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Devon Contract Waste – Zero to landfill

Devon Contract Waste – Zero to landfill

This is Devon — arguably the most beautiful
county in England. Yet every year the county sends six thousand tonnes of waste to landfill. This is possible because DCW have invested
over four million pounds in a new state-of-the- art materials recycling facility. Housed here
at Envirohub, their new site at Marsh Barton, Exeter, this plant is the only one of its
kind in the South West and one of only a handful in the entire UK. The plant is capable of
processing three hundred tonnes per day and will play a pivotal role in the Zero to Landfill
programme. So how does it work? Unsorted mixed waste is transported to Envirohub
from around the county and is emptied out at the plant. From the ground, it is lifted
by a mechanical grabber and placed into the hopper where it is shredded down to a maximum
size of three hundred millimetres. From the shredder the waste is fed via a long
incline belt to the trommel screen. The optics are positioned over the belt and
recognise the different classes of material. Here, this optic is set to separate soft plastic
film. When it sees an item of soft plastic approaching, it triggers a jet of air which
hits the item as it crosses the end of the belt, blowing it on to the conveyor that sits
behind the optic hood. It then passes the second optic, which is
set to select all paper and card products, which fall into the bay behind the optic hood All metals are collected in the skips below. Anything left will also go into a refuse-derived
fuel product, known as RDF. All the sorted non-metallic materials end
up in these bays below the plant. Periodically the contents will be baled and wrapped ready
to be transported. So where does it all go? The metals will be
sent for recycling back into raw material locally. Recovered paper is classed as ‘hard
mix’ and will be recycled into tissue such as toilet roll and hand towels. Plastics are
recycled in the UK into new products. Card is generally shipped to China for recycling. Whether clear sacks, wheelie bins or the new
front end loaders, DCW can handle them all swiftly and efficiently and their customers
can be confident that they are doing the best for the environment, both locally and globally,
with minimum fuss. For more information on how DCW can help you
solve your waste management issues and to join the Zero to Landfill campaign, contact
them on 01392 361300 or go to

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