your part Sose and I'll continue to do mine as well! Love you brother! Stay well 🤍🖤

  9. #ghostin, my man sose you made me think different about what’s going on these days, damn I need a blunt now to chill bro.

  10. Soso…. You hit it on the head bro. I've been saying the exact same thing all we csn do is keep educating our ppl and keep thr movement alive

  11. We Still doing our open house n stuff like that here in Arizona… We have been opening our clubhouse Damn near everyday since the bars r closed…. We need to stick together as a community at this time

  12. #GHOSTIN from southern Florida.Much love brutha, times are tough, but united we are tougher. Stay strong 💪💪

  13. #ghostin much love big homie. Can you pass along how you would recommend approaching the MC you're interested in prospecting for?

  14. #Ghostin…… Be safe brother its fucked up out here right now…. Time to stand together not be torn apart

  15. Great words. I have been watching your vids for a bit now.
    I ride with my brother. My real blood brother. I remember when that boy was in a crib. We have been on twos for 35 years together. There is no club or anything. We just ride.
    Really though.. great words.

  16. Hi, Sose the Ghost. I read many comments in which bikers are saying that no government entity will never stop them on meeting with their brothers, friends or activities… I am from Italy. We have 70000 and more people affected with this Covid-19, more than 6000 dead persons ( not only old people, we have kids and youngs on intensive care and doctors too ). Do not underestimate this dangerous virus. The only way to keep care of your family and brothers is to stay at home and do not let this pandemic to be spread everywhere.

  17. I get what you’re saying but no matter what our rights are being trumped by others fears. Which is bullshit. Your fears don’t trump my rights. Little by little they are stripping us from our constitutional rights. #ghostin San Antonio Tx

  18. #ghostin sitting on fours. That is realest shit spilled and they keeping our stress level so high that we cant think straight and our immune system is working over time so we stay sick.

  19. #GHOSTIN NETN checking in. Weather conditions turned n that Pan running like a fukn dream! 100" of old iron burning these mountains up! Everyone needs to step up and together we fix this govt overreach!!! You ain't getting sick in the wind!!+

  20. Peace
    #Ghostin BROOKLYN USA
    Salute, Tells da Haters keep to keep hating and picture me Rollin on 2’s 🖕🏽 🖕🏽 🖕🏽 PEACE

  21. Love the video bro, I think they taking precaution personally. I got a gun, I work out at home, and all the Essentials are out. America just don’t want to end up like Italy or Spain with the death tolls keep going up. You ignore the problem, you just ignoring reality. NY might be bad but I’ll let you know Midwest and south is chillin people still meeting up riding and staying on there 2s.

  22. #Ghostin That's real shit Sose! Folks gotta stop being grimy.. only thing to fear is your gov an fear itself 💯

  23. #Ghostin…Blessings and very happy to know you are all doing well. GOD Bless EACH of You and all of your love ones.

  24. "Blessed are the Peacemakers, for they shall be called Sons of God" I'm not religious but I recognize the weight of this statement, because we have enemies in high places!

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