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Demo Riding a 2020 Scott Gambler – Whistler Bike Park with NICO VINK! | Jordan Boostmaster

Demo Riding a 2020 Scott Gambler – Whistler Bike Park with NICO VINK! | Jordan Boostmaster

I was at Crankworx for a full week
this summer, while I was there I got the chance to ride with Nico Vink! For thoseb familiar with my channel you know I always like to demo different bikes
during crankworx and so I went out to the Scott tent to demo a gambler and they
organized it so that Nico would come out and ride with me and we’d both ride on
our gambler’s Oh you got your’s single speed that’s pretty cool though I kind of wanted to try it at some point unfortunately all they had were 29er
gamblers to demo so I’ll be on a 29er for this video
I didn’t realize they’re all 29 ers Nico has been on 26 inch wheels for
the longest time but he only went to 27.5 literally a few weeks ago it’s
because the new frame design of the gamblers does not support 26 inch wheels
very well anymore the bike frame would just be way too low
so he’s riding 27.5 All the demo bikes here are fitted with this space-age
looking handlebar stem combo it’s not something that I care for because it
takes away from the customization but some of you may like the added stiffness
and lighter weight we went all the way to the top for a big long garbanzo ride
we’re gonna hit a bit there everything here and we’re gonna do some freight
train jumps dirt merchant of course some original sin tech yeah oh yeah I love
rock rolls all right all right let’s send it with Nico Vink haha he’s just manualling the whole way! Oh taking the shortcut right on yeah
okay If you don’t know who Nico he is been around for so long he is a
hardcore free rider riding all these biggest jumps in the world we’re talking
about loose fest, dark Fest all the insane jumps. Jumps that I am too afraid to
hit but for today at least we’ll be riding stuff that I’m totally familiar
with so this is gonna be a lot of fun okay oh yes! That was like the first time
I’ve ever done that jump oh yeah
I finally cleared that one weird jump yeah I never make it yeah all right I’m on the big wheels 29er wheels, Nico Vink is on the 27.5’s right on all right oh okay
I’m gonna do these kind of glad I didn’t follow him off that! I wasn’t ready for
that yeah! I’ve never done that line before actually that’s cool
let’s see should do like that line okay y’all good yeah it’s easier than it was
last year I think they built it up all right oh yeah I’m carrying a lot to speed with
these 29er wheels like himself all right we’re gonna head up down to a
freight train and I wish I could manual i koneko I
cannot do that Oh what happened there Oh No
now blows I don’t know those from Sony Co got a
flat probably just on that road we went down he just rode the Creekside gondola
down and I just rode the trails down to meet him there fix it up at a local shop
and then we went right back up and here we are ready to continue our ride I
could leave for a bit then sure yeah I’ll be cool and then there now we’re gonna do some more
jumping our specialty we’re gonna do freight train into dirt merchant Nikko
also gave me some of his video clips so I could incorporate them into this video
I probably just should have let him go in front the entire time since he’s way
more interesting to watch on camera Oh oh man let’s jump onto that train car was I
didn’t know what it was like yeah first time ever doing it that’s sick I went so
deep on the hop caster hold me to me to do eyeliner just yeah so far yeah
switch out for dirt merchant maybe alright alright so Nico Vink behind me okay good gnarly gnarly dude so much fun
huh Mike seems to be working good yeah it’s working good otherwise then I’ll
follow you yeah all right hit up some dirt I got this guy oh yeah I was a good whip well hold it’s clear that’s thick Oh going deep Yeah right on
seven ha ha man plant Emmanuel whoa thick just all fan not even trying for that Oh sick so good sorry all right oh he sends it horsey days I still never done that gap
it’s a scary thing Pulp Fiction see I’m gonna do this line yeah that’d be best
yeah you go for it all right oh that’s right yeah okay we’re who
right on oh wow yeah thing fun I was oh good thanks for
coming out man sweet that was a really good ride though thank you yeah thanks
Akana that was a really fun ride and I’m so
stoked that I could ride with Nico Vink the bike was great although the 29 inch
wheels are still just as annoying as they always were to me though I can
admit that there were a few times where they helped me to go faster through some
things or help me to clear something that maybe otherwise I wouldn’t have but
the thing is though I would much rather learn the skills to go faster through
something than to just rely on bigger wheels thank you all so much for
watching till the end I got to give a big huge thanks to my patrons who are my
favorite kind of sponsors thank you guys so much for your support if you guys
want to see extended cuts and free stickers and things like that please go
check out my patreon page
if you haven’t already please give a like and subscribe to my channel if you
want to see more Crankworx riding and just more freeride and
downhill riding in general thanks a lot everyone and I’ll see you guys next time

