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Benefits of cycling
DB Industries All Day Every Day

DB Industries All Day Every Day

Wooo, That’s a fucking workout dude
Yeah I wish I could do this every morning
Right? [Motorcycle Engines] [Engine Dying] [Screams]
[Breathing] That first emotion of getting on a bike
and realizing what you can do with it,
it’s fantastic Night rides are a blast.
They are, they’re surreal. You could be riding the same stuff day, during the daytime,
and then once you go out at night, your terrain is completely different. [Laughing]
[Heavy Breathing] [Motorcycle Engines] [Suspenseful / Epic Music] [Motorcycle Engines] My style of riding is strictly adventure. Find a trail, and go as far as it can go. Find a stack of rocks and see if you
can get to the top of it. That’s my favorite thing. It’s the scenery,
and it’s the camaraderie.
And being out here, and being so secluded, it just, it makes it such a
better experience
than doing it on your own. [Suspenseful Music] [Techno Music] Let’s Just Go! [Techno Music] Fucking perfect!
Welcome Back! [Epic Music] Hold!
Looking good! [Techno Music] It’s a good first day Spencer got…
a little dirty I mean, it cracked a couple times
in a weird spot,
when we were doing the whoops
I got offset, it was a one early, second late,
third early, and then pushed the bike [Joking and laughing] As a collective,
DB Industries, all of our birthday’s,
January, February, March we do one big ride in the beginning of the year
to kind of kick off the year, and we do it in Caineville. DB Industries was started over a
mumbled conversation, over a couple
of beers and, I met Spencer about 3 years ago,
almost 4 now [Whooshing sounds] and we had gone out for our first ride
and we were talking about our ride
of course, -4 degrees,
stuck on ice,
had a blast, and he goes
“Man, I just really love dirt burtin’… …I mean dirt biking!”
I was like,
wait, say that one more time,
Dirt Burtin’? DB Industries!
[Laughs] [Funky Music] So I mentioned Randall,
we first started riding, its been about 4 years ago now,
and it just clicked right away. [Whooshing Sounds] We love seeing people that their
minds are just blown with the scenery
and riding and getting away from the city life
and the busy jobs
and just letting stress out. I mean, this is the best, for sure. We’re the Italian brotherhood,
that’s why we always say
“Beta” BETA! BETA! BETA! Sorry
Sorry! Sorry!
[Laughing] [Whooshing Sounds] We all came together and we love riding.
We just tear it up and have a good time,
and try to live life to the fullest. We just clicked,
ride, you know? DB, I became DB,
out of nowhere.
Didn’t fucking mean for it to happen,
but it happened, right? You know?
Shit happens like that. Just like Ultras….
they fucking happen! [Whooshing Sounds] It’s a small group of guys,
that love to ride,
and are basically best friends. And we promote it like a company,
we promote it like, like a feeling,
like an emotion. DB Industries, we take care of it.
DB Industries,
we ride! [Punk Music] [Motorcycle Engine] We night ride a LOT! People think, if you can’t see anything,
how do you ride? but what happens is that you
get tunnel vision,
so you can focus on what’s
in front of you. Your peripherals are not coming
in to distract you, so I’d almost say we night ride
more than we day ride
just because again, it’s the unknown,
it’s the adventure. [Electronic Music] We have a sticker that you earn,
and it’s a skull
with DB Industries under it and you get that when
you’re part of the club, and then when you do a
“dusk till dawn”
you get the same sticker, but there are headlights coming out
of the skull’s eyes,
for your night ride. So when you do a full night ride,
it’s usually about an 8 hour ride, then you get your
Dusk till Dawn sticker. [Electronic Music] You alright? [Electronic Music] Yes!
[Laughing] Son of a bitch!
It’s so deep…
it’s amazing! [Engine Starts]
[Clicking] Oh no! [Engine Noise]
[Breathing] Put the switches down! [Screaming]
What the fuck? Rev it up [Engine Revving]
Shit! Alright, time to get to work [Breathing] I can’t see you.
Oh, are you serious?
[clicking] It doesn’t help to have a
dead flashlight….
No way.
[clicking] I brought batteries.
Double A or triple? Uhh…
I would tell you if I could see. [Electronic Music] You good?
You good? [Soft Music] DB Industries is known for the
“Dusk till Dawn”. You have just the light in front of you,
and that’s all you can focus on. Your GPS gives you your coordinates,
and the direction you want to go,
and the rest is up to you. [Wind] [Funky Music] You know,
I was asked by
Red Pup Films to… explain DB Industries.
Say something, profound…. And I thought about it hard,
and a lot.
I mean, I really went after it. And I…
I wrote pages of notes…
I really did.
I’ve got them right here. [Funky Music] It’s an exclusive Enduro club.
A syndicate if you will… [Funky Music] The foundation built on friendship,
and riding dirt bikes… [Funky Music] We salute all riders
dedicated to the sport….
we really do, and… [Funky Music] t’s important, not what’s written down, it’s…it’s what we are.
We are riders. [Funky Music] We’re not the best… [Funky Music] We’re the best at what we can do. [Funky Music] You know, one thing that
stands out the most,
in addition to our friendship.. is our love for fire… [Funky Music] And it’s, it’s imperative
that you understand
how much we love fire. It’s probably best
that I just show you.
You know… [Funky Music] There’s something to be said about
a crew that sticks together.
a team that looks after each other. That’s exceptionally important
to all of us. And one thing
that reminds me of that… Shit! Aah.. It’ll go. 3-2-1….. [Silence] [Exhaling] Now I’m scared No I’m not Now!
Go now!
3-2-1 go. Bumblebee Tuna Nope [Laughing] [Funky Music] Fuck! Hey Tom! [Funky Music] [Fire Igniting] That’s what I’m talking about.
All day every day… DB Industries.
Follow us, check us out… enjoy the film. [Funky Music] [Motorcycle Engine] [Splashing]
[Engine Dying} [Laughing]
[Laughing] Bike’s clean… [Water Flowing]
[Grunting and Breathing]

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