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Daylight Testing – Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure – Islands of Adventure

Daylight Testing – Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure – Islands of Adventure

So finally the train is here, at the block
brake before Hagrid’s Hut. Alright, so the brake released and we should
be seeing it any second here. So the ride is really quiet, you can hear
the launches but you can’t hear the train really at all. Alright, so how long will it take the train
here to get to the ending? And there
it is.

57 comments on “Daylight Testing – Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure – Islands of Adventure

  1. 1minute 55 seconds ride time from third launch to final brake run.
    Still hard to guess total ride time since this may not be the exact sequence, plus Hagrid Hut scene is not included, and the first scene could also be long. Seems to certainly be over 3.5 minutes.

  2. Weird that the ride is 50 miles per hour and has a 48 inch height limit. This coaster is faster than the mummy which is a bit unusual for them to still call this a family coaster.

  3. I can't believe how quiet it is, never heard (or not heard I guess) a coaster that quiet before. And about 2 mins from the third launch? So it's a 3+ min ride all together?

  4. This is universals last chance to win back the fans. They better have some impressive animatronics on this ride. I heard that they will be but it’s universal. We have been disappointed for years now. The last amazing thing that universal made was back in 2014. Harry Potter. That’s a long time. It’s sad that Harry Potter has to bring in the crowd for universal

  5. the motorbike to at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast australia was the first one in the world with a sidecar on thay coaster you are lying piece of shit Universal Orlando trevor from australia ps 1st one usa but not the word

  6. Speed looks good!
    Hopefully the ride get´s some serious animatronics instead of projections. I mean, the animatronic at Kong (in the queline) is pretty cool. ^^

  7. I love Harry Potter and this will be awsome :-D. Like all the harry potter attractions. I can not wait until it is my first time to go to Universal. And for Hogwarts to welcome me home :). Proud Gryffindor by the way (with some toutch of Ravenclaw).

  8. Hope this ride is ready for August. I am taking the family for their first visit to Universal and this would be the topping on the cake.

  9. The line for a popular roller coaster as quick as the ride is can take damn near 2 hours! I can only imagine an interactive roller coaster that has moments that it stops to a halt will take. Lady's an gentlemen when this coaster opens my goodness that lines will be 3 hours minimum! With that being said I'm happy to see another coaster replace dueling dragons an not just another motion ride.

  10. I think after this it is definitely time to put Potter on the back burner and start putting tons of money and effort into other properties. I know they do stuff other than Potter but it's always some crap sim ride. Super Nintendo World can't come soon enough to Orlando…

  11. At first I wasn’t excited for this ride, it has no loops so I was disappointed but the more I hear about it the more excited I am

  12. I loved the dueling dragons
    Let’s all be honest here the dueling dragons were fast and did flips that ride will be 100 percent better than this one

  13. Finally a real roller coaster and not a trashy simulator or i mean " realistic experience".
    Simulators are just giant tv's

  14. I wish I was brave enough to go on it, but my gut tells me, "NOPE". 😨 I'm also a Harry Potter fan btw, and personally a Hufflepuff!😄

  15. Don’t get me wrong, Hagrids Motorbike is a great and detailed ride in all, but I still kind of wish Dueling Dragons was somewhere else in the park or still here. I am kind of disappointed, but this ride does seem nice

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