100 comments on “Demo Riding a 2020 Scott Gambler – Whistler Bike Park with NICO VINK! | Jordan Boostmaster

  1. a straight gangster on a bike …
    an absolute living legend …
    and more importantly , a super nice dude …
    Nico is just cool AF …

  2. Vink is the total archetype of the rider, you can feel the fun he's having, every god damn time. Amazing. Good job following him Jordan 🙂

  3. Great video what an awesome opportunity! Would have been great to see a follow cam of when you where behind him because he was definitely bringing out the steeziness in you when you were behind him 🤙awesome work once again

  4. I went to Whistler this summer during Crankworx 2019 for the first time in my life, and loved it, I really enjoy your videos, keep it up. I'm looking forward to a whole week next year.

  5. What I really appreciate about Nico Vink is his character. We all know he is on top in the mtb world, but yet his demeanor is very down to earth and humble.

  6. Bro honestly you are fast as fuck. I know you may not like the 29er but it really showed your adaptability as rider. And Vink is a beast with the manuals. Great video bro

  7. Wow…that had to be awesome to follow Vinc around for the day! Holy manual Batman! While I get that most free riders like the "flickability" of the 27.5 wheels over 29, I did find it interesting that you cleared some things you'd never done before, and were landing deep on the jumps routinely. The same thing happened to me on 29" wheels, and then it was obvious…I was just carrying more speed with less effort. I get what you're saying about "not relying on the wheels" to ride through chunk and tech, and using skill…but when you couple skill WITH the 29" wheels, it's a pretty solid combination. I just thought it was funny that you were disappointed, and despite riding with a bias, you still ripped on the 29. This is about having fun, and if you have more fun on the 27.5's, then who cares right? Ride what you like!!

  8. hey nice vid, i was just wondering why do you prefer 26 wheels? if you made a video about it please let me know 🙂 keep up the good work

  9. Why not 36 inch wheels? Why not just drive a truck down the trail? Because it defeats the purpose you dults! Skill over tech, for sure.

  10. The integrated stem+handlebar eliminates a critical pressure point between the stem and the handlebar. This connection is virtually guaranteed to cause cracks if the handlebar is carbon fiber. The integrated part saves a bit of weight, but more importantly, it prevents unexpected damage from "just riding along".

  11. As a non-jumper(well, shitty that-is), this video is an anxiety inducer, but, I love watching great riders like you two.

  12. and stop being a BANDWAGON jumper,, if u say u can ride noticebly faster on a 29er why sit there and say id prefer to learn the proper techniques to be able to ride that fast on 27.5.. why not just use the noticebly quicker bike THEN learn the proper techniques on that bike and go even faster.. douchebag

  13. Jordan, do you always run shin guards? What’s your thoughts on them? Just picked up 20 stitches in my shin from a Chester peddle

  14. Riding with Nico Vink is a privilege… Riding IN FRONT of Nico Vink… Out of this world! Did you feel the pressure of having him behind?

  15. Sick video man 😎👍
    You should do a trip over to niko’s Bike park , in fact there is a couple of vink lines in Europe 🤘
    Either way keep shredding dude 🤘

  16. Yeeeaaaa sig sey in to good sessions of the Downhill bike's in the Whistler bikepark well the during Crankworx yeeeaaaa nice jumps and flights guy's rider's.yeaaaa. 👍 ♥️ nice gay in yuor games bike's Saluds Jordan Boostmasters and Niko Vink good bike Scott Gambler yeeeaaaa sig in yuor session's the descendin in Downhill bike's yeeaaaaa good lucky an good motivation for the rider's bike's in my paid Chile guy's Cya for the Santig of Chile 🇨🇱 🤣 💯 🤘 😀 👍 1⃣ 🚵🚴🚲🚵🇺🇸⚡♥️🤘😀🤘💯🍀♥️A lover 🗣️bike's yeeaaaaa.

  17. Have you ridden single speed? Almost seems the way to go , no chain rattle and less clutter on your bars. Whats your opinion?

  18. I love how Jordan talks during his runs, it really gives a sense that he's having fun. Keep up with the good work, we adore you here in Brasil!

  19. Maybe my favorite Whistler video as it shows some different trails than A-Line. Good to see somebody else in over their head a little while Niko rides it all on one wheel. Crazy talent. Thanks bro!

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